Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!



It’s time to fill in some blanks here thanks to the blog hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing AND McGuffy’s Reader!    Every Friday they each give us TWO sentences with blanks and we “fill-R-up”!  If you think you might like to join in, just visit McGuffy’s by clicking the badge up above and using the LINKY tool to join in the fun!!!

This week Angel Sammy and I thought we’d AGAIN let Mom fill these in……aren’t we GENEROUS?   I think so.   Mom’s fill-ins are in RED.


1. My idea of roughing it is staying in a hotel or B&B where I can’t get a glass of wine with dinner (tee hee – of course I’m being silly here).

2.I never get sick of talking about my cats (I’m sure you’ve noticed???!!).

3. My youth was a whole lot of fun for the most part although MAYBE time has smoothed off the rough edges of those memories??

4. My “golden years” are HERE and I’m loving them.

OK Mom – thanks for doing such a swell job.   As for your answer to #2 – we love you too!
Sam Loves His Friends!
Yes Mom – I do!
Me too Mom – I love you more than I love my mousie!

Happy Friday! 

Angel Sammy and Teddy too


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  1. I think you said it right… the time smoothed a lot of things of the past… and yes, the golden years are now… we have no longer to wait till friday night, we can go out whenever we want… and there is no one who points with the finger at the clock when we come home a little later LOL


    • Mom says that’s the best part…….she’s responsible to HERSELF and not to her Mom or Dad so the days and nights are her own to do with as she wants. She also says that not remembering a lot of things might not be such a BAD thing….she remembers all the good stuff and has fuzzy brain when it comes to the not so good!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Thank you for these great fill-in answers, that was sweet of the kitties to let you do them. 🙂 Cats are so fun to talk about. I do think time makes us forget the bad stuff , I would never want to go back in time though to see. Very cute photos of Angel Sammy and Teddy. XO


  3. Do you think any of us who have cats answered anything else to #2? I think Ellen probably suspected that when she came up with that one. You and I totally agree on #1, but I think you meant, “where I CAN get a glass of wine! No rain today…yippee! Sending love to all and warm hugs, Janet and the gang


    • YEs we have some sun here too and I’m thrilled – in fact looks like three whole days next week are going to be totally sunny – Tuesday/Wed/Thurs. It’a MIRACLE! Heading out to mow the lawn which is like a jungle from all this rain!

      Hugs, Pam


  4. Although we don’t participate in Friday Fill-Ins, my human and I enjoy reading everyone else’s… and my human is laughing at all the answers to the first question this week! She’s totally on the same page about roughing it as apparently everyone else is – she’s a nice hotel and a glass of champagne kind of girl. (For that matter, so am I! Well, maybe not the champagne part.)


    • Same here Summer…..I might just be a “kid” but I think I’d prefurrr COMFORT to roughing it out in the wild or in an old cold barn or someone’s garage, etc…………..champagne maybe not but a niptini maybe! HAHAHA

      Love, Teddy


  5. We love your cats too and you just talk about them all you want too. we’ll join in
    Mom said you would have loved visiting Cedar Creek Gallery where they went this am….she has tons of photos too
    Hugs madi and mom


  6. I love the answers to the fill ins. Sometimes I answer in comments because I am too lame to do the link and etc. I love learning more about our CB friends and furriends. And you know, we are all very much alike.MY idea of roughing it is no shower and no coffee due to an electrical outage. Especially the no coffee. You have to get dressed, presentable and go off to where you can get a pint sized cup. I do anyway. Maybe two. One for later even if it’s cold.


    • I enjoy the fill-ins on Fridays…..everybody seems to have a whole lot in common and maybe that’s because we are “pet people” or have gone through some of the same things or WHATEVER but it’s fun isn’t it?! I remember many times in the late 60s and 70s going camping with a pile of friends with tents and making campfires, etc. but about day two all I wanted was a HOT SHOWER! I can’t imagine sleeping in a tent on the ground now – it would take a crane to get me up off the floor. I’m glad I did all that stuff but give me a comfy hotel with a big fluffy comforter and room service and a nice deep tub – if the telephone doesn’t work that would be the extent of my “roughing it” !!! HAHAHAHA Happy weekend!

      Love, Pam


  7. I love your answers, humour and all! I think that time smooths the edges of our memory so we can appreciate what was there that maybe we didn’t at the time. You are wise and wonderful. Thank you for the good wishes, too. I appreciate them, and You! HUGS


    • I’ve always thought it was kind of a good thing that we don’t QUITE remember (or maybe still FEEL?) any of the bad things we passed through in our earlier lives….maybe it’s “convenient memory” ?? Have a GREAT weekend!

      Love, Pam


  8. You both are such cute kitties. 🙂

    I think that time does have a way of smoothing out the rough edges, but I also think that we get to a point of realizing that maybe some things weren’t really as bad as they seemed at the time. Like for me, something that really traumatized me in my early childhood, I realize now that my mama was put between a rock and a hard place. She didn’t know how to handle the situation and did the best that she could given the situation she was put into. It still hurts, but I have more understanding now that I’m much older.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  9. Those are fun and apt fill ins! We have an automatic generator so no need to truly rough it if the power fails…cause out here we cant even flush the potty. Now that *is* roughing it, MOL!


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