Teaser Tuesday


Class Is Starting!

Good morning Class!    Are you ready?   Well before we get started remember to COMMENT ON THIS POST so you might be lucky enough to be FIRST to comment and win this!

THEN, when you get back, please take your seat at your desk and do not put your head down for a quick nap because we’re starting RIGHT UP with our Teaser today.

A reminder that in order to win a badge with a guess today, you must have TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE right as well as the STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) right.   The whole thing……….got it?   OK.    Here’s what you might win if you’re on the ball:




So now that you all know what the DEAL is today, and before I show you today’s FABULOUS GUEST TEASER photograph, would you like a little CHEERING up from our ever cheerful (mostly) Teaser Cheerleader Miss SuzieQ???????

Cockle Doodle Doooo
How the heck are you?
Ready to yell and compete?
Make your school day complete?
ALRIGHT then let’s get going
Your geography brain will be showing
Study hard and figure it out
Your name in my cheer I will shout!
So come on and surprise our Professor

That was a good one Suzie………….don’t you all think so???

Let’s bring our fabulous TEASER BODYGUARD in with the silver briefcase that holds the photo for today – it’s been well guarded so there will be no cheating/peeking until this very moment!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


While you agonize over the photo so you can make a guess………………Miss Dingleberry has quietly brought her kitchen crew in and they have set up in the back of the classroom today a HOT DOG STAND!    That’s right – help yourselves to a hot dog with fixins and take it with you out to the playground for recess!    Remember to put your paper plates and napkins in the garbage can out there or else Sarge will be UPSET…..and we don’t want that right??????


Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you all tomorrow!

We’ll find out who wins what!  GOOD LUCK!

The Profs!


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  1. This is the hotel in the western U.S. where Steven King got the idea for “The Shining” but I can’t remember the hotel name or even the state it’s in – Colorado ?


  2. First! Oh, no, I see there are a few people ahead of me. 😉 My first guess was that hotel in Colorado where they made that movie the Shining, don’t know the name of the town. My second guess is Hollywood, California. Thanks for the hot dogs Mrs. Dingleberry, I’ll have mustard, relish and onions please. See you tomorrow Professor’s Angel Sammy and Teddy.


    • We will look for you in class tomorrow hopefully you won’t have a case of horrible indigestion from Miss Dingleberry’s hot dogs!! Good guesses for the Teaser but we shall find out tomorrow what’s what.

      Love, Teddy


  3. Hi Teddy and Sammy, the dogs were delicious and the milk shakes super nommy. Is it bad manners to ask for a second mil shake? Mom said we should ask if you have a recycle bin for our plates and napkins? We’ll we weren’t first today, but our studying did pay-off. Sending lots of love to all, especially Butter Bean. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Miss Dingleberry will be manning (or womaning) the hot dog “shack” all day today so help yourself to more dogs AND more shakes! OF COURSE we recycle stuff – – – so much so we’ll probably use all these dirty napkins and paper cups again NEXT snack time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Love, The BEAN BOY

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ha, ha, ha! Very good! But not good enough to trick me, though. Grand “Hotel!” LOL! Yeah, one of those hotel that you can check out of anytime you like, but you can never leave! The kind of “hotel” without room service and a nightly bed check! The kind of “hotel” where it would be dangerous to drop that tiny little bar of soap. The kind of “hotel” where Tom Bodette will leave the searchlight on for you. The kind of “hotel” you get sent to for serving hot dogs made out of stray possums that wandered into the school basement. Yeah, THAT kind of “hotel!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • We cheated and blacked out the name of this joint – you woulda known the whole truth and nuthin’ but the truth if we’d left it in sight………and know what? Considering the rep this place has, I have a feeling a lot of people checked in but never checked out….but not because of BARS on the windows, because the ghosties have you too scared to leave! Oh – and how did you know that Miss Dingleberry served up possumdogs instead of actual hot dogs today? They give a whole new meaning to “surprise meat” in the “crapateria” of Ding Dong School that’s for sure!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Good morning professor and assistant, Thanks fur another fun test. SuzieQ we always love you shaking your patootie fur us OO-LaLa. Miss Dingleberry… um… er… just a tiny bit of cat-chup and sour relish pretty please with a nice cherry on top. Thank mew fur the doggies and delicious dessert. Now lets get our brains into gear here here
    Timmy with family suppurrt


    • Gosh I’ve never tried a cherry on top of a hot dog but if it’s good enough for you Timmy, it’s good enough for me! Good luck guessing……..make sure and come by tomorrow too!

