Pre-Tease Monday


Ringy-Dingy (school bell)

Good Morning Class!    I hope all of you had a fun weekend because NOW we need you to be totally focused on geography class this morning to prepare for tomorrow’s BIG TEST!    Tomorrow you will have to examine and re-examine a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken.   Not always an easy task is it?!

We will have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow and as always, it will be popping up at an undisclosed time to keep you on your toes (or paws as the case may be).    You will win a badge if you are the FIRST to comment on the post – in fact anyone who comments in the first 60 seconds tomorrow will get a “FIRST COMMENTER BADGE” !     This is one of the new ones too – last week we awarded the very FIRST of the new designed badges to Madi – who will it be this week?

Today our fabulous Teaser Cheerleader is here to get you FIRED UP for class tomorrow…………….let’s hear it for the fabulous SuzieQ !!!

Here I am, cute as can be
Like Sammy Davis, Jr, “I Gotta Be Me!”
Leaping around in my cheery dress
I’m better than Sarge
He was a real HOT MESS
You’d better study up and
I’m not kiddin’
Or out on your bum, you’ll be skiddin’ !
I’ve given up on dating
Guys can’t be trusted
Try to get cute with me
And your teeth will get busted!

Well Suzie, I’d say YOU ARE BACK in all your glory now.    We’re – well – happy about that (I think).

Tomorrow we hope to award the other badges our fabulous Ding Dong School Art Department (aka Mom) did for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS since we only awarded GREENIES last week because nobody guessed the Teaser.     Here they are (we know you want one right??!):


Of course if you are WRONG when you guess you’ll get the new GREENIE:

Now class I want all of you to study hard and sleep well tonight and I’ll see you in school tomorrow for the BIG TEST – will you know where the photo was taken or will you be GREENIE with envy?

Very Funny Professor Sammy……..HAR DE HAR

Until Tomorrow……

Angel Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted


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  1. We just might be there…maybe early enough?? Hmmm who knows, MOL!
    Study hard??? Not too sure if we can fulfill that requirement…we furs didn’t learn to read yet:) so we rely of memory and um…petcretary’s help:)


    • I’m hearing from some Cat Scouts that I should tell Suzie to hook up with a Scout……I’m a bit too young for dating but who knows – maybe that’s a good idea – I’m SURE a Scout would treat her right!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Probably greenie with envy for us. We still think you should ask Sammy or Teddy to introduce you to a nice Cat Scout, SuzieQ. Sending lots of hugs and love to all. Hope you see some bunnies today, Teddy. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • I keep looking for bunnies – Mom told me if we’d gone out early or late yesterday afternoon we MIGHT have seen one but in this heat they won’t be out in the sun/heat. She’s probably right – I think those bunnies are pretty smart – so far they’ve escaped being murdulated by the schnauzer that lives next door anyway!

      Love, Teddy


  3. Suzie Q you did it again..we are rolling on the floor with the first few lines
    “Here I am, cute as can be
    Like Sammy Davis, Jr, “I Gotta Be Me!”
    Leaping around in my cheery dress
    I’m better than Sarge
    He was a real HOT MESS”
    And might I add you are 100 times prettier than Sarge too.

    Hugs madi your bff


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