Breakfast With Bacon!


I Can Smell Bacon!   Can You?

Oh yes!   Nothing smells better………NOTHING!   Let’s eat!   You don’t want to DEFY the Kingly Decree do you?????

Make sure and show this to your humans – they need to realize that it’s IMPAWTANT the King’s wishes be followed!

Here are some suggestions you can give them of what to serve YOU today:


And don’t we deserve a little bacon in our lives after entertaining them all week?   Loving them all week?   Letting them sleep with us, pet us, brush us, feed us, ALL WEEK?

Indeed………..bring on the bacon I say.

Show them this DEPRESSING and SAD graphic!    We must do better than AVERAGE!

Angel Sammy – the former King of Baconia – and I agree on this!

If all else fails – remember we have the power of “THE LOOK” on our side!   Don’t hesitate to resort to it if you need to!

As I leave you this Saturday, may I give you this FINAL THOUGHT:

Happy Baconday from your King!

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  1. I was just telling CH a couple of days ago that I was ready for your Mom’s BLT sandwiches! Those pancakes look pretty good and I am always ready for a CHEESEBURGER with bacon! I bet you have already had your bacon this morning. Enjoy!


    • I did get my bacon this morning – Mom just made bacon and eggs but of course as long as there’s BACON I don’t care about the other stuff! A BLT sounds mighty good – in fact I think now that you’ve mentioned it, Mom will be making those tomorrow!!!! Tonight she’s making (wait for it) bacon/bleu cheese burgers. The coolest thing is they were already “made” at the grocery so she just got four of them READY MADE……..two for Dad, one for Mom and one for “leftovers” which means I might get a taste! WOOOT!

      Love, Teddy

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      • I wonder if we left now if we could get there in time for bacon/bleu cheeseburgers. There are just the right amount of burgers and CH and I could split one. Hope you get a taste, Tedders!


        • They really were delicious and Mom DID at least TRY to give me a taste but I wasn’t interested. Unlike my Angel Brother I’m not much for peep food. Gimme some Temptation treats and I’m all over them though! It would have been nice it you and CH had come by for bacon/bleu burgers – Mom will definitely be buying those again!

          Love, Teddy

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    • Madi you need to print out the DECREE and present it to your Mom immediately (or certainly before next Saturday!). I’ll see you in the CAVES tomorrow for the monthly Birthday/Gotcha party – you’re our GOTCHA GIRL this month – the rest are birthdays! WHEEE!

      Love, Teddy


  2. I think bacon every Saturday is a great idea- as long as I don’t have to cook it 🙂 I will pass on the bacon donuts 🙂 Have a great day! XO


    • I hope your Dad has a wonderful birthday at Blogpaws Brian – please tell him we sent best wishes when you talk to Flat Brian will you???? I’m sure Flata Brian will be happy to pass on MORE birthday hugs – I bet he’s getting a lot of them in purrrrrson though!

      Love, Teddy


  3. Oh you are such a good King. I know Angel Sammy helps a lot but perhaps you are close to being ready to reign on your own? Nah. I like co-Kingship.


  4. Mom said no bacon in the fridge this week,maybe next week for Memorial Day weekend. We are going to put in an order for those bacon-wrapped Twinkies!!!

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


    • Bacon twinkies is taking things just a tad far isn’t it….well, there are those who would disagree and say when it comes to “baconizing” ANYTHING goes. I like my bacon straight up too – no ice, no slice.

      Hugs, Teddy


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