Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Students!

Are You Ready???

First Priority is to COMMENT – the first person to leave a comment on this post is gonna win a badge!!!   Hurry up!   We’ll wait for you!   

YEP you’ll get this if you are FIRST to comment!

Now that you’re all back and at your desks, time to get your brains in gear…….

We have a GUEST TEASER for you today.    Just one photo and I don’t see any real HINTS in the photo so this one might be a challenge……………..might be a BIG challenge unless you’ve traveled the world and see it all and know WHERE you would see this photo!     Before we show it to you – I think we should see if Suzie is ready to SHAKE IT UP and get you motivated shall we?????

I’m back, I’m back
Taking up the slack!
That dog that came to cheer
Musta had one too many beers
It’s time to test your knowledge
Pretend you’re all in college!
Study the picture in great detail
While I go shopping and enjoy me some “retail” !!
While you work I’ll go for a walk
Me and that dog need to talk!
His communication skills were quite lacking
I’m gonna send that boy packing!

Well Suzie, in his defense, we didn’t have time to find a suitable replacement for you – you’re irreplaceable and we know it – this guy showed up at the front door and said he heard we needed some help so we let him take a whack at being our Monday Pre-Teaser Cheerleader.    Oh well…………….live and learn right?


Now, it’s time to bring our fabulous photo assistant/guard in with today’s photo.    Remember PLEASE that there are some rules for today and they are:

  1. When you guess, you must guess what town/city/village AND in what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) the photo was taken!   
  2. PLEASE don’t use Google Image Search to “cheat” and find out where this photo was taken………it’s tons more fun to figure it out on your own without that don’t you think????????   Everyone is equally able to win that way!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!

Good Luck Students!   We’ll tell you who wins WHAT tomorrow on the TEASER TELL ALL!

Hello Professors – I thought I’d bring a RECESS snack even though you didn’t ASK me to!

Why thank you Miss Dingleberry – how very thoughtful of you!!!!    Alright students, no pushing and shoving……everyone in a line and don’t forget to THANK Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff for bringing you a snack today!


Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Prof. Angel Sam and Assistant Prof. Ted

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    • GOOD MORNING MISS PIX! Happy Teaser Day…………..I bet CH isn’t up cookin’ your breakfast yet right? I bet you have your wabbit slippers and cozy robe on WAITING for him to fix something spectacular for breakfast right?

      Tee Hee…………know what my Mom had for breakfast this morning? Ready? Sitting down? PECAN PIE! Yes she did……….Dad did too!

      Love, Teddy


      • No, CH is not up… dang! PECAN PIE! What’s up with that? Lucky people you! It was a long busy weekend here, CH may sleep till noon! I think that is the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzouREE! Wherever it is, it has some beautiful ARCHED windows!!!!!

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        • You know I like to give you arches if I can on Tuesdays…..HAHA…..Mom and Dad just WANTED that pecan pie – they’d been STARING at it all weekend and finally Dad just whacked off a chunk and Mom said “ME TOO” and that was that! I suppose you could be SWEET and let CH sleep in this morning…….on the other hand, accidentally dropping something in the sink that makes a HUGE noise MIGHT get breakfast going sooner! HAHAHAHAHAHA

          Hugs, Teddy

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  1. I’m here! I think Memories of Eric & Flynn are probably right. It looks like Spanish architecture and is obviously a church. I have no idea of knowing details, because I will not Google it until you tell us the answer. Then I always Google it, just to learn more! HUGS!

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  2. Well, it’s a cathedral with a rose window – probably medieval, and not elaborate enough to be Chartre.
    Other than that, I got nothing !


    • I think Suzie was not too happy with the woofie who filled in for her……oh well…..too bad! Thanks for guessing on the photo too – tomorrow we’ll all find out who did what and who won what and most of all WHERE the photo was taken!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Mom says that the number of churches and cathedrals with rose windows is staggering and she doesn’t recognize this one. We haven’t checked with our dad yet. If he knows it, we’ll check back in. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  4. That is the infamous St. Bubba’s Penitentiary…. the world’s first church turned prison. Have you heard the story about St. Bubba’s most notorious escape attempt? A guy named Knuckles (That was his nickname…. his real name was Harry, but nobody dared call him Harry Knuckles) decided to bust out one night by commandeering a motorbike out of the guards’ lot, and popped a wheelie as he zipped down the row of cells and right through that big, glass rose window at the front of the prison. Knuckles’ fellow inmates cheered on his freedom mission as both inmate and bike sailed through the air……………. and crashed into a million pieces just outside the wall. What did he think was going to happen anyway when he attempted that stunt? At least Knuckles did manage to get what he wanted, escaping the brutal St. Bubba’s in the back of a hearse…

    I dedicate this Tuesday Teaser answer to the memory of Harry Knuckles, and his quest to be the world’s dumbest free man….

