Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Twice The Fun Thursday Is Here!

Today we will join Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop AND my brother Angel Sammy will showcase his weekly poem with something celebrating this week’s letter of the alphabet – “F” !

First my “thankfuls”………….if you’d like to share your thankfuls, hop on over to Brian’s and use the linky tool (click on his badge below to go to his blog) to tell us what you’re thankful for – add your blog link and we’ll see what you have to say.   We all have something to be thankful for….sometimes it doesn’t seem like we do, but if we think about it, there are things all around us to be thankful for.    I’m thankful that even though it’s hot as heck outside my Mom and Dad who do NOT like “hot”, are still taking me out for a walk when I demand ask them to.    They try to stay in the shade but I like a bit of sun myself and they will indulge me.   I’m so thankful for such understanding parents!

Now for Angel Sammy!!!

Here’s what Angel Sammy transmitted to me overnight from the Bridge for today’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!     First of all, today’s letter is “F” and he told us we could all write a poem about ANYTHING starting with the letter “F” or use one or more of his “prompt” words – which were:

(1) Feast (2) Frog (3) Frosty (4) Family

Here’s what he sent to me through his Cloudtop Computer!

Hello My Friends!    Are you ready for some poetry?

Today we do “F” and I’m using one of my prompts – the word “FROG”……….why?   Well some of you who have been following this blog for a while know that for many years I had a good friend who lived under the steps of my front porch at home.   His name was Freddy and he was a frog.    I saw him every Spring for several years – although truth be told, whether it was Freddy or one of his relatives I’ll never know for sure.   ANYWAY, he was my inspiration – we used to have such fun!


“Freddy Frog”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell 7/20/17

An unlikely friend some would say

But friends we were back in the day

Every Spring he’d come out to greet me

We didn’t arrange it – he’d just plain meet me!

The front porch was where we usually met

My water bowl was there and Freddy would be WET.

I knew he’d bathe in my water bowl you see

The telltale puddle was the big clue for me……

Then off the porch we both would hop

Down the sidewalk we’d go – at the driveway we’d stop.

Our “game” started when Freddy sat still…..

I’d give him a pat using my most tender of skills!

He’d hop when I’d pat him – just once then he’d stop

Until I patted him again then he’d take one more hop!

We’d go on with that for about 20 feet…..

Mom would be laughing as we moved down the street…..

Then he’d hop into the grass and go into the clover…..

That was the big clue that our game was over. 

We sometimes would skip the game and just sit with each other

Then a car would go by and he’d run quick for cover.

One year he didn’t come and I worried and worried

Did an animal go after him and away he scurried?

By then I was older and not going out as much

Perhaps I’ll look him up at the Bridge and get back in touch!!  

Mom took this photo of Freddy


I hope some of you also wrote a poem this week and if you did, please leave your blog link in my comments here so we can follow and read your poem OR you can even write your poem in my comments if you like.   It’s fun to write a poem – it doesn’t even have to rhyme….it can be haiku or ANY form of poetry too.   Silly or serious, doesn’t matter.   Just spread your wings and try to write a poem because you just might LIKE IT!     Here are your prompt words for NEXT week’s Poetic Thursday.    Remember, you can write about any “G” word or use one or more of these prompts!!

(1) Garden (2) Giggle (3) Groceries (4) Grandma

Until then my friends – take care of yourselves and enjoy every day!

Sammy the Angel Poet in his French Beret!


See you all tomorrow for Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop and whatever else I can think of to say in my blog!  

LOVE, Teddy

(Having a good think in the sink……….)

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    • Maybe that’s where he is????? With Kermit???? I’ve never seen a froggy here yet – lizards yes but no frogs! I think I might like them although not the kind like YOU found at Lake Sammy – they were tiny and make you sick!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Oh so you have a froggy? I hope he stays out of your pool!!!! I’m sure Sammy and Freddy have found each other at the Bridge…..there’s lots of ponds and waters and of course BRIDGES with water under them (!!!!)………..I do love my sinks – they fit my big butt just right! (tee hee)

      Hugs, Teddy


  1. Teddy, you sure have done great at training your parents! We’re happy you’re enjoying some walks, though we hope it cools down for you soon.

    Angel Sammy, we had so much fun reading your poem! Freddy Frog sounds like he was a special little guy, and quite fun to play with. I bet you two will become fasts friends again at the Rainbow Bridge. (P.S. We have an indoor frog in an aquarium at our house, and the kitties sure do love it. Frogs must make great friends.)



    • I hope I get to meet a frog here like Angel Sammy did but so far no frogs in sight. My Mom says Angel Sammy used to really look forward to seeing Freddy on our front porch every morning though – nice he had a little friend. I think it’s cool that you have your very own inside frog!!!

      Love, Teddy


  2. Okay…love having a “think in the sink.” You are so adorable, Teddy. Sammy, we do remember Freddy the Frog and thought you might write about him. That is an exceptionally great poem today. We hope you can find him at the Bridge. We bet he’d like to hop around with you. We love writing a poem each week. Thanks for thinking of this. The link to ours is:
    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Your poem was spectacular this week gang – and we’re happy you have fun with the Thursday Poetry challenges as it’s something Sammy always loved – it’s nice he has wifi at the Bridge so we can continue! I’m definitely good at sink thinking – and the fact those sinks are always nice and cool is another PLUS this time of year when it’s 87 bazillion degrees outside! Thanks for being our friends and pawticipating in all our silliness here on the blog.