      Love, Teddy


  6. Good morning! We slept in until 7:30. Whoops 😬 SuzieQ cheered me up. Thanks Mrs. Dingleberry for the hot dogs and shakes.
    We see we’re not first with this guess but we think it’s right.
    Jerome Grand Hotel. Jerome, AZ

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  7. Made it to class: check.
    On time: check.
    Brought Professor an his Assistant treetss: check.
    Know thee low-cayshun of thee Foto: NOT A CLUE!
    (3 outta 4 iss good rite Unccle Sammy an Teddy boy??)
    LadyMum chuckled over the name of hotel. Shee says it must bee inn North America or UK as it iss English name.
    An shee quoted like Lionel Barrymore: “Peepull come; peepull go. Nuffin efurr changess at Thee Grand Hoe-tell…”
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx


    • Good Morning Miss Caren and Cody! You know what? It does look like a Spanish-ey style building and the landscape around has “that look” too – maybe you’re right – let’s see how you did tomorrow!

      Love, Teddy


  8. Yes, it IS Jerome. Been there. If you go, start in Prescott and take the wonderful winding road through the mountains to get to Jerome. Does it count as cheating if you’ve actually been there?


  9. I thought Grand Hotel was a big clue at first, but there are lots of them!

    Miss Dingleberry said I was greedy when I said I wanted a hot dog on my hot dog – she did ask!


  10. jerome grand hotel az, usa… I wonder who was there…. and I would love to stay in a spooky howltel… I’m the late bloomer today, the mama and the granny were super busy… while shopping ;o(


    • I’m so happy your Granny and Grandpa are there at last! Shopping? They are SHOPPING? Does this mean you will get more presents?? More swimming pools? More flotation vests for great adventures on the open sea?

      Tune in tomorrow for the Tell All – we’ll see how you did!
      Love, Teddy


  11. Gosh! I’ve missed a few teaser days! I don’t have a clue where the #### Grand Hotel is 😦
    But I will have one of Mrs Dinggleberry’s Hot Dogs with mustard, relish and onions and a chocolate milkshake to go!
    I had to reset the countdown to Marvelous’ arrival, it is (once again) 13 days to go!
    Love Barb


    • Barb I was just reading Nellie’s sweet post for Marvelous after her visit…..I think all the Angels will take turns visiting him until he is at last safe here in your house surrounded by love. I am going to send you something (to Marvelous’s email!) in a little bit….I’m sad that you have to wait for him to arrive now but let’s hope your courier really DOES leave when they have said they would this time and brings Marvelous “home”. Meanwhile, enjoy a hot dog or two or three – they are delicious……the milkshakes are super cold and smooth………….and we’ll help you count down to MARVELOUSVILLE!

      Hugs and Love, Pam and Teddy too


  12. Wow! This is Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ…and believe it or not it too was once upon a time a hospital! ( United Verde Hospital. )
    Its supposed to be haunted, and appwarently there is even reports of a ghost kitty:)


  13. What a lovely place. This should be a hotel. Although there are no sites to look at…like souvenir stores. The ground looks dead except for the trees…..Outlook Hotel in summer…watch out here comes Jack Nicholson. hehe Just kidding. It must be Arizonia…I refuse to look it up in goggle. That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it. Now Mrs. Dingleberry where are those dogs?



    • You’re right! It is in Arizona! Good job! And the hotel IS haunted although it’s not the hotel that inspired Steven King’s SHINING………anyway, Miss Dingleberry had a BIG DAY handing out hot dogs – even with her sour face, she had plenty of takers!

      Love, Teddy


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