Teaser Tuesday


Time For Class!

Time for teasing!  

Settle down class – I know you get extra excited to be here on a Tuesday morning but you won’t be able to concentrate if you’re wiggling in your seats!   Now first order of business is to COMMENT ON THIS POST – hurry up and do that because you might be FIRST and you might win this:

Alright you kids, everyone SIT BACK DOWN in your seats and pay attention to the Prof!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER – and just one photo for you to examine which you may or may not find a clue in – I didn’t see one but then I didn’t see the Italian flag waving in the breeze in last week’s Teaser (duh) so you can’t count on ME for that.    Just examine it and try to figure out where it was snapped.    Town/City/Village and Country (if not USA) or State (if USA).    Then on Wednesday we will have a TELL ALL and you’ll learn who the guest was, where he/she/it (haha) took the photo and WHO wins what!

BEFORE we show the photo though, I thought purrrrhaps our Suzie might be in the mood (and you never know about that…..) to give you a bit of a cheer to get your blood pumping to your brain so you can properly examine the photo.   Suzie?

Before Suzie cheers, may I pretty please be excused for the little boycat’s room Sir????

Certainly Tommy – Sarge will go with you to make sure you get back safely.

C’mon kid – let’s go!

OK Mr. Sarge, I’m done.

Alright now that we’re all COMFY, Suzie will cheer then our Security Guard will bring in the photo which has been locked in the super secret briefcase handcuffed to his wrist for safekeeping!!!

Today’s the day you all waited for
Anxiously waiting by the classroom door
Dying to see the test for this week
Hoping I’ll give the winner a tweak of the cheek!
Take your time and study the photo well
You’ve got until you hear the “time to go home” bell!
But don’t expect me to cheat and help you out
Or I’ll bop you with my pom pom on your great big snout!

OK!!!   I see we have our girl Suzie back in all her glory!     Thank you Suzie – you can go take your Prozac now…………….

Now, Mr. Security, would you honor is with your presence and show us the photo for today???

I’ve got the photo here Professor Sam!


Just to remind you, here’s what’s up for grabs with the Teaser – depending on whether you are FIRST, or just RIGHT, or WRONG!

The First to guess CORRECTLY where the photo was taken gets this:

If you guess correctly where the Teaser photo was snapped BUT you aren’t FIRST, you get this:

If you are WRONG – you guess but you miss the mark – you still get an award………… You will get one of these:

So make sure you tune in tomorrow to see how you did – and see how everyone else did………….because it’s fun to see who’s figured it out and who’s LEFT IN THE DUST right?    Just remember this – GREEN is a pretty Spring color so even if you are wrong, you can brighten a dull corner of your room with this badge………!!!!

Make sure you show up tomorrow at the usual time to find out who gets what……………..Until then – Assistant Professor Teddy and I wish you:

BEEP BEEP – make way for the bus!

Angel Professor Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy



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  1. Good Morning! Yay, sis boom bah, Suzie! Nice use of the pom poms! I don’t know where it is but looks like an interesting place… not the US of A I don’t think! Although it does look like some interesting streets in downtown St. Louis, MO! Love the big arch walk-through! Congrats to Phenny and the Florida Furkids for commenting first!


    • Hi Miss Edith! Budapest might look like this – I don’t know even though my Mom has been there but we’ll ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL find out tomorrow if you’re right or not.

      Love, Teddy


      • Good Morning!
        Suzy, perhaps pomegranate pomegranate bopping might help… that spire looks familiar, like something from an art history class nightmare….shudder…
        But not familiar enough.. to remember where….
        I guess I flunk yet another test Sammy and Teddy…. I think I’ll getc out of bed and get some coffee. Maybe that will get my brain working.
        Love Barb


        • Hi Miss Barb! Good Morning……..Suzie just has a mean streak and I don’t think that will ever change….but you gotta love her – especially when she’s fluffy….hahaha. If your caffeine makes your brain remember where the photo might have been taken for today’s Teaser – come on back and have a whack at it!!!

          Love and Hugs, Teddy


  2. That is a toughie, I don’t think I could even fit in this little spot. Great cheer Suzie! Poor Bobby, I hope Sarge didn’t watch you go potty. See you tomorrow for the answer. XO


    • It is a bit of a tough go this morning isn’t it? Well, it’s more interesting when it’s tough…….as for Bobby – never fear – Sarge respects the student’s privacy….litterbox areas are separate compartments and not “community”!!!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. Whew mee made it Unccle Sammy an Teddy! Fankss fur holdin mee seet Sarge *gulpsss*
    OK mee showed thee teezer to LadyMum an shee said with confydence: “Cologne, Germany of course!!”
    At leest Ladymum ‘soundss’ like shee knows what shee iss mee-yowin about…..
    Yur faithfull pue-pill, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  4. That sure looks like an ancient and beautiful spot to visit…reminds us of pictures we have here of our Oma’s hometown in The Netherlands…butt…well, we are not going to guess that…but it fur sure is an old city scape picture in an old European city. The new along with the old preserved.

    Now we have to go and play elsewhere cause as usual on Tuesdays petcretary has appointments and errands to do…


  5. What’s this? You’re showing us an alley and want to know where it is…really Teddy….we’re not that good. I’ll say an alleyway in Italy. You sure that’s not enough. Bologna…no, not the meat. My guess.



  6. Looks like a view down the hallway of the Back Alley Pen in Joisey, New Jersey. Don’t let the lack of bars fool you….. that passageway is booby trapped like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, the person who took that photo was never heard from again. Hmmmmmmmm, makes me wonder how this picture wound up in the hands of your little park ranger guard anyway.


  7. It does look very much like one of the narrow alleyways at Edinburgh Castle looking down into the city, but then I thought I recognised Lisbon last week so I am probably way off again.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. We were here early and didn’t have a clue and we still don’t. Mom says that it looks like a cathedral, maybe in Germany. So, how is that for vague. We’ll be interested in finding out where this is. Good luck to everyone. XOCK Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  9. Well, our grandpa form pawppy;s side thought he was Scottish…though actually its Danish, MOL! Anypaws we will use that line to help us here: Greenie maybe or not…who cares…we are joining the Edinburgh gang ahead of us…that looks like Scott Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland, through one of the narrow alleyways which they call closes. (Advocates Close Royal Mile, Edinburgh). Yup, we would feel closed in there alright!! We think pawppy has voiced the opinion that one day he wants to visit that country, as part of what he carries around in his bucket…on a list. Petcretary didn’t have that on her list, but well, she might decide to join him:)

    We found an almost identical version of that image here: (While we we searching and using our wide world google helper…)
    oops, we can’t show that might tell others…MOL!


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