A Baconian Morning


Good Morning From Baconia!

Things are quiet in the Land of Bacon – which is the purrrrfect way to start a Caturday if there ever was one right?    The Royal Cook has rustled up some goodies for all of us to enjoy to start our day off with the usual BANG!     Help yourself to the buffet then have a seat and nosh away on the delightful delights here in the palace of the King of Bacon-land!     There are mimosas and hot chocolate to top it all off…….

Now that you’ve piled up your plate – come and join me and Angel Sammy at the table !!!!

If you feel just a tad overloaded with bacon or breakfast (or both) you are welcome to help yourself to one of the many guest rooms in the Castle of Baconia!  


Trust me – these are comfy!

Have we started your day off with a SMILE???     Hope so.     Remember, we do this every Caturday in the Land of Baconia……………..at least as long as I’m KING we do!!!!!

Ahhh…it’s good to be King (Angel Sammy said so!)

Angel Sammy may be gone but he’s the Permanent President of CLUB BACON!  Help yourself to the badge to show you’re a fan!

Oh and IN CASE you haven’t heard…..today is Cat World Domination Day!   (at my house every day is……) This is a fabulous celebration started by Angel Sammy’s friend Sparkle and carried on in the tradition by Summer…….if you click her  badge below you can join in the fun at Summer’s blog!!

Cats RULE!!

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  1. We MUST come over and have some of that bacon in the log cabin!!!! In fact excuse us, but we have become very hungry and are heading toward our own kitchen till we hear from you as to where yours is! Happy Cat World Domination Day. We already went to the basement and got crowns for the occasion, aka Sammy and Teddy. Jes for today. Love, P and P


    • Good for you girls with your crowns in honor of Cat Domination Day! I hope you were able to get your Mom to make you some YUMMY bacon but if not, remember that you can always find some at MY house. Angel Sammy visits me on Saturday every week and we cook up a bacon-o-rama for all our friends right here on my blog.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy


  2. Angel Sammy! Seeing that typical Southern breakfast up top with the scrambled eggs, bacon!! and biscuits and gravy just sent me on a happy journey straight to mommy in bed to wake her up to make breakfast! My favorite brovver is here again and that is what he will get!

    And seeing the table laden with bacons…you presiding, and the comfy beddie waiting for when we get full to the brim…ah….that’s a good life. XXX


    • Well that badge was one Angel Sammy made a long time ago when he started having Bacon Saturdays……I just thought some folks might not have one yet so reposted! I love that he’s on the badge…!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Back from a few days of vacation in the land of the Golden Arch! I am not going to get caught up! I so enjoyed your bacon buffet this morning. Happy World Cat Domination Day… I think Teddy already had his paw on the pulse of the Kimmell house!


    • Oh I’m glad you had some time off to visit YOUR ARCH! Any bacon cheeseburgers eaten on this little trip of yours? You can always help yourself to bacon HERE any old time though! As for ME dominating this household – heck yes I do – Sammy told me to make sure and make THAT clear from the start – and I’m doing a good job of it so far (tee hee)!!!!

      Love, Teddy


  4. Guess what, Teddy? Lily Olivia got two pieces of bacon this morning. She was being a stinker and refusing to get off the counter, so Mom gave her the bacon. Yep, that’s right, she misbehaves and gets rewarded. That’s what happens when you are 18 years old. Mom says those pancakes with bacon look yummy. We believe we will pull chairs out and have a seat with Sammy and Teddy. Then maybe we will take advantage of one of those comfy looking bedrooms. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • YAY! Lily Olivia SCORED this yesterday! She knows if she’s stubborn enough she will win and she did. I say “whatever works” – that was Sammy’s philosophy and he told me to keep it in mind! We had quite a few nappers after that bacon bonanza yesterday. A fully tummy = good snoozers!

      Love, Teddy


  5. We are sneaking in to wish you a very Happy Caturday filled with lots of bacon!
    Jakey and Arty
    (sneaking back out to avoid any Cat Domination 😉


    • Hi Jakey and Arty – thank you for coming by and I hope you were able to get some of our abundant bacon while you were here! As for Cat Domination – you need not worry about finding much of that around here – I’m just about the easiest going guy EVER and some of my bestest buds are woofies!!!!!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  6. Of course cats rule! Who would ever have thought otherwise.
    Angel Sammy, mes wants to thanks yous for your help in Finding Marvelous for my Mommy. Mes was getting a little discourages and your Bacon on Saturday has kept me fueled up and your experience in finding Teddy for your Mommy and Daddy was so furry helpful. Wes make a great team!
    Mes is sending Kisses to Teddy and Your Mommy (yous mes can kiss in person!)
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • Sweet Angel Nellie – nothing has made my heart happier than you finding Marvelous Marv for your Mommy. Her heart was aching and it’s the kind of ache only a special kitty can fix – you and I already know that about our Moms right? Marvelous has such a great story and you were MAGIC to find him in the world and get him hooked up with your Mom who has such a BIG HEART. We hope that Marv’s trip to Canada is EASY on him – he’s been through so much……and I think when he sees his new home and meets his new Mommy, he will know that his Angel Big Sister Nellie did the BEST THING in his short life for him – gave him a REAL forever.

      I love you Angel Nellie – you’re one of a kind……………
      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  7. Sounds like a good snack after our play session…and now petcretary is getting ready to go to bed, bacon will keep me occupied, MOL! Dog-guy might want a load of it too…


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