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Shopping Around The World


Let’s Go Shopping!

Hi All!   Teddy here, and I’m hosting Shopping Around The World for my buddy Bacon and his Mom this month and I picked for our monthly recipe the wonderful world of……….


That’s right – we all have a favorite snack that we grab to accompany us to the sofa when we watch the old TV at night, or a movie, or just to sit and munch when dinner is too much and starving is no fun!   So, this month we’re sharing something we love to snack on.   Here’s what you need to do to participate in this monthly fun.    Give us your recipe, including the price you paid for each of the ingredients and maybe a photo of it too – and we all have a blast visiting each other to get new recipes AND to see what things cost in other places then our own grocery store.  You will be amazed how the same item can vary by a LOT of $$$$ from place to place!     Don’t forget to LINK to Bacon’s Blog today so he knows you’re participating – the badge above goes right to his blog.

Here’s our contribution……………………………

My Mom and Dad absolutely LOVE this snack – usually in the cold weather but really ANY old time it’s yummy.

Chili Cheese Dip


1/2 medium onion – chopped (Onion:  $0.16 each)

1 teaspoon oil (on hand)

1 clove garlic minced (Garlic: $0.59 each)

1  15 oz. can chili (no beans) (Chili: $2.69)

1 cup salsa (Salsa: 16 oz. $2.49)

1 3 oz. package cream cheese (Mom buys 8 oz. and uses half of it – 8 oz. costs $2.39)

1 can (2-1/4 oz.) sliced ripe olives drained (Olives: $1.29)


Saute onions in oil – add garlic and transfer to crockpot.   Add chili, salsa, cream cheese, and olives.   Cook on LOW for four hours – stirring occasionally.    By the way, Mom mashes up her cream cheese before it goes in the crockpot but you DO NOT HAVE TO – it kind of “melts” into the rest of the ingredients as it cooks!     Serve with chips or WHATEVER………it’s delicious (so says Mom anyway).

We are going to host AGAIN next month – Shopping Around The World will be on Friday, September 29th so put that on your calendar NOW while you’re thinking about it!    What will our item of the month be??????

DESSERT!  Oh boy!

Yep – we’ll share our FAVORITE dessert recipe – my Mom says it’s been done before but who cares – everyone loves dessert right?  Right!    So we’ll be seeing you next month on Shopping Day too.

Happy Eating and Happy Shopping

Mom?   Is bacon a dessert??????

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


It’s Two For The Price Of One Day!

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Hello Friends!   Today we do a “double dip” of posts with two of our favorite things:   Brian’s Thankful Blog Hop AND our own Angel Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday.    First though we want to be thankful.   If you’d like to be THANKFUL on Brian’s Blog Hop, just click the badge and be whisked away to his blog long enough for you to use the Linky Tool and join up to share your “Thankfuls” too!

There are a lot of things to be thankful for and one of them is that the people so devastated by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana have been promised they will get all the help they need to recover from the amazing amount of rain and flooding.   So many people and animals are without homes now and we hope that all the rhetoric about HELP is truly going to be there for those that need it.   It’s mind boggling how much rain and destruction from that rain is throughout that entire region.    We are thankful for other things as well but that is the BIGGIE……..and the other thankfuls almost pale in comparison to the generosity many have shown in sending help of all forms.

If you click the badge below, it goes DIRECTLY to the American Red Cross’s page to help specifically for those effected by Harvey:

The second part of our post today is to enjoy the weekly fun we have when Angel Sammy emails me his POEM for Thoroughly Poetic Thursdays and I publish it on our blog and invite all of YOU to share your poetry with US on your own blog!    Here’s what Angel Sammy sent to me last night.


Hello my friends!!!!    It’s me – Angel Sammy and I have my weekly poetry challenge completed for you – and I hope you have played along this week and have your OWN poem to share with all of us in return.    If you do, you can either write it out in my comments for all the world to see OR give us the link to your poem in my comments and we’ll follow the trail to read your masterpiece.   The deal is you have to write a poem that’s about something starting with the “LETTER OF THE WEEK” as we move through the alphabet.    This week we are up to the letter “L” and I gave you some prompts to use if you needed help – – – but your poem can be about ANYTHING starting with an “L” !    Here were your prompts:

(1) Lamb (2) Love (3) Lap (4) Lunch

When I was still there, one of my FAVORITE things was to sit on my Mom’s lap so that’s what I wrote about this week……my Mom’s warm lap!

“Mom’s Lap”

By Sammy Kimmell, August 31, 2017

Whenever I felt the need for a nap

I knew the best spot – it was on Mom’s lap

She’d sit for hours if I was asleep

And when I say “asleep” it was VERY deep!

