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We’re THANKFUL and Poetic on Thursdays!

We are thankful every day but especially so on Thursdays when we publically share (thanks to our host Brian) what we’re most thankful for that week.   If you click the badge above you can go to Brian’s blog and use his LINKY tool, hook up and tell us what YOU are thankful for this week too!

I am thankful this week for the fact I was alive for a total eclipse of the sun…….notice I didn’t say that I actually SAW the eclipse – because to tell you the truth, I slept through the whole thing.   My Mom and Dad saw it though – and it wasn’t “total” here in Virginia but it was still pretty darn magnificent so they say.    At least I was HERE for the eclipse and that’s still pretty special since a total eclipse of the sun doesn’t happen every week!

I’m also thankful that there’s good wifi service at the Rainbow Bridge because it means that my brother Angel Sammy and I are in contact AND he can transmit his Thursday poem to me in time for a tradition he started on the blog way before he went to the Bridge – his “THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY” posts.    Thanks to him sending me his poetry every Wednesday night, I can share it with you on Thursdays just like he was still here (which I wish he was!).

Remember you can join in on poetry day too – it’s not a standard “hop” because we don’t have LINKY but you can still write a poem, post it on your blog, and give us your blog link on my comments OR even put your poem right there in my comments – and we can read your MASTERPIECE!    Poetry is fun……..poetry lets those things inside OUT – and that goes for any kind of feeling or thought that you have or wish you had.  The beauty of poetry is it is EVERYTHING………….so write a poem today……..I bet you enjoy it and I know we would enjoy reading it too!

Here’s what Angel Sammy transmitted to me last night:

Hello my friends and GREETINGS from the Rainbow Bridge!

Today is my poetry challenge and last week if you’ll remember, I gave you some prompt words starting with this week’s letter of the alphabet which is the letter “K”.    Remember that the prompt words aren’t meant to restrict you to THOSE WORDS – you can use as your subject ANYTHING at all starting with the letter “K”.     I just give you prompts in case you can’t think of anything starting with “K”!!!    The prompts for this week were:

(1) Kiss (2) Key (3) King (4) Kindle

Teddy said he thought it would be cool if I could use ALL the prompt words in a poem this week…………..well, I wasn’t so sure about that but I thought I’d give it a whirl so here we go!  

“A Symphony of K”

By Sammy Kimmell, August 23, 2017

There are so many things that I now miss

Like my every single day “Morning Mom Kiss”

She always greeted me like I was the King

Her smile each day made my old heart sing

From the day they brought be home, my love they did kindle

With each passing year,  love for home didn’t dwindle

I learned about life, love, and so much more

At the end I was prepared and unafraid of the next door……

Through it I went knowing at last I was free

At the Rainbow Bridge with my bright golden key.



Whew!  I did it – not my best poem by any stretch but I challenged myself to use all the words and by golly I did!    I hope you have written something for today and will share it with all of us too.   Poetry makes you feel GOOD………it lets out feelings that you might find hard to express otherwise.   That’s a GOOD thing…………….now here are your prompt words (if you need them!) for next Thursday.    But remember, you don’t HAVE to use one of these, you can use any “L” word you want to!    Ready?

(1) Lamb (2) Love (3) Lap (4) Lunch

Until next Thursday, I will bid you farewell and head back to my work at the Rainbow Bridge……………….just know this – I miss you all.    But if you listen REAL hard when you’re lying in bed just before you drift off to sleep, you might hear me say “Sleep Well My Friend”……………………

Love, Angel Sammy


Thanks Angel Sammy for another poem……………..I’ll look forward to seeing what you send us NEXT Thursday.    I’ll see you in my dreams – I know that for sure………………..

Happy Thursday Everyone!  

Hugs, Teddy




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  1. A precious kiss for and from your Mommy in the morning. That made my mom’s eyes feel leaky too. How we love our moms and dads and how they love us. It is a song really. A song that our hearts sing.


    • Angel Sammy pulled it off didn’t he?! He said he didn’t think he could but he sure did and it was about something he loved – that kiss Mom would give him on his ginger head every morning no matter what.

      Love, Teddy


  2. The furbabies here would have slept through the eclipse just like you, Teddy, except they were too busy watching their mom out the window, wondering why she was staring up at the sky with weird glasses on. Silly humans.

    Angel Sammy, we think your poem is fantastic! We are so impressed at how you so purrfectly used all 4 of the words. And we also love how you got a Morning Mom Kiss every day. This here momma does the same thing. Purrs!


