Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Students – Geography Class is in session!

(frantically waving)

Yes Bobby??????

Nothing Professor – I was trying to catch a fly in my paw…….sorry!

Alrighty then Bobby.   Guess we’ll move on to letting everyone know the STORY OF OUR FIRST COMMENTER from yesterday.    We in fact, had a bumper crop of FIRST COMMENTERS – we broke our 4-way with a 5-way winning group yesterday!    Within the first sixty seconds, we had FIVE comments………..WOW……………gonna be hard to break that record (although we thought that when we had four!)……………who were the winners?????

Annie from McGuffy’s Reader

Csilla from Kolytyi

Melissa, Oliver & Calvin

Carol from CarolMaeWY

Clowie from Clowie’s Corner

We ALL were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of 9/26/17: McGuffys, Kolytyi, Oliver & Calvin, Carol and Clowie!!

All of you get to copy the badge above,  and have it for your VERY OWN – we just put all winner names on ONE badge instead of posting five separate badges!   Clever of us huh???????

OK!  We shall move on.    Let’s talk about the Teaser photo in yesterday’s post so you can find out whether you win something or not!    I know you’re DYING to find out and since we don’t have to take time to tell you who the Guest Teaser was (since it’s Mom’s photo!), we can move right on to showing you the photo from yesterday again.

NO, it’s not Forrest Gump on that bench, it’s my DAD!   

To tell you about this photo, Mom and I thought it might be fun to give you a link to follow to the FIRST post Mom did with a photo of this location she and my Dad visited – just read the blog post and you will find out WHERE she took it!!    Ready?????    CLICK HERE – then come back!     YES (Miss Jackie you thought it was familiar!)  back in 2012 Mom did a post about this place……you will recognize that building on the other side of the square in the photo on the old blog…………..Obviously my poor old Dad needs some lessons in posing for a photo because many of you were right – he DOES look like Forrest Gump (Mom says Forrest GRUMP) in the photo.    HAHAHAHA

Shall we tell you WHO the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was ?    Oh yes – lets!    It was someone who was also a FIRST COMMENTER…………it was Miss Carol from CarolMaeWY!!!    This is for you Miss Carol and you don’t have to share it with ANYONE!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

SEVERAL (and I do mean SEVERAL) others guessed this photo correctly and if you guessed Savannah, this is yours!!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

Of course if you guessed incorrectly – you still win something – one of our world famous GREENIES!!

For Teaser of 9/26/17

Congrats Winners AND Losers!!

Suzie will have her work cut out for her today with her cheer.   Her tradition lately has been to do a cheer using the names of all the winners……….usually that’s easy peasy for someone of her considerable cheering talents but we have a crop of five first commenters and one first commenter and that is a lot of names………Go Suzie Go!


Oh my achin’ back!
I’ll have a heart attack!
SIX names to put in the cheer?
I’m gonna need a beer!
First Commenters there were FIVE
Busier than a bee hive!
Clowie, McGuffy’s. Oliver/Calvin, Csilla, and Carol
You five sure had me over a barrel!
I took the easy way out
So please don’t have a pout!
Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was a two-time winner
Someone give this girl a free dinner!
Carol ALSO guessed it was Savannah –
Her free dinner will be a BANANA!
You can’t expect me to be BRIGHT
I had a hot date last night
Cheering for winners is TOUGH
Especially if you feel ROUGH!!!

Well Suzie that was one major cheer with a bazillion verses and a lot of names and some MARGINAL rhyming but what’s a girl to do right?    I think you did very well.    Let’s hear it for our Cheerleader!!!


Tune in next Tuesday for another exciting Geography class with your teaching team of:

The TWO Dynamic Professors!!!

Tomorrow is the DEADLINE to submit your photo if you want to be included in our BACON HARVEST blog post on Saturday – send your photos in your best HARVEST clothing to me and Mom via email…………..wear something comfy and come ready to work and party afterwards!!!   It will be our Saturday BACON post this week.


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  1. Well, darn, we didn’t get the guess again. We guess it in our heads now instead of always publicizing just how wrong we are till at least after the fact. But, we did guess it was a park! Kinda….with a bench. Yea. So, okay….we’ll see you guys later. We’re going with Suzie to have that beer. 🙂 Hugs you guys!


  2. We went to Savanah late in 2009. I was looking for a photo of that bench to confirm it but for some reason, I didn’t take one. Perhaps it is because my wife developed a pain in her foot (or leg) and we didn’t do much while we were there.


  3. Congratulations to Carol, Annie, Csilla, Melissa, Oliver and Calvin and Clowie! Plus another congratulations to Carol for the double win! I thought the 4 way first commenters would be hard to beat for a long time now there’s a new record. Suzie really outdid herself this week. Soon she’ll be charging by the amount of winners instead of by the cheer. I’ll try to make it to the bacon harvest, Professors Teddy and Angel Sammy.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Carol was a double-hitter but there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many who recognized that photo as being in Savannah. We thought it would be fun to do the SAME CITY and SAME SPOT from a different angle and it was!

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. A long list of winners here! And thanks to your Dad, Teddy, he made for a more interesting post, bwhahahaha! Forrest Gump?? Who knew, MOL! But Forrest Grump, now that is funny!
    At least petcretary guessed about the USA and southern regions, OMC!
    I and dog-guy need to hiss and bark her over here in a more timely fashion…


    And it has thankfully cooled off here, phew, it had been oh so hot, to the max.


  5. Oh My Cod!
    I can’t believe that Nellie got this one right (the last time) and Mommy did NOT tell me and I got it wrong!!! I will have to whap her when she gets home from work!!!
    And Mr Teddy, who is this Forrest Gump guy? I am so mad at Mommy, I am not going to ask her!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marv! Isn’t it fun seeing that Angel Nellie guessed this one back in 2012??!!! We thought everyone would get a kick out of that old post. It was a very different view of that same square in Savannah so not as obvious maybe as the other photo was…..so even though you may be tempted to give Mommy a whap, maybe you should give her a head bonk instead – she does love you a TON ya know! Forrest Gump is a guy in an old movie before our time, who looked just like my Dad looks on that bench and he was always spouting platitudes (don’t ask me what that word means, I haven’t got a clue). My poor Dad hasn’t got a platitude to spout!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Woo-hoo! I won another Teaser badge! Being first commenter is as hard as being first right commenter! Your Teaser is very popular! Thank you. I think it is cool that you had a record five firsts! I am honoured to be one of them. Congratulations to the first right guesser! We said Baton Rouge, but the more I thought about it…Forrest Gump, Savannah…yeah, it all made sense. That was fun! Thanks, guys! Hugs!


    • BRAVO – you are fast becoming (as Rocky said) “A CONTENDER” (or to be precise, he said “CONTENDA”). Teaser is fun and it seems it’s popular ’round the world….we are happy about that – we love that people send us photos to use too – it’s as much fun (or more) knowing it’s YOUR photo everyone is agonizing over. If you have some you think might fool everyone, send them to us! In the meantime, my Dad is finding it so hilarious that everyone thought he looked like Forrest Gump there on the bench in Savannah…!!!!

      Love, Teddy and Mom Pam

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  7. Suzie you aint no floozy and we admit, being totally legit that your cheer made us a bit woozy!
    On the teaser we were close but gave up the ghost and love Sammy’s Wining badge post!


  8. Congrats to all those speedy and clever guessers. And I am most impressed with Suzie’s cheer, she deserves a beer. Nice to see Bobbie too. XO


  9. Congrats to everybody! I was sure I had seen it on here before but couldn’t remember where it was. I should have a deja vu badge!


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