Remember Me, Thankful, and Poetry Day


So Busy This Thursday!   

Today we have Thankful Thursday with Brian, Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, and the MOST special remembrance today which is “REMEMBER ME THURSDAY”…….. a day we set aside every single year to remember all the sweet pets who are waiting to be rescued and have a chance at having and enjoying for their rest of their lives a true FOREVER HOME.    Shelters are full of sweet animals who have been taken to shelters be they no-kill or kill and who wait and hope that someone will give them security – sometimes for the FIRST TIME in their lives and sometimes because they have sweet memories of “home” in the past and wish for it again.     There are a million videos honoring this day but one of the most poignant ones is below – please take a couple of minutes to watch it.    It touches your heart and soul…………..

Actually today’s Remember Me Thursday is a great way to move right into THANKFUL THURSDAY at Brian’s!    I so easily could be one of those waiting in a shelter for my FOREVER but happily, my Mom and Dad came to the shelter last February and took me home where I have enjoyed my truly FOREVER……just as Angel Sammy did.    I am thankful that I am not languishing in a cage at the shelter but so many are and they need YOU to save them.      If you click the badge below, you will be transported to Brian’s blog and you can hook up and join in the THANKFUL blog hop he hosts every week!    THANKS Brian for being our host!

The last bit of our 3-way post today is my big brother Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY post – which, as you know – he transmits to me via his wireless connection on his computer at the Rainbow Bridge every week.    I know he’s getting excited this week because he will be transporting down here for our Saturday post this week which is our BACON DAY and this Saturday we’re having a BACON HARVEST on our blog!   Somehow I doubt that’s what he wrote his poem about this week though.   This week’s letter of the alphabet is “P”……he gave us all four prompt words but of course we can write about ANYTHING starting with the letter “P” !

Here’s Angel Sammy’s transmission!


Hello Buddies and Pals!!   It’s MY poetry challenge day!

Yes, every Thursday I make an appearance to share the poem I’ve written for my ALPHABET POETRY CHALLENGE.    We are fast working our way through the alphabet and already at the letter “P” so I am wondering what you came up with to celebrate the letter “P” this week.    The prompts I gave you to help you come up with something last week were:

(1) Princess (2) Poet (3) Promise (4) Party

You can write about any “P” thing in your poem though.    I actually DID choose one of the prompts that I gave to you – mainly because I wanted to write about today’s REMEMBER ME THURSDAY occasion which is something near and dear to my own heart as I was rescued from a shelter myself by my Mom and Dad who made a PROMISE to me when I went home with them!


By Sammy Kimmell, Sept. 28, 2017

I was just a wee kitten in a tiny wire cage

Found under a house all alone – nobody home

That day my life began on a fresh new page

I would be safe and happy with no need to roam.

Abandoned by my cat MOM?   We would never know

Brought to the shelter by someone – a passer by

I looked out the bars waiting for someone to show

The shelter was quiet and some animals would cry

A man and a lady came there one cold February day

Would they see me?   My cage was way way up high

I had a small ball with a bell – with it I would play

The lady heard it, looked up and I caught her eye!

I stuck my paw out – extra toes she could see

“It’s a polydactyl!” she said to the man by her side

He touched my paw and said “Hi” very tenderly

Out of the cage I was brought and handed to the man

I was smart, I was cute, and I licked his face

“This is the one” she said, I would smile if I can…..

They signed papers and soon we were out of that place!


Funny how 17 years AFTER my Mom and Dad adopted me they found themselves back at that same shelter, in the same month, and found another little ginger boy to take home – my little brother Teddy.    I wish I could have stayed there to meet him………..but my time came to leave in December, 2016 just two months before he found his FOREVER with my Mom and Dad.     

Remember Me Thursday is near and dear to my heart and to his as well as my Mom and Dad………… Mom cries BIG tears for all those animals in shelters who wait and wait and sometimes never get their homes.     Teddy and I were lucky…………….and we know it………………

Next week we will celebrate the letter “Q” which is a tricky letter isn’t it?!     Well, I’m giving you four prompt words to think about but you can write ANYTHING you want to with the letter “Q” so feel free to do that………..THEN, come here and post the link to your poem so we can all read it OR if you want to, post your poem in my comments OK?    I love poetry and please don’t say “I don’t know how to write a poem” because you CAN………..poetry is from the heart and doesn’t even have to rhyme!    OK?  

(1) Quiet (2) Quarrel (3) Q-Tip (4) Quack

There you are – a little help if you need it.     I hope you will have a great week and I hope that you will remember TODAY is the last day you can send in a photo of YOU in your Bacon Harvest Outfit so we can put you in our Saturday BACON HARVEST PARTY post!     We had a ball last harvest and hope you’ll be with us for this one.    I’m flying down from my cloud for the day.   Can’t wait to see you there!    Email your photo to my Mom ASAP!!

I Love You All………..Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy!    As always, I love your poem because YOUR story is exactly MY story.    Same shelter, 17 years apart and two baby gingers found their FOREVER in the same home.   If you haven’t looked at the video link we posted above, please do.    This is a very special day to REMEMBER………….

Hugs, Teddy

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    • Thanks for saying that Layla……my heart is, was, and forever shall be – his. Sending you special hugs for REMEMBER ME THURSDAY and every other day for all you do for the cause of homeless pets of all colors, ages, and backgrounds.

      Love, Pam


  1. that was a very touching poem…. and I’m sure it was for a reason that you came back to the same place to find Teddy…. a heavenly idea from someone who loves you forever…
    we will remember today and we hope we will get better laws for animals soon….


