Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Thankful Blog Hop and Poetry From Angel Sam

Today we have TWO things going on here – one is our joining in on the THANKFUL Blog Hop at Brian’s – which you can join too by clicking his badge, using the LINKY TOOL and hopping along with us as we talk about what we’re thankful for!    I’m so thankful that Irma is GONE………she was a horrible storm and certainly did more than her share of damage as she tore through Florida and lashed out at other states on her way out of Florida.    Life will get back to normal for everyone but it will take a lot of time and help.    Just as with Harvey through Texas and Louisiana – one thing has been proven – YOU CAN’T KEEP PEOPLE’S SPIRIT DOWN!    We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep on going.

The second part of today’s blog is the part that my brother, Angel Sammy transmits to me every Wednesday night from the Rainbow Bridge………because it was HIM who started the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday challenge and he’s still writing even though he left for the Bridge before I could meet him and before he got through the whole alphabet for the poems.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the challenge, every week we have a new letter of the alphabet to use as our “KEY LETTER” to write a poem about something.   It can be about anything as long as the subject of the poem begins with that week’s letter!     We started at A and we are now up to N.     Angel Sammy sends me HIS poem and I share it with you on Thursdays and he will give us some “prompts” – words that start with the next letter – sometimes it helps to get some ideas but you are FREE to write your poem about ANYTHING at all that begins with that week’s letter!

Got it?    OK, here’s what Angel Sammy sent me last night!!


Hello my friends!   It’s me, Angel Sammy coming to you from the Rainbow Bridge courtesy of our great Wi-Fi service!     It’s time for us to share our poems with each other – please feel free to put a link to your poem in my comments here OR you can even put your poem in my comments if you like.    But I do hope you’ve written a poem this week – give poetry a try – remember poetry doesn’t have to rhyme – it’s an expression in words and it comes from your heart!    The prompt words I gave you LAST Thursday that you might use if you need some help were:

(1) Naughty (2) Nice (3) Normal (4) New

Doesn’t have to be about one of those words but I give you four just to JUMPSTART your own creative process if you need it!     Want to see what I wrote for “N” ?


By Sammy Kimmell, Sept. 14, 2017

Your name is something you’ll have all your life

Unlike some friendships or maybe your wife!

Your name follows you around from town to town

Like Sampson the Great or Bozo the Clown!

We don’t choose our name, it’s chosen for us

That makes it all easy, so much less of a fuss

When I joined my family they called me “Sam”

It suited me perfectly, like Seuss’s “Sam I Am” !

My Dad chose the name and it felt just right

I loved hearing my name – I was high as a kite!

My Dad is a name guy I suppose you might say

When they adopted their next kitty, it was the same way!

Dad chose the name and it fit to a “T”

He knew right away what his name should be!

He would be  “Teddy” and that name just plain fit

He’s a dear sweet ginger, a most special kit………

The family is complete though I’m now far away

But the four of us know we’ll be together some day…………


So that’s my poem for this week – how about you?    Want to share your poem with us?  I hope you do……………….and if not THIS week, maybe NEXT week you’ll join in the fun?    If you have problems coming up with ideas for next week’s letter which will be “O”, here are some ideas to get you started – remember you don’t have to use one of these words – you can use any “O” word you like!

(1) Open (2) Octopus (3) Olive (4) Odd

There you have it my friends……………..another poetry day has come and gone…………….it’s always fun sharing my poem with you.    I’ll see you again next week here on the blog with my little brother Teddy…………..until then, WRITE A POEM – YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID!

Your Friend and Angel, Sammy the Poet !


Thank you Angel Sammy……………I love “seeing” you on Poetry Day!

Before I go I hope you will say a very VERY special prayer for my super good friends Raz and Allie and most especially their Mom  Miss Sharon at Friends Furever  today……………..they need all the strength you can send to them please………….You may visit their blog at the link below……….but whatever you do, keep them in your heart…………….

Love, Teddy


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  1. maybe our name is really made for us and we should keep it… even when we are not so super happy with it… the mama once wanted to change her name, but she and the granny had no clue that there is a fee for ever letter of the new name(think 20 or 25bucks!).. the register office guy wouldn’t accept names like ! or ET or d&g and he showed the mama and the granny the door as they came up with very weird suggestions…

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    • My Mom says she didn’t like her name as a kid but apparently Pamela was a big name here in the 40s so that’s what her Mom named her. She likes her middle name as she’s named for a sweet favorite Aunt who is now an Angel…….and she had a different LAST name but that guy and his name are in her past (!!) – so all in all she likes her name NOW. As for me? I don’t care what my name is as long as everyone understands that I will come running when I WANT to, not when I’m called! HAHAHAHAHA

      Love and Hugs, Teddy

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      • hihi I agree… the big and trendy names are often like a curse, the mama had 3 classmates with the same name… but the granny said it’s a name of a mighty queen so be happy… she just changed her mind as she paid the 3th fine, because she has nearly the same name and the authorities confused them, ha!


        • UHOH……….that would be a problem – especially if they wanted to make her pay taxes for all the “confused” similar names! OUCH! My Mom says she’s met VERY FEW “Pamelas” in her life though so I guess even if it was “THE” name at the time my Mom was born, either the rest of the Pams are Angels now (!) OR, they just never crossed paths with my Mom!

