That’s right – if you “cruise” you “lose” because


We are guest hosting the “Shopping” post this month and have given you SEVERAL REMINDERS but you can’t have too many – right?   Right!    So remember, share your recipe for your favorite (or one of your favorites anyway) DESSERT.    Something yummy – gooey – high calorie – terribly sinful – WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT…………

Not only do we want the recipe (and maybe a photo of your masterpiece??) but we want to know what you PAID at your grocery store for the ingredients.    None of our business?  Maybe not but we like to see what everyone ELSE is paying for the same stuff WE buy in our neck of the woods.   Sometimes it’s rather ASTOUNDING the difference in costs!!

SO – link your post for “SHOPPING” up with Bacon’s blog – he’s in charge of things when it comes to shopping…………………click the badge above to visit him.    His parents have finally returned from their EPIC journey to (wait for it………………….) Australia for vacation!     Oh and it was fun being your guest hosts the past two months………Thanks Bacon for letting us help out!


Yeah we like fried food too but dessert is a close second!

Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too

15 thoughts on “FINAL REMINDER!

  1. Thanks so much cousin for hosting SATW these past couple of months. It’s been crazy here at the Hotel Thompson and I think it’s about to get crazier with mom’s surgery. Love you bro for doing this for me. XOXO – Bacon


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