I’d hardly move and neither would she

Even if her legs fell asleep she’d not move me!

She’d wait until I woke up and popped down for a snack

So she could stand up straight and unkink her back!

I loved a warm lap for my whole life through

Though towards the end my joints hurt me too…….

Mom would lift me up in her arms and sit in her chair

I felt warm and safe whenever I was there

Sometimes now though I’m no longer there

I fly down to visit when she’s in that old chair

I lie softly and quietly so she doesn’t even know…….

Then her mouth forms a smile and her cheeks have a glow

She knows that I’m visiting from my home up above

To enjoy her soft lap where I feel her warm love……..



Now it’s your turn!   If you’ve never written poetry – give it a try!    Any “L” thing you may think of you can write a poem about – remember any kind of poetry works – it doesn’t even have to rhyme.   Give it a whirl.  You’ll be glad you did…….then share it with us.    Meanwhile, I’ll get back to work here at the Bridge and I’ll be thinking up a poem to share with you NEXT Thursday.    Here are your prompt letters for “M” which is next Thursday’s letter.  

(1) Marvelous (2) Mom (3) Mud (4) Meow

Those are just to get your creative juices flowing – use one or more of these if you like…………..have a great week – I’ll see you next Thursday if not before (in your dreams??).

Love, Angel Sammy the Poet

Thanks Angel Sammy………………..and now I think maybe I’ll get to work trying to write a poem myself for next Thursday – maybe we can BOTH have one to share with everyone by then!

I have a SECOND post for today coming – it’s going to be for SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD and I’m helping Bacon and his Mom out by HOSTING it for them this month – this month we’re doing SNACKS and you need to share your recipe for your favorite snack, including prices of items used to make it!    Remember to link to BACON’s BLOG too!!!!

Love, Teddy

Mom, you do the shopping and I’ll do the napping!!!

Teaser Tell All


It’s Show and Tell Time At School!

What a roller coaster ride it was yesterday with the Teaser huh?   I mean REALLY………………….everybody had a pretty darn good idea – so many people “danced around” the right answer but it was FINALLY guessed correctly and we’re here to tell you the tale.   BUT FIRST………..


MY BUDDIES OLIVER AND CALVIN, that’s who!   This is for you guys!

For Oliver and Calvin on August 29, 2017

Here are the photos from yesterday so you can remember that they were whoppers in their own right because there are SO MANY places where you can see palm trees and water and cool houses and beaches…………BUT there was only ONE right guess!

These are wonderful photos from our GUEST TEASER who was (drum roll please), Jackie Avery from Memories of Eric and Flynn  

Thank you Miss Jackie – this was a GREAT Teaser – and where did she snap these photos????

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is for you Miss Jackie with our thanks:

For Miss Jackie, for her Teaser photos of August 29,2017

Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was………………………….

Speedy the Cheeky Rex Rabbit!   Good on you mate!

For Speedy on August 29, 2017


If anyone else guessed it right (which they hadn’t at the time we did this post) you win this:

For Teasser of August 29,2017

I will say that we had a TON of people guess different towns in Florida – Key West, Miami and other spots AND some other good guesses too like Puerto Rico, Alabama, and other “beachy” spots but it was Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Miss Jackie and her husband were visiting that area while on a Caribbean cruise…………great photos!!

Were you WRONG with your guess????   You still get a badge!!!

I was WRONG on the Teaser of August 29, 2017

Hey – you tried – that’s the impawtant thing!

I believe Suzie has a special cheer for you today as she has been doing for a while now………………ready?   Set?   GO!

Oliver and Calvin are the cat’s meow
You arrived here faster than milk from a cow!
Then we waited and waited while guesses came in
All kinds of guesses and they made my head spin!
FINALLY came the bun who’s smart and so cute
Speedy arrived in his birthday suit!
He guessed the right city and state like he should
So he’s the smartest student today in the neighborhood!
Thanks to all of you who did your best
I’ll see you next week since I’m your FAVORITE pest!

Thanks everybody for playing along with we Professors of Geography here on TEASER TUESDAY every week……………we sure have some fun don’t we?    We will see you next week for more challenges and photos to agonize over…………until then………………

Recharge your Thinking Cat so it will be ready for Teaser next week!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy too……….


Teaser Tuesday


Welcome To Class Students!

Please have a seat – class is about to begin!

Move it!

Today we have our weekly test………….we will see just how well you can investigate a couple of photos and figure out WHERE those photos were taken!   BUT first we want you to COMMENT on this post ASAP – why?   So you can win this!

The first commenter on this blog post will win the above badge – you know you want it so comment and hurry back to your desk…………make sure you look at the seat before sitting down though  because there might be a blob of ink, or a dead mouse, or a puddle of water on it – you know how your fellow students like to TEASE!

