Tuesday Teaser





(that’s the school bell silly!)

It’s Teaser Time everyone and I hope you are rested and ready to go.    Please remember to take a second when you get here to COMMENT on this post because you might be the FIRST to do that and if you are FIRST you get this!

Now that you’ve commented (good luck!) you better have a seat and get serious about keeping an eye at the front of the classroom for when Mr. Silver Suitcase/Security/Park Ranger dood arrives with today’s TEASER photos.    Sit up straight – no yawning – keep those eyes on ME or Assistant Professor Teddy!

If you say so Professor Sammy

I think to help you along we should ask our Teaser Cheerleader Extraordinaire, SuzieQ to step right up and give us a cheer, don’t you?

Hello class I’m here!
In my outfit of good cheer!
Most of you look half asleep
Better wake up or soon you will weep!
Sarge will come in and give you a shake….
He can sometimes be mean as a snake!
So sit up and pay attention
Or you might just face suspension!
Give today’s photo you very best shot
Or graduate you may not!
Now that I’ve got you awake
I think I’ll take a shopping break!

Gosh thanks Suzie…………….shopping for new cheerleading uniforms with the rests of the cheerleading crew???

Now for the SERIOUS part of our morning’s class…………time to bring in the photos so you can start figuring out WHERE WERE THEY TAKEN?    That’s right – I will need you to tell me what town/city/village AND what state (if USA) or country (if not USA) you believe these TWO Teaser photos to have been snapped!    Tomorrow we will hold class to say WHO was the FIRST to guess correctly…………….there are badges to win for guessing correctly you know but everyone always wants to be FIRST…….

I’ve got the photos here Professor Sam!

Thanks – please put them on the bulletin board…………………!

OK GANG………………good luck!    Also, we know how EASY PEASY it is to use Google Search to find out WHERE this is but we also know you are all VERY CLEVER and can figure this out just using your brains and eyeballs so try that before you rely on Mr. Google – besides, it’s more fun that way!!!!!     Here’s what’s up for grabs in the badge department:




Now, if there are no further questions………….

I’ve got a question – do we have any snacks today?????

Ahhh…………I see your mind is NOT on guessing the Teaser today but on your tummy which obviously must be the rumbling sound I could hear from the back of the classroom!!!!    Well, I was just about to tell you that our beloved (?!) Miss Dingleberry has brought a special surprise for you to have on your way out to Recess today………AN ICE CREAM SUNDAE BUFFET……that’s right – we don’t spoil you EVERY Tuesday but today we thought in honor of summer, we would.    Please be orderly on your way through the buffet – no shoving, tripping, pinching, butting in line and those who disobey will be escorted to “SARGE’S SPECIAL ROOM”…….trust me….you don’t wanna know!

Only one sundae per kid!

See you tomorrow for the Tell All class……!

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

(at your service!)

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  1. I’m here and *I* was at this desk first! Tell him to go to another desk right now! And stop pushing my books off MY desk! Tell him to go away! I’m going to HISS!

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  2. Hey! Those are Celtic Towers in Glendalough, Ireland. The monastic settlement I think. Now I have to go and do not kitty (or doggy) things with hubby…that’s why I am a tad earlier than usual, MOL! I will be back later to recheck:)

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    • Good Morning!!!! You may be right on the Teaser but we’ll find THAT out tomorrow – in the meantime, enjoy doing kitty things with your “Mister” and have a good day!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Glendalough, St Kelvin’s monastry Irelannd. I can’t believe I know one! Too bad I’m so late! But then it’s not even 6 am here on the SUNNY (finally) west coadt!
    I love coming here-ice cream for breakfast!
    Love Barb

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    • Hi Miss Barb! Well remember, even if you are late and aren’t first, if you’re RIGHT you get a RIGHT GUESSER BADGE! So tune in tomorrow and see……..and sorry we got you up so early but you can have TWO SUNDAES for the trouble!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Good Morning! I am actually HERE!!! lol and with NO CLUE! At first I was going to say Ireland (but have no clue WHERE in Ireland), until I saw the dry grass…………is it somewhere near where Eric and Flynn’s Mama live? I have no clue! Have a great day! Love you!


  5. Well it looks as if several have already guessed this, but that’s what happens when one is late to the party. But maybe that means we are right! Oh boy…ice bream sundae bar. Right or wrong, can’t beat that. Thanks Teddy and Sammy.


  6. I see a tower that looks like it holds a single prisoner who was given a life sentence for having a bad hair day. If a charming prince came along…. like, say, Bobby or Teddy or Mr. Park Ranger Guy, or…… well, maybe not Sarge….. but anyway, if such a strapping lad came along, she would let down her hair so the prince could climb up into her cell and serve her an ice cream sundae with a file hidden inside. BTW, am I the only one who thinks it looks like that mountain has mange?

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    • Oh you just might have this one right – maybe – I think the prisoner might be a lady rapper…..you’ve probably heard of her……RAP-unzel? Anyway, I just wonder if even a magical prince would be able to climb up her hair in time to keep the sundae from dripping all over his Prince suit as it melts? AND on that mountain – haven’t you ever heard of MOUNTAIN MANGE? It’s a long line of mountains……also in a song I know – “Home Home On The Mange”……you must lead a sheltered life!!!

      Giggles, Teddy

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  7. Hello Professor Sammy and Assistant Teddy! *Timmy takes his seat with Only One Sundae!* Thank Mew Miss Dingleberry. SuzieQ I love that cheery bright outfit and I promise I am wide awake and ready to dive into this lesson, once I dive into my sundae!

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  8. I am going to say this is the the land of Dads Dad Ireland! Town of Glendalough in County Wicklow.
    What a beautiful photo that I am sure Dad and all of us would love to visit!
    Thanks Friends fur the great education


  9. Mee made it on time an mee has an answer…or rather LadyMum’ss answer….
    Shee sayss Andalusia, Spain! (which meenss shee iss clueless so shine uppy a Greenie Angel Unccle an Teddy, mew mew mew…)
    Siddhartha Henry =-^,.^=


    • It may be Andalusia, Spain – but we’re going to have to keep our paws crossed until tomorrow to find out Siddhartha!! Just in case though I’ll shine up one of EACH badge…..!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Kismet you may have something there……! There is a lot of GREEN in the photo so maybe that’s a HINT that everyone is getting a greenie this week?????????? Suzie told the truth THIS week but who knows what the future may bring?!?!?!

      Hugs, Teddy


  10. Hidey Ho Teddy and Angel Sammy
    I’m back. No clue where this is but mom assured me it was not taken where she was last week
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Your Mom and Dad almost fried up and sizzled last week where they were – I’m thinking there’s no sizzle where these photos were taken – in fact, come back today and see the video – nothing but coooool green as far as the eye can see! I hope your Mom and Dad had a good time on their vacation and that you have the house cleaned up from that fabulous PAR-TAY you had! Tee Hee

      Hugs, Teddy


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