Pre-Tease Monday


Where Did This Past Week Go???

I guess it’s Monday again…….good thing I heard the school bell ringing or I might have slept in – not good for a Professor to do.    My Assistant Prof Teddy was on the swings in the playground when I arrived in the schoolyard.   GOOD FOR HIM!

Well, shall we get down to the business of preparing for tomorrow’s Teaser?

Yes Sir Professor Angel Teddy – we’re all set!!

First of all, I will remind everyone that tomorrow’s Teaser post will feature a photo sent in by one of our Teaser Post Fans…………so it will be a total surprise and that’s the general idea – it will be up to YOU dear students to figure out WHERE somebody snapped the photo!     Yep – YOU!

Gosh……talk about PRESSURE!!!!!!

When you guess, you have to say what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as what COUNTRY (if not in the USA) or STATE (if in the USA) the photo was taken!     To add insult to injury, you should NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer.   Use your very own brain…………study the photo and see if there are clues or just plain make your best guess.    No cheating allowed PLEASE.

Tomorrow morning, the blog post here will to LIVE at an undisclosed time – – – – be on your toes/paws!     As soon as it pops up come here and hurry to COMMENT on the post because if you are the FIRST to comment – guess what you get?????

Another FLASHBACK badge from the past!

And if you are the first RIGHT GUESSER of where the photo was taken, you get this:

Yet another FLASHBACK badge!!

If you guess RIGHT but you are not FIRST, you still get recognized by being awarded one of these:

Yep – you got it – ANOTHER FLASHBACK!

And if you should be WRONG with your guess…….well, you know nobody goes away empty handed – we have another FLASHBACK badge if you’re WRONG:

An oldie but a goodie!

Next week we’ll get back to our regular badges but I thought it would be fun to dip back in time to re-use some of our older badges for Teaser guessers!!


So what do you think everyone – shall we see if Suzie can fire us all up to be in class tomorrow and using all of our brain cells to figure out the Teaser photo????????

Here we go for another week
Giving our brains yet another tweak
Will we know it or will we fail?
Once you get to class you cannot bail!
So get some rest tonight and go to bed on time
How do you think I’ve gotten so good with rhymes?
STUDY STUDY STUDY and you just might win
If you do I’ll get my convertible and take you for a spin!

Alright Suzie!    A ride in your convertible for the winners?   Are you sure you wanna do that?   After all, you just got your drivers license………

Yes Professor, I’ll just have to get these two out of the car first…..

OK, we’ll see how that works out………….in the meantime, Assistant Professor Teddy and I hope to see you in class tomorrow……………………..


Angel Prof Sam and

Assistant Prof Ted

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  1. OH! I so wish I could get a ride in Suzie’s new car! I know she will drive carefully! HA! But if I could only guess right! I will try again. Sometimes I guess by the architecture. I get in the right Country a lot of times but that’s the best I can do apparently. xoxox Maybe while all the studying is going on I can, er, visit the greenhouse? Just to have a look-see. *wink wink*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Greenhouse update on this coming Saturday’s post – THEN a week to submit you in a suitable outfit for a BACON GREENHOUSE GARDEN PARTY the following Saturday!!! WOO HOO! As for the Teaser – if you are RIGHT tomorrow you get to ride with Suzie and cause terror throughout the land.

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Mom doesn’t mind jury duty as long as she’s not chosen and she’s lucked out TWICE that way! Good luck (or not good luck?!?!?!) You’re lucky to have two convertibles – my Mom said she had one a bazillion years ago for a while. Nothing like letting the breeze mess up your hairdo……! Tee Hee

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


      • Called THE # last night and the trial was cancelled so now I have to call Sunday night and see if there is a new trial. First convertible was really my Mom’s but she let me have it all the time while she was at work. Last one was in 1995 to 2001. Great excuse to have messed up hair! Good Morning!


        • Good Morning!!!! Aw gee I know how SAD you were (tee hee) that the trial was cancelled – hopefully no new trial on the docket!! My first hubby and I got a repossessed Chevy convertible when we lived in Florida and had it for maybe four months. Realized the payment was a little more than we could handle and had to give it up BUTTTTT we sure had fun riding around Clearwater in style. Reality set in quickly though….haven’t had a convertible since.



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