Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!


Fun Friendly Friday Fill-Ins!

Oh boy!   It’s Friday and time to fill in some sentences!   I’m turning this project over to Mom again this week –  most of the time the sentences are more “human-friendly” than kitty friendly although we see lots of our furry buddies answering.    I just like to give my Mom something to do to keep her out of trouble…..HAHAHA

If you’d like to pawticipate in the fun, click on the badge above and go to McGuffy’s Reader where you can use the LINKY tool and enter your blog link – then we can see your fill-ins too!!!!!!!   This fun Hop is co-hosted by our friends Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing AND Miss Annie at McGuffys’ Reader.

Mom’s gonna fill in using RED today – RED HOT – like the weather will be here before you know it!    Go Mom!


1. I have googled practically EVERYTHING – it’s fun to research, learn, find stuff – including googling my name which I found most interesting!
2. I have never bought or sold anything on Ebay.
3. I think I’m very lucky to love my life – so many unhappy people in the world.

4. My husband thinks he “runs” the household but I know – and Teddy knows – that everything revolves around TEDDY!!!!.


So there you have it – Mom’s take on things and I did take particular note of her answer to #4.    Woot!

Yesterday was another “summer-like” day – hot and sunny and I got Dad to take me for a walk but not for long – I’m not much of a fan of HOT…….I like COLD.   Go figure.   Maybe because I was born in March somewhere around here in Virginia where it’s COLD and often snowy in March?   Whatever…….anyway, I came in from my cruise and went to the basement where it’s COOL and took a three hour nap.    Mom was busy though – while I was snoozing she was repotting plants and taking some photos of the place.   Several of you peeps asked me to show you how the old place looks these days.   Mom’s plants are all pretty small but soon they’ll be BIG I’m sure……..JUST LIKE ME!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll see if anyone is available to take me outside before it gets steamy.   AND don’t forget tomorrow is (WAIT FOR IT):

Be there or be square!

Love, Teddy B (for bear)

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  1. my daddy has that n°4 delusion too… the trick is to let him dream on and to carry on with ruling da crib from the second row… I could be a good poilitican, right? Phenny for president, yay!
    the mama rarely busy something from eBay… she learnt her lesson with buying a GUCCY necklace hahahahahaha


    • I imagine there are more than a few stories about ebay “uhoh” purchases! Mom says she wouldn’t have an idea how to buy or sell something there and even if she did, she’d rather GIVE it to a friend!!!

      Love, Teddy


  2. We had pretty much the same answer for #4!!! Your garden is beautiful. Your front door is so warm and inviting!! The deck looks fabulous too….only thing missing is a glass of wine!!

    The Florida Furkids


  3. Thank you for these excellent fill-in answers. That is cute that everything revolves around Teddy- just s it should 🙂 You yard and flowers look amazing, thank you for the tour. We will be here for bacon day. XO


    • Bacon day – the most important day of the week….tee hee……fill-ins were good this week – when I saw the sentences I thought Teddy would let me fill-in and he did. Generous child isn’t he?

      Love, Pam


  4. The Kimmell home and gardens look gorgeous. I never had any doubt about #4.. LOL! Ima do Fill-ins here today since this is where I first found the Fill-ins and first did them here in your comments!
    !. I have googled all the words I can’t spell or am not sure are spelled correctly as I do comments and posts.
    2. I have never been on Ebay.
    3. I think we are lucky we didn’t blow away in the storm we had early this morning.
    4. My husband thinks his wife runs the household and he would be right. The workshop, garage, and Tiny Ten Acres are all his! Couldn’t resist staying with your answer, Pam!


  5. Teddy OMCs you got to feel the grass in your toes did you see an lizards? My niece Mia has a pet lizard on her deck window. She doesn’t go out but it comes to visit her every day
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Oh I wish I had a pet lizard…..I haven’t seen one before here – Mom has only seen ONE in 20 years here and that was the first week after they moved in – there was a lizard on the garage wall outside. Maybe 4 inches long – not a biggie but it scared her because she came around the corner and WHAMMO there it was! I think it’s nice your niece has a pet lizard!

      Hugs, Teddy


  6. You have such a beautiful yard to wander in, Teddy! Sadly, our backyard has turned brown again (it was lush and green for late winter and very early spring), and needs to be cleared. I’m more of a heat seeking creature, mainly because I live in southern California and am used to it!


    • My Mom and Dad wish they knew what was up with me preferring COLD……but that first 11 months is something they will never know and I can’t remember anything “BA” (before adoption)!!!! I know you have a great hill in your backyard Summer…..I remember you got to explore it once before!

      Hugs, Teddy


  7. We enjoyed your mom’s fill-ins sweet Teddy. We are not surprised that all revolves around you at your place…is that not as it should be. And speaking of your place it is beautiful. The flowers are very pretty. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. Mom says she wishes Google was around when she was in college, but at the same time she feels badly that real books are so neglected these days:(

    We see one of your pots is in prison too – is that to keep the bunnies away?

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


    • HAHA on the prison pot – that’s our little tomato plant and the squirrels will pop in there and dig the dirt up if we don’t “cage it” !!! The bunnies don’t come up on the deck but we HAVE seen a raccoon up there before!!! Sneaky rascal!

      Love, Teddy


  9. Well, tell your Mom that my mom has never sold anything on Ebay, but she sure has bought a lot there!!
    We love the pictures; Mom said that red umbrella is beautiful! And the flowers are, too!
    Love, Sundae


  10. haha…I haven’t googled my name but I will. There are lots of peeps that are unhappy in the world and many of them have a good reason for being unhappy. Let’s be glad our countries are rich enough that our lives are easy.



    • Yes indeed and believe me I am happy about that………I feel very lucky really because any of us could have been born into VERY DIFFERENT situations than we were……………

      Hugs, Pam


  11. Mew mew mew mee luvss thee name Teddy Bee!! Iss kewl mee furend….an mee-yowin about kewl it iss downrite chilley here today!! Iss it chilley there? Wee had hot heet Wednesday an Fursday an mee likess it beein warm butt not so HOT!!! An today was too chilley to bee out long….
    Maybee it will get back to seesonall over thee long weekend….
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


    • It was 93 one day this past week Siddhartha so COOL we are NOT! This morning though it’s 66 which is pretty cool – maybe today we’ll get a break from the heat! I like COOL better than HOT anyway!

      Happy Weekend!
      Love, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Our weather iss a lot like yurss Teddy!! It has been chilley an rainy fur 2 dayss now so our l-o-n-g weekend iss a complete washout. there iss a North wind blowin an LadyMum has a sroe throat an fevurr….shee had her hoodie on butt still got sum Flu buggie mee finkss! Wee not even gone out today…PHOOEY!!!
        Happy Monday to youss! Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


          • Flat on her back last nite Teddy Bee!!! Shee could not even play toyss with mee. Poor LadyMum!
            Mumma Mary-Ellen has been sick fur 10 dayss now an has sum streppy throat an on Aunty-bye-otickss… mee has been purrin innto thee fone when LadyMum callss her!!! Mee on dubbull duty at this point….*** sighsss***


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