Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s “Double Up” Thursday! 

Thankful Thursday and Some Poetry Too….

First up will be our Thankful Thursday post for the Blog Hop hosted every week by our buddy Brian and YOU can pawticipate too if you just click his badge below – then use the Linky Tool to hook up for the Hop!   Thanks Brian for hosting this – seems we have a lot to be thankful for and this is a nice way to SHARE.

We are very thankful that things are beginning to be put back together again in Texas and Louisiana although there’s still a lot of people who need help……….at least it’s coming!    Now if we could just REDIRECT Hurricane Irma back out to sea to her demise, we’d be even more thankful.

Another thing I’m thankful for is that my Mom and Dad will cave into my demands (!) to go for a walk around the yard on my harness even if it’s raining like mad.    They just grab an umbrella and out we go.   I get soaked (but I don’t mind that) while Mom or Dad are under cover.   Still, I know a lot of peeps who wouldn’t take their kids out for a cruise in the rain.   I guess I’m lucky right?

I’m also thankful for all my wonderful friends………….I just love visiting everyone’s blogs every day………..keeping up with what’s going on around the blogosphere………….

Now let’s move on to my FAVORITE part of Thursday which is when I can share the Poetic Thursday poem that I receive each week from my Angel brother Sammy.    He never lets me down.   He loves writing poetry and since he’s got great wi-fi at the Rainbow Bridge, we’ve never missed a Thursday since he went to the Bridge!   Here’s what he transmitted to me last night!


Hello Friends!   It’s ME, here at the Bridge!

It’s another Thursday morning and last night as I was floating around at the Bridge on my cloud – before I curled up for the night, I wrote my poem for today.    You may remember that each week those of us who are participating in this round of going through the Alphabet and writing a poem about something starting with that week’s “letter” write a special poem and post it on our blogs.   You are free to write about ANYTHING beginning with that week’s letter but in case you can’t think of something, I give you some “possible prompt” words to get your ideas flowing!   

Last Thursday I gave you four prompt words which were:

(1) Mom (2) Mud (3) Marvelous (4) Meow

I bet most of you thought if I used one of my prompt words, it would be “MOM” because she and I were so very close………….but guess what – SURPRISE – I’m using my very OWN “M” word this week!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, September 7, 2017

YES I believe in magic!

There’s magic in a baby’s cries

There’s magic in a lover’s eyes

Find magic where you can each day

Find magic in the words you say

Bring magic to those all around

Bring magic to the LOST you’ve found

Make magic when you hug a friend

Make magic in each message you send

Magic comes in many ways

Magic comes to those who pray

LOOK for magic – I guarantee it’s waiting…….

LOOKING for you and anticipating…….

A life that’s lived believing in magic

A life with no belief is truly tragic………..

Angel Sammy Kimmell………..BELIEVE IN MAGIC !!

Oh I hope you’ve written a poem this week!   If so, you can give us your link in our comments – we’ll go visit your blog to read your poem!   OR, you can even print out your poem on our blog in our comments – we can ALL read it right here.   Please remember to NOT be afraid to write a poem…..poems don’t even have to rhyme……………just reach down in your heart and words will come – trust me – in fact I do believe that it’s just a touch of:


See you next week for more poetry – your prompt words for next week are:

(1) Naughty (2) Nice (3) Normal (4) New

With Love,

Your Poet in the French beret……Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy!   I believe in magic too – every time you visit me to help me do something or give me an idea or tell me not to worry because things will be alright………….that’s magic too right?

Tomorrow is Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop with 15andMeowing and Mcguffys Reader co-hosting so we’ll be back tomorrow with that!   Meanwhile……………………….BELIEVE.

Hugs and Love, Teddy


Before we go may we ask a special favor?   We know our super pals Raz and Allie at FRIENDS FUREVER blog would appreciate an extra prayer – not only do they live in Florida so may be effected by the hurricane that’s coming, BUT Raz and Allie’s Dad Mr. Bill is still in the hospital after two months – he needs all of us to send STRENGTH and HEALTH and RECOVERY vibes so he can come home.    If you click below, you can visit their blog and leave a message… will mean a lot to THEM and to ME too!!


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  1. hahaha great idea… and it is a magic poem… and those with a loving heart can see the magic in so much things…and miracles only happen to those who believe in magic… we do ;o)
    I’m a rain berd too, I want to go out even when it rains … there is nothing better than the smell of eau de wet dog, I swear… and we need magic to get rid of that smell hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wet animals smell – well – like WET HAIR…..but the BEST part is coming back inside and having a nice towel or blankie to wipe us down then curling up somewhere to rest and dry out on our own. My Mom and Dad love rainy days and I guess I got that from them?? Magic is everywhere around us but so many people have forgotten to LOOK for it. Kinda sad isn’t it Phenny?

      Love and Hugs and MAGIC, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

    • What a SWEET thing to say dear Madi and I know when Angel Sammy reads comments here today he will smile SO BIG at yours. Thank you. We believe in magic around here and always will! We absolutely loved your poem AND your Mona Madi portrait (!!). You are such a special friend. BRAVO for using ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the words!

      Love, Teddy


  2. Angel Sammy, I love seeing you in your beret. That expression on your face is so Frency looking. It is! *smooch*.

    I know that Bill needs our prayers and conviction. He is getting them every day. XXXX


    • That photo of Angel Sammy is one of Mom’s most favorite….such a silly little face and those big paws…..maybe I’ll get to wear his beret once in a while…..maybe…….it has a “sacred spot” out of my reach right now but who knows?!

