SHOPPING Reminder!


Getting Ready To Shop?

This is just a bit of a reminder that we (One Spoiled Cat) are going to be hosting Bacon’s SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD again this month……………Shopping Day will be Friday, September 29th this month AND what we’re going to be sharing recipes/prices for is one of our most-est favorite-est things (at least it’s certainly our humans’ most faves) – do you remember what it is????


Yep!   That’s right – on the 29th you will write your Shopping Around The World Post and give everyone a recipe for a delightful dessert you know and love and that the rest of us can try out!    Part of the deal is giving not just the RECIPE and instructions, but also to tell us what PRICE you paid for all the ingredients.   That way we can either GIGGLE or CRY at the difference in prices where all of us live in the world and do our shopping!    It’s fun to see!   Trust me.

So, make sure and remind your humans because the 29th will be here before you know.   REMEMBER TO  LINK YOUR SHOPPING BLOG POST TO OUR PAL BACON AT PIGLOVE because he loves to read recipes – AND after all, he’s the KING OF SHOPPING anyway – we’re just substitutes!    Next month it will be back in his capable hooves.

Desserts – far as the eye can see!   Speaking of SEEING – SEE you on the 29th.

HELP!!!!!!! I can’t get UP!!!!

Love, Teddy

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    • Well, eating a desert might be a little rough on your seven stomachs – all that sand just CAN’T be good for you……….HAHAHA My Mom is still agonizing over which recipe to share. She doesn’t make dessert often but when she does it’s always for her and Dad and I get ZIP!

      Love, Teddy


  1. Our desserts mostly are just plain unchanged fruit, well, it might have the skin off or the seeds out, MOL! Of course its easy to make, and the only trouble is the price tag…esp in ‘off-season’ times…
    But that doesn’t stop anyone here from dreaming let alone drooling!
    We love a cake called ‘The Cat’s Meow’ from our fave restaurant, but you cannot get their recipe, it must be hidden in their food bins. Shucks, cause its quite super; grain free, gluten free and yummy! But also not sugar free or calorie free…ooh…petcretary is hunkering after some now…its a chocolate confection! (Not sure why it has the name it has.)


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