Teaser Tell All !


Yep – We’ll Tell It All Right Here!

We’re letting it all hang out today (well maybe not ALL…..) and giving you the scoop on yesterday’s fabulously tease-worthy Teaser photo!

You Professors really fooled us !!!

Once in a while we are able to pull it off with the help of a Guest Teaser’s photo that really has NO clues in it whatsoever…………….one of those “if you haven’t BEEN there, you won’t know it”  kind of photographs.    THIS was one of those but before we talk about THAT, let’s tell you who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday shall we?   Oh yes – let’s!

Friends Furever !!

Yes they were right there when we went live a whole minute ahead of a pile of other folks who stopped in to try and get this badge – but it officially belongs to Friends Furever:

For Teaser of 7/25/17


We checked off and on all day yesterday to see how the guesses were going – we had a lot of guesses for sure – ALLLLLLLLLLLLL kinds of guesses in fact everyone tried really hard to find some clues to help them out.   BUT in the end, NOBODY GOT IT RIGHT!    You all know that does not happen often!    I must say though that SOME of you had a feeling it was a hospital and as you’ll read later in the details of the photo, it once WAS one!

So, I would like to present a WHOLE LOT OF GREENIES to a WHOLE BUNCH of you who guessed very bravely but weren’t right after all……….This is for all of you!

For Teaser of 7/25/17

HERE was the photo from yesterday for one last peek before I tell you who our Guest was!

Our Guest Teaser yesterday was Miss Ingrid of Pipo and Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles!

Thank you for the whopper of a photo!   This is for you!

For Miss Ingrid and company for Teaser of 7/25/17

Where did Miss Ingrid take this photo?    Here’s what she told me when she sent the photo in:

“I recently took some nice pictures of a historical building in our city. Its of The Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center, in Battle Creek, Michigan. It originally was known as The Battle Creek Sanitarium (Kellogg Sanitarium), then it became the Percy Jones General Hospital, for WWll needs, and then it was turned in to the Battle Creek Federal Center…and eventually it became the H-D-I Federal Center as its known today. It serves a large number of our population with good jobs and is a prominent feature of our skyline.”

Now Suzie wants to wiggle her pom poms in honor of Friends Furever and Miss Ingrid……………….no doubt she’ll work in all the Greenies passed out today so I apologize for her in advance (hahaha).

The Teaser sure was tough
It made us all feel rough
Nobody had a clue
It was worse than a hole in your shoe!
Miss Sharon and the Friends Furever
First commenters light as a feather!
Miss Ingrid’s photo was amazing
Had you guessing with all guns a-blazing!
Still nobody was right on the money
No Right Guessers – now isn’t that funny?
There’s always next week you know….
Come back for the Teaser show!!

Thanks Suzie………….you get an “A” for no bad words inserted in your cheer today……………I’ll make sure the school counselor makes note of that for next report card!

Assistant Prof Teddy did you want to say anything to class before we send them all out to play in the playground for recess?????

“Have a ball ya’ll !”

With Hugs from “The Profs” !!


45 responses »

  1. Congratulations to Friends Furever!

    We’re all getting greenies this week. It was a great teaser, that’s an interesting building.

    Any cookies left? I think we all need cheering up after our failure.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Everyone gets GREEN together – that doesn’t happen often does it………oh indeed we have lots of cookies left over – stop by any time – we have a HUGE cookie supply available in class thanks to Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria crew!

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations to Friends Furever and the Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy for stumping us. Thanks Miss Ingrid for sharing your photo. I was so curious I couldn’t sleep. 😴
    Hopefully I can now. Susie, how was your date?


  3. Tee-hee! I thought for sure some of our fellow Michiganders would have figured it out! So I stumped em all, MOL!
    It was fun to see all the guesses and the ones that thought it was a hospital…cause it was at one time.


  4. Hey, we are happy with our hospital guess. We don’t care if we didn’t know which one or that it no longer served that purpose. And, of course, we are tickled that Friends Furever were 1st! We are off to study for next week with hopes offing better! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • We thought it was super interesting that several thought it was a hospital…….also several thought the top of the building looked oriental……..interesting structure for sure though!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Big concatulations to all our pals at Friends Furever. Well done indeed. We also congratulate Miss Ingrid and our pals at Meezers Mews and Freckles woofs fur a real stumper of a teaser and the professors of course. We cant wait till next weeks fun and we will have a ball till then


  6. Never in 1million years would we have thought it was in the US of A. The architecture looks European. MOL MOLMOL at Kismet’s comment. I think I 2nd that
    Hugs madi your bfff


  7. Mew mew mew see Teddy an agnel Unccle Sammy….LadyMum’ss guess was fur thee birdss…
    Shee not even inn rite countree!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=
    Pee S: Mee not even take a Greenie as mee not inn class……


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