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Happy Wednesday Class!  

Wasn’t that a great Teaser yesterday???   We thought so – it seems it was a real puzzler for a lot of you but not for our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    I’ll give you the scoop on that in a minute but first, let’s talk FIRST COMMENTER……………who was ready with a comment the minute we went live yesterday (well, not THE minute but in the first few minutes anyway) – it was:

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !!

This is for you Miss Csilla

I also must tell you that our Cafeteria Snoopervisor Miss Dingleberry said you little piggies ate ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the pizza up yesterday and she is sure there was rampant indigestion all around the world because you didn’t have just one slice – you went nuts and all of those pizzas were GONE!

Sarge still hasn’t forgiven us for showing that old photo of him with hair being his Grumpy Old Self…………right Sarge??

Yeah right…..but it did get me a date – someone who saw the photo called me and I’m meeting her for a meowgarita tonight!

So happy we could help you find a date Sarge………maybe THAT will make you less grumpy??????

Let’s tell you who our wonderful Guest Teaser was AND where the photo was taken shall we?????????  Oh lets!    A big thank you to our Guest:

MISS JACKIE from Memories of Flynn and Eric – the Mom of Angel Flynn and Angel Eric!    

Here’s the photo she shared with us……………..

Gorgeous photo which she took while on a recent cruise through the British Isles…………and this is Saint Peter Port in Guernsey in the Channel Islands!!!    The cruise ship can’t dock at port but you can take a small boat from the ship into port…….isn’t it a beautiful view?    The castle on the left of the photo is “Castle Cornet”…………………

This is for you Miss Jackie for being our Guest Teaser

For Jackie’s photo for our Teaser of 6/13/17

Now I suppose you’d like to know WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday too………..Well I think the name of our winner will ring a bell – he’s fast catching up to his Angel brother Easy on the HIT PARADE OF WINNERS here –

Our friend Da Phenny was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!!

Woo Hoo Da Phenny!    Way to go my friend………………and I believe we had a couple of others who guessed Guernsey, UK too…………………you get this:

But by far the most popular badge yesterday (ahem) was the famous GREENIE which goes to all those who guessed incorrectly!

Don’t Forget To Copy Your Badge and Display it with PRIDE!!!!!!

Suzie asked if she could do a cheer for you today – sometimes she does on the Tell All Day and sometimes she’s busy with a hot date or a therapy class or a fitting for a new uniform but today she wants to cheer…..Suzie?

Guernsey is a type of cow
But also a place you tell me now?
Alright thanks I learned something new
Thanks Miss Jackie – this cheer’s for you!
I also cheer for Csilla and Phenny
They both get badges worth more than a penny!
Sell them on eBay and make a buck
Then come back next week again and try your luck!
Now excuse me please cuz I’ve gotta go
My boyfriends’ taking me to the early show
See you next week and be on time
To be late is a TEASER CRIME!

Thanks Suzie…..you outdid yourself today………………..!!!

Assistant Professor Teddy and I hope that you enjoy Tuesday Teasers……….we sure do.    If you’d like to proclaim your fondness for my Teaser challenges every week, you can feel free to snatch this badge for your blog sidebar or WHATEVER……………….and we will look for you next week!!!

Class Dismissed!  

Hugs, Angel Prof Sammy and Teddy too


Happy Flag Day…..long may she wave

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  1. That was fun! Congratulations to Miss Csilla and Phenny!

    Tell Miss Dingleberry that she needn’t worry – I didn’t have indigestion, but I did enjoy a nice nap!


  2. We’d love to see our petcretary get to take her own pictures there! Looks so picturesque! And our research of that little lighthouse got us into the not first but right category! Hooray!


  3. Congratulations Da Phenny and Miss Csilla! I am honoured to be included in Suzie’s cheer, particularly as it was a polite one for her!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations to Miss Csilla of Kolytyi and da Phenny and special thanks to Miss Jackie for the photo. We had the day off thanks to a jiggy computer problem. Susie, your cheer was very personal and special. We’re also thrilled to see the fan badge. We’re going post it proudly if we can figure out permanent photo posts. You outdid yourself today Angel Sammy and Teddy and Mum too. 😉 Hope to be here next Tuesday with bells on.


    • There were a bunch of Alcatraz guessers so you were NOT alone on that island! LOL It really is a pretty place in the photo though isn’t it? Jackie took it from the balcony on their cruise ship……..lucky!

      Hugs, Pam


  5. We usually celebrate Flag Day and forgot. Thanks for the reminder. This is a place our human’s have never been. Looks pretty. So, Miss SuzieQ has a boyfriend. Do we know who it is? Have a meowvolous day. Love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  6. Congrats to miss Csylla and Phenny. That was a beautiful photo, looks like a nice place to vacation. Suzie has a boyfriend? I bet she has a bunch of them 🙂 And hubba hubba, have fun on that date Sarge. XO


  7. Argh!!! I can’t believe I forgot to check in yesterday! And I’d been doing so well remembering to show up to class….. let me see if I have any notes from my mother stashed around here somewhere. Darn, I guess I’ll have to take a spanking from Suzie…

    And the photo even had a prison in it. Of course that’s a prison on that island. What else could it be? Every Teaser photo has one…


  8. Wow, what a beautiful photo! It looks like a super cool place. We’d like to visit that castle! Concatulations to Csilla, the first right guesser! We are impressed!


    • Isn’t it a pretty photo? Jackie takes beautiful photos and that one she snapped from her cabin balcony on the cruise ship she and her husband just spent some time on going around the Channel Islands. Beautiful scenery isn’t it?!

      Hugs, Pam


  9. What’s this Sarge and Susie have dates? Not with each other but man if they can get dates…anyone can! I was way out in the left ocean. I would never have guessed Guernsey. Could I have said Cow Kitty? haha



    • Yep – Sarge has a date with a lady wrestler and Suzie’s dating a football player….interesting huh? If Cow Kitty is a Guernsey we MIGHT have given you credit for that! HAHAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  10. Wow ! Great job to the winners. we had some Guernsey cows on the dairy farm where I lived as a kid. Guess I just didn’t recognize them !


  11. Really great Teaser Ms Jackie! We were so far off you could drive the Moon between where we thought and it was. We were not alone or furst with our guess so Hee Hee well done. We get another Greenie Meanie. Thanks Professor Sammy, Teddy, Sarge, Suzie, and Miss Dingleberry too! Great pizzas so hurry back soon
    Purrs all


  12. Oh MeOW Teddy, we missed pizza? Well, guess dat’s what we get fur snoozin’. MOL Hopefully, mommy will have all her business tended too soon and we can get back to visitin’ our furiends. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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