Pre-Tease Monday



No it’s not Avon calling…….it’s the school bell ringing!

Time for us to settle down and get to the business of Summer School here at DING DONG SCHOOL.     Is everyone ready to tune in and study up for geography test tomorrow?  I hope so.   I just need to remind all of you that the photo we will use tomorrow for Teaser is a GUEST PHOTO – and you won’t find out WHO our Guest is until the Tell All Class on Wednesday.

Once the photo pops into view in the post tomorrow, SOMEONE (or multiple SOMEONES) will have a chance to COMMENT on the post first – and win a badge for doing so!    Being QUICK to comment is a good thing on Tuesdays!     When it comes to GUESSING the location where the Teaser photo was taken – you have to be accurate though………………you have to say the name of the town/village or city where the photo was snapped AS WELL AS the state (if you think it’s in the USA) or country (if you don’t think it’s in the USA) where the photo was snapped too!    So take the time to study – sometimes there are clues in the photos (and like last week’s photo even I didn’t see them!!!).

Now, shall we ask SuzieQ our magnificent and slightly off center cheerleader to come in and give you all a JOLT of cheerleading fun so you’ll be ready to GUESS tomorrow??????

Teaser Day is almost here!
It’s my duty to stop by and give you a cheer!
The Teaser photos are sometimes TOUGH
But I’ve got faith in you students that you know your stuff!
Study the photo and look for a clue
But don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn rather blue!
I’ve seen tomorrow’s picture and I really must say
Not sure you can guess it even if you pray!
I can’t cheat and give you any hints
So just come close to the screen and give it a squint!

Thanks Suzie……….as usual you have inspired us to work hard tomorrow at figuring out the Teaser………(or at least TRY to!).     Make sure your computer screens are nice and clean:



Thank you Sarge!     See you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME……………………………..we’ll pop up and wait for you!

Angel Professor Sammy and Teddy too!




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  1. So, is Ding Dong school in reference to the main ding dong herself, our beloved SuzieQ? MOL! You know us, we’ll pop up at some unexpected time as well, and it probably won’t be first. Have a good day…raining here! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Mom had a flashback yesterday to the old Ding Dong School program that was on TV (black and white of course back in the dark ages)………she remembers it and Miss Frances….HAHAHA Suzie is definitely in the ding dong arena though wouldn’t you say???? HAHA We’ll look for you tomorrow!

      Hugs, Teddy


        • Yes – that was a cute program actually for little kids….Mom remembers it so well – doesn’t remember much else from that time as far as what her bedroom looked like, or what she got for Christmas or what her parents looked like (!!!!!) but she remembers Ding Dong School – what’s THAT tell you about my MOM?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA

          Hugs, Teddy


  2. SuzieQ this is our favorite section of your cheer
    “But don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn rather blue!
    I’ve seen tomorrow’s picture and I really must say
    Not sure you can guess it even if you pray!”
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Guest teaser? I’ve got a CLUE! It’s Leo in Barcelona with a camera. Phenny guessed Professor Plum in the Library with a gun and that’s way off base.


  4. **gulpsss** Sarge iss pawsitivelee terryfyin!!
    Mee will do mee best to get here tomorrow Teddy an Unccle. LadyMum has a berry impawtent appointmint at thee Hospital so if mee not inn class you will know mee not online…..
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  5. I have to do better this week in honour of our Angels. I really slipped up last week by not noticing the overlooked clue, and even more so in actually having been there.


    • Howdy Madi! Sorry you are here but the Teaser isn’t….you know how Mom picks the weirdest times to go live on Tuesdays! One of these days she’ll schedule it for noon and everyone will be in PANICVILLE!!!! HAHAHAAH

      Love, Teddy


    • Oh I know…… isn’t easy – because I often do that…….nap with my eyes open. Mom thinks it’s hilarious, Dad thinks it’s weird, and I say when you’re a cat ANYTHING GOES! Hang in there…………. 😉

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. Really great Teaser Ms Jackie! We were so far off you could drive the Moon between where we thought and it was. We were not alone or furst with our guess so Hee Hee well done. We get another Greenie Meanie. Thanks Professor Sammy, Teddy, Sarge, Suzie, and Miss Dingleberry too! Great pizzas so hurry back soon
    Purrs all


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