    • I do believe we found Teddy because of Sammy – he made sure we went to the shelter on THAT DAY which was the first day Teddy was in a cage after having being neutered at the shelter……we saw him FIRST and he was ours from the minute our eyes met! Some things are MEANT TO BE……….We’re happy to have a post in honor of REMEMBER ME THURSDAY. Maybe today will be the day when animals languishing in shelters all around the world will find their FOREVER.

      Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)


  2. I did watch the video… a little teary. Your poem made me teary Angel Sammy but in the best way… what a wonderful life you and your Mom and Dad had together. Sammy Forever… ♥
    I love your Thankful Thursday message Teddy and I think Remember Me Thursday is an awesome idea! Beautiful post today Teddy, Sammy and Teddy and Angel Sammy’s Mom!

    CAKE! 😉


    • Thank you Miss Pix……….We think Remember Me Thursday is a wonderful idea too – shine the light on shelters and rescues and how every animal deserves to know LOVE. We sure know it – Angel Sammy and I were ever so lucky. We hope you load up on CAKE today (wink) and maybe a cheeseburger if you can sneak one in (??!!).

      Hugs, Teddy and Mommy too


  3. Mommy has tears this morning. I can see them. Glad they aren’t getting on my furs but that’s OK if they do, really. Your story was precious Angel Sammy and Teddy, yours is as well. I know mommy would sure give a lot if only she could see all the waiting cats get a home and all the cats wandering about to be neutered and spayed, so there wold not be more and more babies… and all fed and warm and loved.


    • Katie you and I are LUCKY to be safe, warm, loved, full bellies….so very many aren’t and even more never survive going into a shelter period. Golly – it truly breaks our hearts. Anyway, it’s a day to not just remember how lucky we are but all those sweet animals who want more than anything to have a roof over their heads they can COUNT on.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  4. That was a beautiful poem. Angel Sammy and Teddy were both meant to be your kitties. I skipped the video though, I have cried enough lately. XO


  5. Touchin an sweet poe-em Angel Unccle Sammy!!!
    Mee iss goin to rite a poe-em fur mee dee-parted Purrincess….*sighsss*…here goess….


    All most 3 yearss ago
    mee asked a kitty gurl out!
    Shee said ‘Myeah’ to mee…
    for mee there was no doubt!!!
    After thee ferst date
    mee asked her to bee mine,
    Shee was berry sirprized
    an said that wood bee fine!
    An then mee made her a Purrincess
    an pledged mee luv to her….
    thee last 2 yearss were amazin
    all tho’ now sort of a blur!
    Wee went on many datess an
    had sleep overss inn our dreemss.
    Wee were all wayss together
    an now iss emptee it seemss.
    It’ss onlee been 4 dayss
    since Purrincess Phoebe went away….
    It seemss like an eternity
    Mee luvss her more than mee can say!

    Where efurr you are Purrincess Phoebe,
    you will live inn mee heart.
    You will ALLWAYSS bee mee Purrincess
    you were frum thee berry start!!!”

    bye Purrince Siddhartha Henry inn memoree of Purrincess Phoebe frum

    Liked by 2 people

  6. What a beautiful post and purrfect poem. Mom has her battery-operated tea light candle lit in the hotel room and will have it on all day. Teddy, both you and angel Sammy got the very best home with the best parents. We pray all animals will eventually be as lucky as you and we are. Love and hugs and XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy p.s. Our poem is at


    • Thanks for posting a poem today – it was brilliant as always and very sweet. Some of us are so lucky to NOT spend years in a shelter or worse – spending ALL our years in them…..we were adopted and given a life in a loving home. Our fondest wish is that today there was a HUGE bumper crop of adoptions all across the land in honor of Remember Me Thursday – and that tons of sweet pets found their FOREVER!

      Love, Teddy


    • Hi Tabbies!! WOW….you did it – all the prompts! AMAZING……why does Angel Sammy find it hard to do that? I think he should try for QUALITY not QUANTITY – short but sweet. Oh well, maybe I should give poetry a whirl huh? BABY FACE BUTTER BEAN – POET EXTRAORDINAIRE! HAHAHAHA

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


    • It looked like an EPIC day for Remember Me Thursday – almost every blog we visited talked about it and hopefully it made a difference for many pets in shelters everywhere – it would be nice if we could know how many adoptions happened as a result of the focus!

      Love, Teddy


  7. That was a lovely poem from your Angel brother. I am very glad you both were adopted into the same loving family, even though you never got to meet.
    My heart breaks for those who never get the chance of a home of their own. The video made me cry, but I am glad the dog did get adopted at the end.


    • It was a happy/sad video…..and we know this scene plays out every day over and over and over when animals are dropped off at shelters and don’t understand WHY…..and they wait and wait…….this story turned out nicely but so many don’t!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  8. We love that pic of you, sweet Teddy. Angel Sammy, that is one very special poem. Yes, we are all so fortunate to have loving homes. My pawrents never play the lottery, but Motor Mommy said if she were to ever win, she would build a HUGE loving shelter for ALL the kitties who need a home. And she’d take care of them furever.
    Love, Sundae


    • My Mom has said that about winning the lottery too – everyone who loves animals would wish for that I think…….it’s a lovely thought but the next best thing is to support the shelters we do have around us who do such good work and try to keep happy animals until they can get adopted FOREVER.

      Love, Teddy

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