Telling It All !


We’re Telling!!

Actually this looks more like “showing and telling” instead of just telling!

Here we are on a Wednesday in our Geography Class getting ready to spread the word about this week’s Teaser.

First I want to thank our Guest Teaser!    She is Melissa Hughes and she is “Mom” to the fabulous Oliver and Calvin who frequently are the FIRST COMMENTERS and have of course also been FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS here.    Make sure and stop by their Facebook page (link above) to thank them for the fab Teaser photo!    This time around Melissa and her boys are getting THIS badge from us!

For Melissa Hughes and Oliver and Calvin for their Teaser photo of 5/23/17

Where are these photos from???    Why it’s the magnificent Boldt Castle and adjacent properties on Heart Island in Alexandria, New York in the 1000 Islands!    WOW that’s a mouthful!    I’m including a photo from the Castle’s website which is an aerial view of the whole property – DOUBLE WOW.

CLICK HERE for more info on Boldt Castle

So who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday morning?    Actually it was a tie – It was Miss Sue from KATSRUS as well as Miss Csilla from HERE.     Both of you get one of these:


Miss Csilla!    This is for you:


We had a whole bunch of others who got it right – BRAVO TO ALL OF YOU – and if you guessed Boldt Castle, you get this:

Did you NOT guess correctly?   Well that’s OK – it happens – you still get a PRIZE for trying!   This:

See?  We’re an equal opportunity Teaser Facility here – everybody gets SOMETHING!


My goodness…………..Suzie taking time out from tango lessons (hahahahaha) to stop by and give you all some kudos………now that’s amazing.

We hope to see you NEXT week for another smashing Teaser……………..which reminds me – if you think YOU  have a goodie for our Teaser parade – email your .jpg formatted photo to junekimm(at)aol(dot)com and we will add it to our Teaser file!    We’ll let you know when we’ll be using it too so you can sit there at your computer and WATCH all the fun!

Class Dismissed for Recess!  

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy

50 responses »

  1. First here?? Whoopee! MOL!

    And yup we were correct, but of course not first…oh well:)

    No more urka-gurkas here…still finding backend runs in the boxes though…I now think its both kitties. Sheesh. Vet thinks it delayed stress from their ‘spa time’. I just think its YUCK!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It still always surprises me when these lovely castles and fortresses are here in this Country. I don’t know why it does after seeing so many, it just does.


    • I agree about “our” castles…..and for the most part – maybe with the exception of the Biltmore, people don’t even know about them! I think both the Gillette and Boldt Teaser castles kind of made a lot of people realize that while we don’t have the same YEARS behind most of our castles, they all have a story to tell!

      Hugs, Pam and Ted


  3. I never realized there were so many castles in the USA. That is beautiful. Congrats to Miss Scilla and all the correct guessers. XO


  4. Yeah!!! My highly sophisticated searching strategy made wonders. I googled “castle in the us” – and voila, the 14th pic was it!!!
    And as I found out, Mr. Slade and Charlie Sims from the movie “The scent of a woman” stayed at Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City – owned by the builder of Boldt Castle,
    George C. Boldt!!!! The tango scene was not in the hotel – look:


    • Good for you – I think you must be related to Sherlock Holmes and figure things out with great precision! We just loved that tango scene from “Scent of a Woman” – we liked that version of the tango rather than the other more “violent” forms the dance takes (that’s what my Mom said anyway……..!).

      Love, Teddy


    • Quite a joint huh? Would be a totally FUN place to visit. My Mom and Dad have been to NYC but not seen the REST of the state and apparently there’s a whole lot there that they didn’t know about including Boldt Castle!

      Love, Teddy


  5. This place looks so magnificent. Mom really wants to visit and check it out. She’d never heard of the 1000 Islands. So many neat places in the U.S. that remain a secret to most of us. Thanks for sharing this one. Much love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • It’s true – we do have a lot of super interesting places to visit here……and this place proves you don’t have to go across the pond to see a castle! LOL This place is pretty darn amazing…..just one beautiful building or place or garden after another all on one private island!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • I think it must Kismet….just look at that photo – I think they have some kind of big barrels holding that thing up or maybe big air-filled balloons……and I guess it just floats around and “visits” all the other islands. Pretty cool.


  6. Yessss we got another one right. Thanks fur a fun time and thanks to Melissa and Calvin and Oliver fur encouraging her as I am sure they did. Whee what FUN!
    Thanks Boys! You are the BEST


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