Teaser Tell All


Let’s Have Teaser Talk!

Time to call class to order to tell the story of the Tease!

Hope everyone had a good night?   The night after the Teaser class usually is one where students are all excited for the next day when they will find out if THEY or someone else guessed the Teaser correctly……..I hope you are that way – we do love Tuesday in class and the next best day is Wednesday when we learn who gets what!


OK – let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTER first shall we?   Our post went “live” yesterday at 7:41AM Eastern Standard Time – and ONE minute later, we got the first comment……it was our good friend Miss Csilla!    YAY!!!   Csilla has a blog which she posts some stunning nature photography on from time to time…….I think her last post was magnolia blossoms – beautiful.    Anyway, she was first and her blog is HERE.


For Teaser of June 27, 2017

There were others RIGHT behind her – within the next few minutes we had a bunch of comments……………..it’s all about FIRST though right?

Now would you like to know details about the photos or details about WHO WAS FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    Oh – let’s tell you about the Guest Teaser and show you the photo again THEN tell you who got it……….shall we????   I like to prolong the agony………hahaha

Our Guest Teaser was our super good friend Miss Jackie from Flynn and Eric’s blog HERE and the photo was one she snapped while on a recent cruise trip around the Islands across the pond – and a stop in the beautiful country of Ireland where they visited Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains.   The photo is of the 10th century St. Kevin’s Cathedral and the surrounding gorgeous countryside.    My Mom and Dad visited this very spot some years ago on a tour of Ireland and said it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places they have ever been.    Ancient graveyard monuments…..old structures from the 10th century……an amazing place with beauty as far as the eye can see.   In fact, Miss Csilla found a video done from a drone of the Wicklow Mountains and you can see for yourself what a beautiful spot on the planet it is:

Thank you Miss Csilla !!!!

This is for you Miss Jackie with our thanks for showing everyone yet another beautiful spot on planet Earth!

For Miss Jackie for Teaser of June 27, 2017

WHO WAS FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?????????????????????????

That was our good friend and fast becoming Teaser expert, Miss Carol from HERE !    Good for you – fast with the fingers on a Tuesday morning at an early hour for you Miss Carol!   BRAVO!

For being FIRST on Teaser of June 27,2017

BUT there were others of you who were SMARTY PANTS and got it right too!   All of you get this:

For Teaser of June 27,2017

AND you kiddos who were NOT right – but you tried anyway – all of you get the FAMOUS Greenie!

For Teaser of June 27,2017

Now, if you would like to have a little CHEER from Suzie – we won’t be disappointing you because she’s here for a cheer!!

Let’s do it
Movin’ to it
Get your groove on
Before we move on
Miss Csilla was early bird
First to comment with a word
Miss Carol was first RIGHT
The winner without a fight!
A big thanks to Miss Jackie
For a Teaser that drove us wacky!
Concatulations to you all
Gotta go and take a call….
Another blind date for me tonight
Hope it doesn’t end in a fight!!!!

Well class – that’s about it for this week.   Next week who knows where we will go and what we will see but we will be here to challenge your knowledge of the world!   It’s what we do around here on Tuesdays…………..I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

See you next week Students! 

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Ted


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  1. Congrats to Miss Csilla on being first commenter and finding that beautiful drone video. Congrats to Miss Carol on being first right guesser.
    It really is a beautiful and peaceful place, and one of the loveliest places we have visited.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks to you Miss Jackie for sharing your photos from your trip………..it was nice seeing such a pretty spot – where PEACE and CALM is the “order of the day”!!

      Love, Teddy and Mom


  2. Yippee…we got it right. That video from the drone was absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing that. Good luck tonight, Suzie. Hope this date isn’t another dud. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a wonderful tour by drone of a magnificent countryside. Thanks Miss Csilla!
    Thanks my friends fur another super duper Teaser and all the fun that goes with. We got another right one under our fur and will try and get here earlier next time. Good luck on that date Suzie. See you next week!


  4. WooHoo SusieQ I love your fun cheer in honor of the humans!!
    Congrats to the 1st guesser and commenter. Miss Jackie has lots of great photos
    Hugs madi your bfff

    Liked by 1 person

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