          Love, Teddy


    • Thank you dear Madi! Funny how most of my stories somehow come down to life, love and our “forevers” but I suppose now that I’m an Angel, I have a perspective that I never had before! We loved your poem today – it’s fabulous and yet again you got ALL those prompts in there! Maybe next week I’ll give everyone 20 prompt words and we’ll see how you do (just kidddddddiiiiiinggggggg 🙂 )!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


    • We love your nickname…..we think of Pixies and smiles, and happy, and sweet and I bet that’s what HE saw when he gave you your nickname. I guess by now everyone knows my nickname is Butter Bean but since I’m on a starvation diet now (whaaaa) thanks to my vet telling Mom to CUT BACK THE FOODABLES, I guess I’ll be STRING BEAN instead of BUTTER BEAN before you know it!

      Love, Teddy

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  2. Dear Mr Angel Sammy! Wow! There is si very much in a Name! Queen Penelope was called Nellie at home and by her furrends. She answered to both. I Marvelous also answer to Marv! I LOVE my name, because I am Marvelous!
    I wish my Mommy was a better poet. It would be nice if I could pawticipate


    • Your Mommy is EVER so talented Marvelous and I just bet if she had time she could write a wonderful poem…..seems to me you make a wonderful bit of inspiration for her in many ways! Queen Penelope was one of a kind – although we each make our mark in our own way just as you already have in that you came halfway around the world to get your FOREVER HOME. I have a lot of names – Mom calls me “Tee” or “Teddy Bear”, and Dad calls me “Butter Bean”…..and I don’t care WHAT they call me because I can FEEL their love not just HEAR it. I hope your Mommy’s hand gets all better very very soon……….!

      Love, Teddy


  3. Sammy, your poem is purrfection as it always is. Mom didn’t want to write one today, in fact she didn’t even want to write a post. You know why! Your blog ending was just right. She also didn’t know how to handle that. If anyone wants to read our poem, you can find at: http://WWW.THECATONMYHEAD.COM/are-you-naughty/
    Love and hugs to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Oh we read your wonderful poem early this morning and we think it’s FABULOUS….as always. My Mom says yes she knows why but we just put one foot/paw in front of the other and carry on because we must. I hope you have some SUN in your day today……sun chases away a lot of the sads. Just so you know, I’ve now survived two days of starvation – only one cup of food per day. Sniff Sniff.

      Hugs, Teddy the Butter Bean


  4. Oh, what a fun poem, Angel Sammy! This here human is a name person, too. There’s just something so special about the names we all have.

    We are most certainly keeping Sharon in our thoughts and prayers. We are also praying for all those affected by the recent hurricanes.


    • Names are fun……my Dad just seems to be the guy who does the names in our family and he did a good job with me AND with Sammy. Our names fit…..even Butter Bean fits (!!) but not for long since Mom is now making ME her mission!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Great poem about names! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for what we have. I should really write a poem using the word naughty because ever since we moved Toby has been so naughty!! If I do I’ll link back to you!!


  6. We are praying hard for Miss Sharon and her Mr Bill.
    We also need to keep Mr Cameron from Lonestar Cats in our prayers as he is back in the ICU…

    Names are special for sure.
    Our younger son is Daniel, and he truly lives up to the little song: Dare to be a Daniel! MOL!
    My sister and I were named just for the smple fact that our parents liked those names; and my brother was named after the English version of my father’s name…which was Harm, so he got called Harry…though sometimes peeps have changed the Harm to Henry or Herman…
    I have not often met other Ingrids, though it is not an obscure name. I used to hate that name, cause I got lots of strange/insulting nicknames as a schoolgirl. Now some of my residents call me odd things…like England(!), Eedrid(Wow!), and so on…MOL!

    Minko was named from his stinky minky-ness as a wee one, and Pipo is named after a kitty that my Aunt had years ago, not sure if that kitty was a meezer or an abby.
    Dog-guy is named for the little black spots on his then pink schnooter.


    • A lot goes into naming doesn’t it?! Usually we can understand the “WHYS” of naming but sometimes it just seems to be on a whim or “just because”………

      We are also keeping Mr. Cameron in our prayers….he had some excellent days very early on then took some steps back but we think that’s the nature of brain surgery. We hope he will be well soon and back home.

      Love, Teddy


  7. Nice job, Angel S. Names are important! Your name and Little T’s definitely fit to a tee. (See what I did there?) Mom named me Cupcake because I’m so sweet…. Obviously.

    Love and licks,


    • Oh I just KNEW that’s why your name is Cupcake….you are sweet as a cupcake, CUTE as a cupcake, and PERKY like a cupcake (are cupcakes perky????). Anyway, names are important and I’m quite happy with my “Teddy” just as Angel Sammy loved his name right from the start.

      Love, Teddy


  8. Your Dad is a great namegiver. Our Dad chose Timber’s name, Mom had something else in mind, but each day makes us even more certain that the choice was perfect.

    We have held Sharon and Bill in our paws and deep in our hearts for such a long time, but today is a real heartbreaker. Such a beautiful couple in all ways – they needed more time together. Mom has said many prayers for both of them, and especially today.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


    • I know that Miss Sharon has appreciate all the support from her friends near and far. It will be so hard for her especially. As for Timber – we LOVE his name and he really is so adorable – what a fabulous addition to the Woos!!

      Love, Teddy and Mom


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