Sunday Selfie Hop


We Are Hopping with Kitties Blue Today…..

This is a wonderful and fun weekly blog hop hosted by our dear friends at The Cat On My Head…………… the Selfie Hop is in honor of FRIENDS FUREVER and Miss Sharon along with her two kitties Raz and Allie.    Miss Sharon’s husband Bill went to Heaven this past week after a very long struggle and we are all very sad to say the least……but Kitties Blue is honoring Miss Sharon by dedicating today’s hop to her.

My selfie today is interesting – Mom did it on Lunapic (yet again!) but we did something different than we ever did before and chose the “special art effect” option which took two minutes for the site to produce in the style which we had chosen for the photo.    They produce for us a “single shot” but also a collage that shows the BEFORE photo, the “special art effect we chose” and the final product.   I love it…………I hope you do too!

This is the collage…..

This is the final photo with a special border AND blue frame……..interesting effects!  Yay Lunapic!

Mom and I sent BIG HUGS to Miss Sharon

AND Big Hugs to Kitties Blue too!!

Love, Teddy and Mom too


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    • Oh what a wonderful compliment! Mom and I have fun doctoring up my photos that’s for sure……we owe it all to Lunapic though……really………they just have a wonderful selection of way to jazz up a photo. Have a SUPER SUNDAY!!

      Love, Teddy

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    • It’s a hard time for Sharon indeed…..”with a little help from her friends” hopefully in time her heart won’t ache quite as much as it does now. Get your Mom to try (it’s online no need to download) – very easy to use it and so many truly interesting artistic effects to choose from!

      Love, Pam

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  1. That is a beautiful picture. I love the blur frame and the black viney border. And going back a post, I just had the laugh at the expressions on all the faces of the staff in Baconia.
    Yael from


  2. Thanks for the hugs for us too. Every time Mom thinks about Mom Sharon she feels all empty inside, which she knows is exactly what Mom Sharon is feeling. It really does hurt our hearts. Teddy, that is really terrific art. We didn’t know LunaPic did this. You know that we’ll have to try it for an upcoming Caturday Art. Mom’s trying to get some things done for Scouts later. He and Cooper will see you there later. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • My Mom never used that particular option on Lunapic but WOW………now we want to try some of the others!!! I’m all Germanized for the party this afternoon! Just in time for OKTEDDERFEST!!!!!! HAHAHA

      Love, Teddy


    • Hi dear Marv……..glad you like the artsy selfie…….Mom is in love with Lunapic lately. We join you in being very sad for Miss Sharon losing her beloved Mr. Bill. He had been sick for so long – now he’s at rest but it’s still very hard for her. You’re sweet to send them hugs……

      Love, Teddy


  3. OH, that is really fun!!! We are going to have to look at those special effects, although maybe you have to buy up a level to get them. It sure does look cool.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • NO – it’s part of the FREE Lunapic! Pretty neato isn’t it????!!! It’s under the “ART” tab……at the top of that is “FAMOUS ART WORKS” and that’s where we found it. Lunapic is free PERIOD as far as I know by the way.

      Love, Teddy


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