      Love, Teddy


  3. You are lucky that your folks will take you out in the rain, we won’t do that for Phoebe. I am afraid she will get sick if she gets wet and a chill given her health. Excellent poem Angel Sammy, as always. I agree, magic is everywhere. We are purring and praying for the Florida Furkids’ Dad and that the hurricane misses them. XO


    • Yes it’s good Phoebe not get a chill – she does have some delicate health stuff going on so no sense taking chances….but me? I’m a big strapping youngster of 16 lbs. and when we come back inside from our “rainwalks” Mom rubs me down tip to tail in a big old towel. PRAYING FOR THOSE IN THE PATH OF THE STORM – I think the whole world is.

      Love, Teddy


  4. I am purring my most magical purrs and mrouws for all of those in Florida and elsewhere who may be or will be experiencing the fury of Irma. May this magic and all of our purrs and pawyers send her reeling out to sea.
    And special magical and fervent purrs and prayers for Mr Bill.

    My Mom hates mud,
    But she is marvelous,
    So for her
    I have a big MEOW!!

    OK, it doesn’t rhmye…but well, time was not being in magic mode here…MOL!


  5. Yes, Teddy you are so lucky that your pawrents take you out for a cruise whenever you ask!
    Great poem once again, Angel Sammy! Motor Mommy will often say to Motor Man when he asks how something happened: “It’s magic…!”
    Love, Sundae


  6. That was an extra-special poem!

    And Teddy… I think you are a little crazy, wanting to go for a walk in the rain. I like going out as much as any harness and leash trained cat, just not when it’s wet out!


  7. We believe in magic to Angel Sammy and we love you Teddy! We are all purring and praying extra overtime for Daddy Bill. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  8. Teddy, your thankful thoughts are so touching. I am so pleased to know you and your family. Sammy, well…my gosh yo little angel, you have always been a fine poet and it will continue…you are the Bard of Bridge.



    • Hi Shoko!! Glad you liked my brother’s poem today – he’s cranking them out every week and I think the peaceful atmosphere at the Bridge might just be helping him become pretty good at poetry…….down here on Earth things are wacky most of the time… of these days I’ll see if I can’t do a poem but in the meantime, I’m more than happy to let HIM do that!!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  9. Mee-yowvelluss magickal poe-em Unccle Sammy!! Yur poe-emss are gettin better an better…
    Hmmm let mee fink…OK mee try a poe-em fur Mum/Mom…here mee goess…..

    “Mee Lady Mum/Mom”

    “When mee ferst met her
    shee was LHL to mee.
    Long-haired Lady fur all to see!
    As time went on mee changed her name
    an LadyMum shee then beecame!
    LadyMum iss simplee thee best;
    shee takess care of me without much rest!
    Shee playss toyss an takess mee fur walkss
    An when needed, givess mee Bach’ss.
    Shee luvss mee despite mee been notty
    an shee iss so kind an nevurr snotty!
    LadyMum LadyMum yur mee Numburr #1
    Mee will bee yurss till mee life iss dun……”

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


    • Oh Siddhartha that’s a fabulous poem and sweet tribute to the lady who loves you more than ANYTHING – your Ladymum. You two have been through a lot together and I think you really do help each other more than you might think. I also know that you don’t TRY to be naughty – but things happen to scare you and if you get scared, it makes other things happen. You just keep loving her – that’s the most important thing.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Good job, Little T. We are the opposite of you. Mom forces ME out into the rain, while I try to talk her out of it. Love the poem, Angel S. Magic IS everywhere, and we need lots of it these scary days. Paws crossed for everybody in the hurricanes’ paths.

    Love and licks,


    • Hi Sweet Cupcake!!! Mom thinks I’m a nut case because I like rain……but it probably has something to do with my “before adoption days” – maybe I was raised on a farm and was outside a lot or maybe I was a wild child and HAD to like the rain because I lived in the woods – who knows?!?! Nobody!!! All I know is that getting wet doesn’t bother me (although Mom says if she stuffed me in the sink and soaped me up for a bath I would probably NOT like it that much!!!!!!).

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


    • Oh I hope you decide to play along with us. The deal is you can write about ANY “N” thing but Angel Sammy gives those who can’t think of words or ideas some “PROMPTS” which they can use (or not). Some people have made it their mission to use ALL the prompt words in their poems but that’s tough to do sometimes! HAHAHA

      Love, Teddy


    • We have the whole blogosphere praying for your Dad and for the safety of all those in the storm area – let’s just hope Irma loses some “steam” before she gets to you…….and everyone else……..

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  11. We just love how well you’ve trained your parents, Teddy. They are so well-behaved! And, Angel Sammy, we love your poem! We believe in magic around here, that’s for sure.

    We are sending purrs and prayers to all those who need it.


    • Glad you like Angel Sammy’s poem…..he rips one off every week without fail doesn’t he?! HAHA I do have my Mom and Dad well-trained but of course Angel Sammy had done a major part of THAT work before I came on the scene……

      Love, Teddy


    • Oh Miss Pix we hope the hurricane fizzles out but as of this morning, it sure doesn’t look like it is……it’s going to take a westward turn after it barrels through Florida too which is unusual…….we are praying like crazy for everyone….family and friends.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


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