Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Monday!   Time to PREPARE to Tease!

Come on inside the schoolroom boys and girls – it’s time to settle down!

Yep – put those caps on or you may wind up like this guy in the corner!!!

This week we are using one of my Mom and Dad’s photos…………….and it’s my Dad you see in the photo.    I suppose you can GUESS who is taking the picture?    Anyway, you will see it tomorrow and figure it out in no time I’m sure.   I want to tell you the TEASER rules first though!

  1. We ask everyone NOT to use any “help” with figuring out WHERE the photo was taken – i.e., GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH or something along those lines.   If you don’t use any “help” then everyone is on the same playing field – just study the photo and make your best guess using your eyeballs, not some computer program!!
  2. You must guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) where the photo was taken………Yep – we want the whole thing!!

So now you know the rules – but to really FIRE YOU up and prepare you for tomorrow, SuzieQ would like to grab your ears and fill them with poetry to inspire you for tomorrow’s Teaser………are you ready for her???   Some say that SuzieQ can best be described as “an acquired taste”……….hahaha

Ricky Ticky Tizzy
Cheering makes me dizzy
But I’ll do my best to inspire
While in my uniform I perspire
This cheer will be a quickie
It’s too darn hot and sticky
Leaping around in the heat
Gives me blisters on my feet
Show up in class in the morning
Miss Dingleberry is cookin’

Alright Suzie – I’m sure everyone will be here without fail.   Just remember that class will be at a SURPRISE time tomorrow so have one ear tuned to the computer/phone, etc. for the arrival of the TEASER!    First one to COMMENT tomorrow gets this to display on their blog/page, etc. – LUCKY DUCKY!

If there’s more than one FIRST COMMENTER in the first 60 seconds we are live, everyone who comments in that minute gets a badge!  WOOT!     Then we have other badges you might win but I’ll tell you in class tomorrow about THOSE!

Now before you are excused go to out to the playground for recess, the school principal asked me to make a couple of announcements!

Announcements are scary…..

This Friday, September 29th we are guest hosting Bacon’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD post………………you will still link to his blog so his Mom can collect the recipes BUT we are hosting so we are reminding today!  Got it?    What are we doing this month for SHOPPING?    Well it happens to be one of my (and my Mom’s) favorite things in the world!!!

DESSERT  !!!!!

Yep – what’s another fabulous dessert creation you make that you just know the rest of us mere mortals would love to know how you make it – AND we also want to know what you PAID for all the ingredients in the recipe!   That’s the point of SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD – not just to get some good recipes but to find out what YOU are paying for the stuff that we might be paying more or less for.    WE WANNA KNOW…….WHY?   Because we are NOSY!      You will link your post to PIGLOVE.   Are we clear?   Yep?  Good!

SECOND Announcement is that this coming Saturday, September 30th Teddy and I are co-hosting the BACON HARVEST – it’s ready for picking and YOU can join in the fun if you want to – dress up in your finest “harvest wear” and send us your photo.    We’ll include you in the fun.    I’m going to repost the photos of the greenhouse, some clothes if you need them and some interior shots of the bacon crop and you can photoshop yourselves silly and send us the pix for the BLOG POST here on Saturday!   COOL?  Yeah I think so too!!!!

Our greenhouse from the outside

Bacon in bloom!

Bacon plants far as the eye can see!!!!!

After Harvesting we’ll have FOOD (including bacon of course)

SO, just email me your photos all gussied up in your harvest-wear and in a scene if you wish from above or one you find on your own – and we will include you in the fun!   OKEE DOKEE?   Questions?  Just leave them in comments…….DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PHOTOS IS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th!!!




49 responses »

    • Thank you Miss Pix – you made my Mom smile BIG this morning with your card…………and we are hoping for cooler weather too but won’t get it until the end of the week! Sending you tons of huggies!

      Love, Teddy


    • You guys all worked like CRAZY at the last harvest! I’ve got the flashback photos to prove it! Will be happy to have your help this time around too – we’ve got an even BIGGER crop to harvest so that means an even BIGGER party afterwards right?

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Does it count to send you a picture of me in overalls at age 19? Ha! I used to wear them almost exclusively, back in the 70s. I was always the casual, hippie type. Ha! I will try to get here for the Teaser!


    • My Mom says send in that photo and she’ll put you in charge of the work crew in the greenhouse. LOL My Mom was the “embroidered jeans queen” in the 60s/70s in her group of hippie friends.

      Love, Teddy


  2. Yum a bacon harvest that will be fun! Will try to have mom remember and get me to your place.
    Wishing you mom a very Happy Birthday. She looks wonderful for someone being 50 ❤


    • FIFTY??? HAHAAHHAHAHA – oops – I guess I shouldn’t laugh should I?? Well, thanks for the wishes and I’ll be sure and tell Mom. As for the bacon harvest – it will be tons of fun. We had a blast for our last harvest and I’m sure it will be great this time around as well – if you can stop by it would be SWELL or if you want to BE here and help, just ask Mom to fix you up with harvest clothes and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM we’ll put you to work!

      Love, Teddy


  3. I must remember the Teaser!
    I must remember the Teaser!
    I must remember the Teaser!
    I must remember the Teaser!
    I don’t suppose for one minute that I will until about 4 hours later.


    • CUPCAKE we heard AND saw that you and my Mom are both September 25-girls! How cool is that? We’ve known you so long and didn’t know that you shared a BD!! We hope yours was wonderful – you are sure a whole lot younger than my Mom……..oops – did I say that out loud?????

      Love and Birthday Huggies, Teddy


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