OK – everybody back?  We’ll tell you tomorrow who was FIRST to comment.

Wait….what?…..did I sleep through the first comment thing? DARN!

We’re about to post a couple of photos for you to study and want to remind you of the CLASS RULES first – ready?

  1. You must tell us in what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE and what STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) the photos were taken.   Can’t just guess one or the other – to be RIGHT you must guess BOTH.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to figure out where these photos were taken – that’s the EASY WAY OUT and we want this to be a challenge – you do too right?  I mean who doesn’t like a challenge?!?!    Just do your best…….take a look – see if there are clues – then GO FOR IT………’s way more fun that way!

Tomorrow well have our TELL ALL POST and we’ll announce the winners of these FABULOUS badges:




Before we bring Mr. Silver Briefcase and unlock the briefcase holding the TEASER PHOTOS of the week which he’s been guarding day and night since last week, let’s bring Suzie out for a cheer – wanna?  Yeah let’s !

I hope your brains are wide awake
You know the Teaser and what’s at stake
Cool badges we do give away
But you’ve gotta try hard if you want to play
Fire up those batteries in your brain
I hope it didn’t get soggy in the pouring rain!
If you’re right you’ll be in my cheer tomorrow
The rest of you will wallow in your pain and sorrow
So let’s get guessing, time’s running out
Only big babies would sit there and pout!
Study the photos looking for clues
Then you won’t weep tomorrow from the TEASER BLUES!

Alright Suzie!   That ought to get everyone to put on their thinking caps!!!

Now let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TWO Teaser photos!!!

Here’s this week’s photos Professor!

Alright students – get to work………………where were these two photos taken?    Don’t let them fool you – we know there are a bazillion spots on the globe these could have been taken but your challenge is to figure out the RIGHT SPOT!!!!


Don’t let this be YOU!!!!!!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Pre-Tease Monday


Hoooo-Haaaaa It’s Time To Prime for Teaser!

Here we are…….starting another epically epic week at Ding Dong School with our regular feature – PRE-TEASE MONDAY!     It’s also Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day but we did a separate post for that today.

Let’s talk TEASE shall we?    This week we have another fabulous Guest Teaser for you………….we aren’t sure if you will think it’s impossible or maybe it’s an easy peasy one.   That will be up to you to decide!

The BIGGEST DEAL for tomorrow will be that you won’t know when our post will pop into your inbox AND you must hurry up and comment on the post the minute you DO see it because you might be our FIRST COMMENTER!

Last week Miss Csilla was our FIRST COMMENTER and you don’t want her to win TWO IN A ROW do you???????  No – so be on your toes (or paws).

Now just one other announcement before we bring Suzie in for a little CHEER to get your blood stirred up……………today after class and before your recess, Miss Dingleberry is going to be serving us a FABULOUS lunch!    It’s “SOUTHERN FRIED” day here at school – we’ll have fried chicken and all the other fixins for your crunchy/munchy pleasure before you go outside and swing or teeter-totter or climb the monkey bars or chase each other and get all sweaty.   Sounds good right?   Right!

BUT FIRST………………..

Here we are with another tease
You’re all so cute I could give you a squeeze!
Miss Dingleberry has fixed us lunch
Southern fried chicken has a wonderful crunch!
Greasy food is my best friend
Even though it gives me “wind”
I wish you luck on tomorrow’s test
You’ve gotta be FAST to be the best….
So be here early with your brain in gear
Or I just might spank you on your………ARM
(yeah I know it doesn’t rhyme – just use your imagination!)

Thanks Suzie!    That was SWELL…………wasn’t it everyone?

WOW… it just me or does class seem bigger than usual today????

I hope Miss Dingleberry has made enough food……………..

Hey – wait a minute….this isn’t your USUAL class Professors!!

Yes we don’t know what happened Miss Dingleberry but I guess your fame as a fabulous cook must have spread far and wide………………….no worries – I’ll handle it!

Attention Crowd!   If you are only here for lunch, BEAT IT.  That’s right – lunch is for our registered Geography Class participants only!   The rest of you go up the street and eat at the GOLDEN ARCHES – yeah – them – they have a grease fest there every single day!  

OK Miss Dingleberry – all those freeloaders are gone………..bring on the food!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now this is what I call EATING!!!!!  Hey Teddy, hand me a pile of napkins will ya????!

We’ll see you tomorrow for the TEASER!

P.S.  Don’t forget this Thursday, August 31st is Shopping Around The World!   This month is “SNACKS” – share your favorite recipe, list of ingredients and prices and hopefully a photo of your masterpiece on your blog and link to PIGLOVE where Bacon lives!!     We’re hosting this month as a favor to Bacon and his Mom!