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    • HAHAHAHA! I should think that Harry would have been happy to be in such a peaceful place during his incarceration yet his desire to follow the time honored tradition of attempting escape caused him to leave St. Bubba’s in bits and pieces (or at least as many of them as they could sweep up). The parade of prisons continues with gusto on Sammy and Ted’s TUESDAY TEASER!!!

      Giggles, Pam


      • I don’t know if you’ve seen the video for Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” before, but there’s a scene where a stuntman on a motorcycle rides through a stained glass window, and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Teaser photo! Let’s create a daring escape from this “prison!”

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        • Have seen that video…..it was good inspiration for your Teaser Scenario today. I may have to start dressing Suzie in prison stripes and rename the blog on Tuesdays to “Prison Teaser”…………… 😉


          • I’m sure Suzie is no stranger to prison stripes. And before she fed the kids at Ding Dong School, I think Ms. Dingleberry was dishing the slop in the prison cafeteria. Even the really rough inmates didn’t dare complain about the food….

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          • I have noticed that Suzie’s dorm room has “prison bar” wallpaper and a bulletin board with “Most Wanted” posters on it……….Miss Dingleberry is definitely a HARD CASE……I know when she took the job managing the cafeteria we had to convince her to scale back the amount of each each dish she was having the staff prepare from enough to serve a thousand to a few dozen. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sarge is a “hard case” too!


    • That’s not believable. He couldn’t have escaped St. Bubba’s in a hearse. They would have punished him for eternity by burying Knuckles in the St. Bubba’s churchyard cemetery and Knuckles would have been forever trapped there.

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  5. Wow, a doggy cheerleader! MrJackFreckles woofs right alongside of him! Did you hear him? He is a deafening barker, as most JRT’s will be, nothing feeble with that n his old age, MOL/BOL!

    Let us see now and think…twin steeples, and crosses…OK, its a church…a big one at that! A lovely rose window…and other markers of antiquity…a Gothic gem it is! I think I have seen this from my relatives who have been there:
    Basílica Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, Spain…

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  6. I’m going to guess Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, I think I see the hunchback in the tower. Thanks for the lunch Mrs. Dingleberry.


    • HAHA…..well we agree it really does look like Notre Dame – a whole lot in fact…….maybe there’s a standard plan for cathedrals available from Amazon or something???!!!!! Anyway, it’s a beautiful cathedral but in Barcelona!

      Love, Teddy


  7. We’re here! Are we first…we are….oh AREN’T. Cwap! We used Mr. Google’s infinite wisdom and found the answer but will not publish it cause it’s not fair. Maybe near the end of the day. One thing we must admit is we are learning about a lot of places we never heard of before with the Teaser.

    Mrs. Dingleberry we will just have a tuna sandwich if you don’t mind. Did I say A tuna sandwich….could you make that 3 sandwiches, please. Gotta love Mrs. Dingleberry.



    • I had a tuna sammmich myself…..love that tuna and Miss Dingleberry adds something to make it special – not sure what it is – a sprinkle of curry? A dash of catnip? Whatever it is, ENJOY!

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. Thanks fur that cheer SuziQ and Miss Dingleberry those samiches are beyond good
    Now we are so late it is almost tomorrow but…
    Looks like Spain, Barcelona and the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar
    A very well known place fur sure
    Timmy and Family


  9. Its a church! …on this side of the street! We got it! Can we get something for being the last commenter? Hey, those snacks look good. We’re much better at snacking than at teasers 🙂 Hugs you guys!


    • Hi Kwees! It’s so good to see you – and it’s been a while at Scouts too! You know Sammy is now an Angel but I’m the NEW GUY in the Rumblers so stop by some time. Good guessing on the Teaser – it IS a church – YAY FOR YOU! We have snacks in class all the time…..our cafeteria supervisor Miss Dingleberry makes stuff for us usually on Mondays but sometimes on Tuesdays.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


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