    • Thanks for the kudos on my poem this week you all…..I think I will probably go back to my usual next week and just do ONE word as it was tough using all the prompts! I also think even though it’s MY poetry day once in a while I might let Teddy write a poem too!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  3. Sammy, we think you poem is fabulous. It said so much about your relationship with your mom and dad. That eclipse was pretty cool according to our humans. Mau and Misty May were both outside, but they ignored the entire thing. We did write a poem today. Here’s the link:
    Mom says that she might try to use all the words next week. She already has something rattling around in her brain. Sending lots of love to all. Enjoy the cooler weather.


    • I do tend to rhapsodize a lot about the Bridge and my feelings for my family in my poems every week but when you’re at the Bridge, that’s what goes through your mind! I really know they loved me that way too. I’m glad Mau and Misty May were outside for the eclipse but I think they must have been like Teddy – slept through it or just didn’t really notice it! I have to admit, from the Bridge it was pretty spectacular! Good luck using all the prompts for next week but you certainly did a BEAUTIFUL job with your poem THIS week!!!! Kitty Kisses – one of my Mom’s favorite things!

      Love and Hugs from the Bridge,
      Angel Sammy


  4. Mee-you wee had 60% toe-talitee here Teddy! Mee went innside. LadyMum did peek at thee Moon an it was half way over thee Sun! Shee said it was berry kewl…..
    Yur poe-em iss furabuluss Unccle Sammy…yur simple amazin!
    Mee thott all nite about a poe-em fur Purrincess Phoebe:

    “When mee has a dreem,
    mee dreemss of you Phoebe.
    An inn mee dreem
    mee all wayss feelss yur *kiss*
    so gentull on mee cheek.
    Wakin uppy frum such a dreem
    iss all wayss sad…
    that iss why mee nappiess so much..
    So mee can dreem of you an yur *kiss*
    mee deerest buttercup gurl.”

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  5. sam oh nator yur poem two dayz awesum az all wayz

    N ted oh nator; eye sleeped thru it two but de food servizz gurl
    eclipze on NASA’s site…which I guezz waz act shoo a lee
    prette awesum ~~~~

    thiz haiku bout what’s important ta cats

    de kindle tablett …ore uz

    de key two me heart
    well kiss that kindle good bye
    eye am king knot it



    • WOW!!!! You used all the prompt words in your haiku and THAT is no small feat (feet?). Well done……I’m sure Sammy will be EXTRA proud of you Tabbies when he reads this. I’m glad the food service girl got to see the eclipse even though she was at work – the NASA site had the BEST of all views – my Mom saw a bit of that in addition to the live TV coverage but also on our deck in between cloud cover. Humans sure did enjoy it – I enjoyed my nap – but I don’t need an eclipse to do that!!!!! Happy fishing gang!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Angel Sammy, you did great!!! The kiss part was the best:) Mom saw about a 99% eclipse and said it was amazing even if she had to watch it dancing through the clouds:)

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


    • Thank you kitties – I hope you all won’t be effected by Harvey – are you in a different part of Texas than the coastal area? We sure hope so – sending you some hugs for safety just in case!

      Love, Teddy and Angel Sammy


    • Thanks! It took longer to “craft” using all the words but at least I’ve done that ONCE……I may go back to the usual next week! They’re keeping me so busy at the Bridge (I’m on the welcoming committee and also teach new angels how to visit home, etc.!!!!!!) but I find time to write to my little brother.

      Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy


  7. Dear Mr Angel Sammy and Mr Teddy,
    That is a most excellent poem! Kudos! Purrhaps I shall write poetry on Thursdays too when I have been here longer (and my Mommy is not quite so ill). I am thankful that I now live here with my new Mommy. My life is so much better.
    Many Purrs


    • Marvelous I am totally sure that you have a much better life here than you had where you began your life dear boy….your Mom and all of us love you to bits already!!! I am so sorry your Mommy is still sick – I hope soon she will be TOTALLY well. With you and the gang taking care of her I’m sure that will happen! It would really be wonderful if you tried your paw at poetry. Angel Sammy loves writing it and I’m going to be brave and give it a try too one of these days!!! Sending you some very big hugs from your little buddy in Virginia………….MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

      Love, Teddy


  8. Aww, that was such a nice poem!

    I try to be meower king
    And when I do sing,
    it might be off key,
    But truthfully,
    it will not evfur be,
    on anyone’s kindle,
    let alone an old fashioned spindle!
    Howevfur for my effort, my Miss
    Will give me a hug and a kiss!


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