A Hot Day In Baconia


  Welcome Baconians!

We are gathered together this hot and muggy morning here in Baconia to celebrate as usual our favorite thing – BACON.    I have scoured my Kingdom to find a few NEW bacon treats and did manage to find two or three that I had not shared with my loyal subjects before today.    Here they are – may they WHET your appetite for some bacon at YOUR house!

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I’m not entirely sure our Royal Bacon Taste Tester has provided photos of things we have not had before either – you know after a while all the bacon goodies begin to look the same!    But one thing is for sure – they ALL HAVE BACON and they all look MIGHTY TASTY!

While I’m at it though let me refresh the funny bone tickles I’ve shared with you in the past – some of these have become Baconian Classics and are worth repeating – endless maybe……I don’t get tired of them I know that for sure……………

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Yep – nothing like a bit of a giggle to start off a Saturday full of bacon right?

Is there anyone in the world left who doesn’t have an official BACON BADGE from Angel Sammy?    You know he started this Saturday bacon-o-rama years ago and for all I know, he’s probably the KING OF BACON by now at the Rainbow Bridge.    Help yourself to the badge if you’d like to declare your loyalty!!

Now it’s time to begin our day – which I will do in my usual Kingly way – with a NAP!!!!!

Enjoy your Saturday Baconians!!!   

Your Grateful King, Teddy




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    • Your grandparents are GREAT for treats so who knows – maybe they will bring a box of bacon for you in which case you can decide if you wanna share it with your parents or not!! HAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Dear King of Baconia Teddy…Oh did you say it right hot and muggy. Nasty mess. Mom said it was so hot in Abingdon too. She had hoped for some cool but none could be found.
    Hugs madi your bfff

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  2. Or cook the bacon in the car on the hot dash…so when you get in there to go to work, there is a ready to nosh on treat! Or even on the hood, it would be super crispy!

    Stay cool!!!


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