Pre-Teaser Monday


Good Morning Class!

Please have a seat and prepare for class now.   Time to get serious because you know tomorrow will be the BIG TEST……… will get a photo to examine and you will do your best to figure out WHERE that photo was taken!    Sounds easy right?   Well trust me – it isn’t!

Well of course you’re not scared – nothing to be SCARED about – just be READY, that’s all!

The post will go live at a surprise time – not the usual time – then you will need to QUICKLY comment on the post because if you are FIRST to comment tomorrow morning – you get this:

Wouldn’t THAT be swell???   Of course it would be!!!!    After that you get plenty of time to examine our Teaser photo and THEN you can make a guess.    You will have to tell Professor Teddy or myself WHERE the photo was snapped…….what city/village/town AND what country (if not in the USA) or what state (if in the USA) is depicted in the photo.   Challenging?  Yes indeed……but NOT SCARY!      It is another GUEST TEASER though – you know those have been TOUGH lately……………but still – don’t be afraid of a little TEASING!

HONEST!  Would I lie to you?  Heck no – this is a NO PRESSURE blog….it’s fun to guess OK?   Don’t lose sleep over it tonight!

That’s right………you should get plenty of rest so you’ll be READY FOR CLASS!

Now I thought we’d ask Suzie if she’d like to give you some inspiration for tomorrow…….you know how good she is at that right?   Right!    Hopefully she had a good time on her date last week and will be in a GOOD mood for her cheer…………..Suzie?   Come on in!

My date was kinda cute
He wore his birthday suit
He did have on a hat
And he was a big guy but not fat
I thought that he was tough
Until he took out his powder puff (!)
So I’m back on the dating scene
And Cheering in between
Make sure you’re in class tomorrow
Or your report card will cause some sorrow!
I’ll be back for cheers in the morning
Consider this your WARNING!

OK Suzie……….sorry you bummed out on a date………….AGAIN…………sooner or later though Mr. Right will come your way – I’m sure of it – right class??

Yes Sir, Professor Angel Sammy…….Yes Sir – we’re sure!

Just to refresh your memory, other badges you will be eligible for tomorrow include the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” badge for whoever guesses the Teaser FIRST:

A “RIGHT GUESSER” badge for everyone ELSE who guesses correctly but who were NOT the first:

AND for everyone who guesses INCORRECTLY:


So, now that you know what’s at stake, Assistant Professor Teddy and I are hoping to see a lot of bright shiny faces in class tomorrow morning – So go on out for recess but remember, no kicking, biting, shoving, hitting, elbowing, kneeing, slapping, screaming, yelling, or burping is allowed on the playground!

But by all means HAVE FUN!

Until tomorrow……..

Your Dynamic Teaching Duo,

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

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  1. No thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow so I will try and get here on time. Keep trying Suzie. The right date is just waiting for you to find him.


    • I bet your Mom will find it when the time comes! I can’t wait to hear how you like the beach and taking a swim with your vest on!!!! WHEEEEE! I also hope that your Grandpa and Grandma are better soon.

      Love, Teddy


  2. Suzie, maybe we can form a service to…excuse the word…vet your dates before you go out with them. Glad to do it for you. XXOO


    • She’s got terrible judgement – she does need some help to meet the right guy. Teddy is just a baby so he’s WAY too young…….I’m sure sooner or later the right guy will come along and pass Suzie’s requirements!

      Hugs, Mom Pam


  3. We are studying extra hard but no promises. The heat has fried all our brains. We cannot believe burping is not allowed on the playground. Can we burp in class? MOL! We’d never be that disrespectful. Sending love to all. Stay cool. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

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  4. OMCs the entire cheer has us rolling today. Bravo Suzie
    Hugs Madi your bfff
    PS I had a very good weekend, ate well and the peeps are getting quite proficient with my subqs.


  5. Howdy! We’ll be here tomorrow with bells on, well maybe not bells, but we’ll be here. It’s hot here too. If it would be 10 degrees cooler we’d be happy.
    Suzie, mr. right will come along.


    • HA! You look ready – – – – don’t be scared…….neither Miss Dingleberry nor Sarge not even Grizelda or SuzieQ will be MEAN today…….well…….maybe Suzie!

      Hugs, Teddy


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