Teaser Tuesday


Welcome To Class Students!

Please have a seat – class is about to begin!

Move it!

Today we have our weekly test………….we will see just how well you can investigate a couple of photos and figure out WHERE those photos were taken!   BUT first we want you to COMMENT on this post ASAP – why?   So you can win this!

The first commenter on this blog post will win the above badge – you know you want it so comment and hurry back to your desk…………make sure you look at the seat before sitting down though  because there might be a blob of ink, or a dead mouse, or a puddle of water on it – you know how your fellow students like to TEASE!

OK – everybody back?  We’ll tell you tomorrow who was FIRST to comment.

Wait….what?…..did I sleep through the first comment thing? DARN!

We’re about to post a couple of photos for you to study and want to remind you of the CLASS RULES first – ready?

  1. You must tell us in what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) the photos were taken.   Can’t just guess one or the other – to be RIGHT you must guess BOTH.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure out where these photos were taken – that’s the EASY WAY OUT and we want this to be a challenge – you do too right?  I mean who doesn’t like a challenge?!?!    Just do your best…….take a look – see if there are clues – then GO FOR IT………..it’s way more fun that way!

Tomorrow well have our TELL ALL POST and we’ll announce the winners of these FABULOUS badges:




Before we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase and unlock the briefcase holding the TEASER PHOTOS of the week which he’s been guarding day and night since last week, let’s bring Suzie out for a cheer – wanna?  Yeah let’s !

I hope your brains are wide awake
You know the Teaser and what’s at stake
Cool badges we do give away
But you’ve gotta try hard if you want to play
Fire up those batteries in your brain
I hope it didn’t get soggy in the pouring rain!
If you’re right you’ll be in my cheer tomorrow
The rest of you will wallow in your pain and sorrow
So let’s get guessing, time’s running out
Only big babies would sit there and pout!
Study the photos looking for clues
Then you won’t weep tomorrow from the TEASER BLUES!

Alright Suzie!   That ought to get everyone to put on their thinking caps!!!

Now let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TWO Teaser photos!!!

Here’s this week’s photos Professor!

Alright students – get to work………………where were these two photos taken?    Don’t let them fool you – we know there are a bazillion spots on the globe these could have been taken but your challenge is to figure out the RIGHT SPOT!!!!


Don’t let this be YOU!!!!!!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

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    • HULLLOOOOOOOOO MIZZZZZZOURRRREEEEE! How are you this morning? You were only five minutes from FIRSTIES this morning. Time for breakfast – get that CH up and at ’em in the kitchen! My Mom and Dad had creamed chipped beef on BISCUITS this morning……..maybe that will inspire CH???!!

      Love, Teddy


        • My nutso Mom gets up at 3:45-4AM every day and my Dad is up at 5AM so she has time to get those pots and pans rattling around. Creamed chipped beef is one of those things that’s EASY PEASY (she gets the little packets of already made stuff) and biscuits with Bisquick are quick too………I got to have a lick or two from Mom’s finger and that stuff is pretty TASTY!


    • Hi Miss Katie!! Maybe it is Key West…….Key West is very tropical-ish with the palms, and cool houses……..we’ll see how you did tomorrow for the Tell All!!

      Love and good luck, Teddy


    • Oh yes you do know that area down there don’t you! I’m sure Venice is waiting for you guys to get down there and have your share of Grouper…….my Mom used to enjoy having home-smoked mullet when she lived in Clearwater…..I’ll take any old fishie myself!!!! We’ll see how you did for the Teaser tomorrow!!

      Love, Teddy


  1. We’re going to say Florida Keys or close by, though we’re probably a million miles away as per usual! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & CO xox


    • Well Basil you might be on to something there my friend…..Mom won’t even tell ME what the Teaser photo is every week but I’m going to be anxiously waiting for tomorrow’s TELL ALL post – good luck!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. That definitely looks like the posh, luxurious resort penitentiary that always wound up on the cutting room floor in episodes of “Fantasy Island.” Yes, you see, even convicted felons have fantasies they want to live out… and those inmates on their best behavior got a weekend pass to meet with Ricky Montalbon and the short guy… and they needed someplace to stay that kept them separated from the island’s general population. Tattoo always got excited when “De Bus! De Bus!” would show up with a fresh load of criminals who would soon get to enjoy the wonders of prison cells padded with rich Corinthian leather…

    Liked by 3 people

    • So THAT’s where this is huh? My Mom wouldn’t tell me but it sounds reasonable. I’m alright with felons having fantasies as long as they are chained up and locked up or tied up – – – say – – – wait a minute – that could be a fantasy right? NEVER MIND. Too Much Information……….tomorrow we’ll find out if this is FANTASY PRISON or WHAT!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mom says that it looks more like a bay than ocean…no waves and no caribbean blue waters; though, we see palm trees. Our best guess os Orange Beach, Alabama. It certainly doesn’t look populated enough for any Florida Beach towns. We wish everyone good luck who guesses. Love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Hey you guys studied the photos very well – and tomorrow we’ll see if all that studying pays off! Palm trees are in so many places – we thought this might be a challenge for everyone……..tune in for the Tell All and find out!!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Dear Mr Angel Sammy and Mr Teddy,
    You will need to send me one of those funny pointy hats.
    I do not have a clue where those pictures were taken. Though I may have traveled half way around the world…everywhere looks the same when you are in a personal transportation unit (although the one I was in is the same color as the glorious house in the picture!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marv! We think you would look cute in a pointy hat or ANY hat but you get “special dispensation” for Teaser Tuesdays because you are still adjusting to your new life with your Mommy! You may have flown half way around the world but you don’t get to see a whole lot of LAND when you’re flying over the ocean! I’m thinking you will be one of our best students before long – you just wait and see! Meanwhile, hope you’re getting some more catio time to get used to the new smells and sights!

      Love and Hugs from BOTH the Teaser Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too!


  5. Tropical…sunny, warm looking, a boardwalk and lots of clear blue water…I need to visit there…but where???
    In the Caribbean somewhere I am going to guess, but which place exactly…no clue. I checked out Spanish architectural style, beaches and so on…but all to no avail, MOL! So I will leave it to the Bermuda Triangle which has swallowed up my brain cells, OMC!
    Greenie coming our way by tomorrow…unless I can do some more research before 12midnight! Right…sure…in my dreams…


    • You know, that does kind of look like the beach in Fort Lauderdale Florida! Not sure about the house and its pretty boardwalk though. I think I would not mind living in it, MOL!!!


      • It is Fort Lauderdale….but it was a heck of a teaser because it could have been in SO MANY other cities or even countries – one person guessed Puerto Rico and it could have even been THERE!

        Hugs, Teddy


    • It was a bit of a tough Teaser we agree……….lots of beaches and palm trees in lots of places like Bermuda, all along the Gulf Coast and East and West seaboards……..we thought it would fool some folks and it did! YAY!

      Hugs, Teddy


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