      WE LOVE YOU!
      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Hello hello sweet Pam and Teddy! That is a super brilliant poem from Angel Sammy ! I smiled the whole way through. Sorry to hear it’s so dang hot where you live. I really can’t do heat either, so I can relate to mom and dad’s dilemma! I’m sure people get a real kick out of watching you walk with mom and dad. Do you have your very own leash? Is it Aqua? 😀

    I love your think spot and how your beautiful and long tale just lays on the counter 😀 youzza so so so so so so cute! (I made that part as long as your tail…hehe) xo xo xo Boomdee


    • Miss Boomdeeeeeeee!!!!!! So nice to see you – and while you’re here, may we say that we are so happy you are able to stay at the shop and continue doing your FABULOUSLY creative work there. Things work out sometimes when we least expect them to…’s kismet or something like that (Mom says). I wish I had an aqua leash – mine is Angel Sammy’s OLD harness and leash and they are bluish with some reddish on them. I also have a little “vest” style harness which I sometimes wear but it’s been too hot to wear that one. Mom is already anxious for Fall to get here – it’s ridiculously hot. I’m glad you liked Angel Sammy’s poem and I hope he will keep being able to transmit them to me every week – the wifi connection from the Bridge is GOOD! WE LOVE YOU!

      Hugs, Teddy

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      • Gads, I’m a wee bit behind as always. Thanks so much for cheering me on at work. The whole store got moved around and we are restocking a ton of fun stuff since the close out sale cleaned us out.
        I’m wishing big time for your hot days to turn cool. It’s not pleasant for anyone, especially furry kitties. Here in Canada, it’s been soooo hot in BC and Saskatchewan. BC has been fighting huge fires and in Saskatchewan, the farm land is parched.
        We’ve also had more hot days in Alberta than usual, but at least we’ve had rain with cooler days sprinkled in. I hope my senior home has good air-conditioning in 30 years, LOL I’m only gonna live there if they allow kitties. xoxo Boomdee!


        • Hi Miss Boomdee – we have been so sorry about all our friends in Canada with the terrible fires…..I’m glad you are safe……we’re also VERY happy that the shop is going to stay because it’s such a wonderful outlet for someone who is so incredibly crafty and talented as you. Mom says this Christmas when I get to see the tree in the house for the first time I will VERY MUCH love an ornament that you sent us – an aqua birdie. YAY!!!!!!!

          Love, Teddy

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  4. Aw, we do remember Freddy the Frog. I hope you find him at the bridge, Angel Sammy! And Teddy, you are SO fortunate that your pawrents take you outside “on demand”!
    Love, Sundae


  5. Kep plenty cool Teddy, we are thankful for air conditioning! Freddy was fun Sammy, we enjoyed the poem. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


    • Thanks Summer……Freddy appeared one day on the front porch with a tiny other frog which my Mom called “Freddy Junior”……we only saw him the once. Must have been visiting from out of town!

      Hugs, Teddy

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  6. Yikes, Angel S. You touched a frog??? I’m pretty sure I’d be too scared to do that. And I’m pretty sure Mom would be just as scared as me!

    Love and licks,


    • Angel Sammy was really funny about when he touched Freddy (Mom told me)…..just the tiniest, most gentle little touch – enough that Freddy would hop. Mom sure wouldn’t have touched him but Sammy was FEARLESS (sort of!).

      Love, Teddy


  7. I hope Angel Sammy has met up with Freddy at the Bridge. Eric and Flynn kept well clear of frogs and toads. When they were young they found a toad which they were probably hoping to dine on. They licked it first and both frothed and foamed at the mouth that I thought they had been poisoned. They gave them a wide berth after that.


    • We’ve often thought about that here – for all we know Freddy would have given Sammy some BAD experiences if he’d tried to have a lick but he never did……he just wanted to play. LOL He hung around here for a very long time though and Mom is sure Freddy enjoyed Sammy as much as Sammy enjoyed him!

      Love, Teddy


    • My Mom is just thankful that we have woods around our house AND that I find them fascinating – so at least we are in the shade for our walk-abouts! There are such good sniffing opportunities around the woods area too….other critters obviously find them as fascinating as I do! Try to stay cool – not easy though is it?!?! Hugs to Buddy…take your time to enjoy those walks my friend.

      Hugs, Teddy


  8. dood……if we waz any later we wood bee on next weekz poem….stuffz knot two good at sneakin round de past few….any way, yur poemz awesum N we hope ya haz meeted up with freddy bye now; him soundz like an awesum pal sew pleez take noe oh fence at thiz

    HAIKU ~~~ F

    we fried sum frog legz
    deer cod it tastez like chckn
    never ate again 🙂

    hope yur week oh end izza grate one ted o nator ~ ♥♥


    • hi Tabbies!! Thanks for stopping by and doing one of your fabbbbbo haikus celebrating “F”! I’m sure Angel Sammy is hangin’ out with Freddy up at the Bridge……I’m guessing the area of the Bridge where the Angel Frogs hang out is UNDER the bridge – don’t you think? I sure enjoyed being in the latest episode of the Cod Father – I hope I will not displease the BIG GUY – I hear bad things happen to those who displease!!!!!!

      Love and Hugs
      Your Pal Ted o Nator


  9. Teddy in the sink! That made me think…that is a flash in a blink, that tap will give you a drink!

    On a frog,
    I will not feast…
    They can sit on a log,
    With their family…
    At least…
    Until its time for Frosty,
    To arise through the fog,
    And sit near that log…where once sat that frog!

    So there is our silly dittylike poem…MOL!!!


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