Pre-Tease Monday


Preparing for the Teaser

Yes indeed, time to get ready!

Welcome to Monday class!   Thanks for being on time today – that means Sarge is happy and if Sarge is happy we ALL are happy!    We are getting together this morning in Geography Class to prepare for tomorrow when we see the Teaser photo of the week and try and guess WHERE it was taken.    WILL YOU BE READY?


This week’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER again………..history has shown us that most of the time the Guest Teasers are the TOUGHER of the Teaser photos.   That means it’s a good idea if you get plenty of rest tonight before you show up in class tomorrow morning.    So no staying up late watching scary movies or reading books after “lights out” under the covers with a flashlight.  Just get some SLEEP.

However and wherever you sleep the best, that’s where you need to be tonight.    I know Assistant Professor Teddy will be doing that right Teddy?


I think we should call SuzieQ over to give the class and all our visitors a bit of a PUMP UP THE VOLUME cheer – she always gets everyone in the mood (that is if she’s not extra cranky anyway for some reason) by cheering her little heart out and getting our blood pumping so Suzie – come on in!

Tuesday is almost here!
We must face it without any fear!
The photo may really be rough
But in this class we’re quite tough!
After all these weeks of class
We feel quite full of sass!
We are used to Teasers so tough
That for others they would be too rough!
Not us though we’re ready, set, GO
So come on and BRING ON THE SHOW!!!!

Gee thanks Suzie – that was a great cheer and it had NO swear words in it, and no QUESTIONABLE or vicious statements – have you had a visit with your “counselor” this week?

Anyway, Teddy and I will remind you all that tomorrow the Teaser post will go LIVE at a time different from the usual blog post from us – it will be a SURPRISE time and it will be up to YOU to get here QUICKLY and comment because whoever is the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post will get this:

I just KNOW you want to make sure you get one of these to show off!!!!!!  

Then after that’s over and done with it’s just a matter of time before someone hopefully guesses the Teaser photo location (and that must be what CITY/TOWN the photo was taken in as well as what COUNTRY or if in the USA what STATE) – the whole thing.    You might win another badge if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or even if you aren’t first but GUESS RIGHT……and believe it or not, even if you guess WRONG you will still win something and that’s unusual these days when you WIN something for LOSING right?   Right!

Are there any questions class?

Will there be cookies tomorrow?

Well Rodney there might be.   Some of the student’s Moms occasionally bring cookies by for us and I never know ahead of time so there’s always a chance!!

Any other questions?   If not, it’s time for recess everyone.    No shoving, tripping, pushing, screaming, hitting, crying, using weapons of any kind out there on the playground – SARGE will be watching you.    Never mess with Sarge.


Angel Professor Sam and Teddy too

Remember, the early bird gets the worm! See you tomorrow when we go LIVE!

P.S.   Did you know?

Angel Nellie is having a birthday party today – she may be gone but she will never be forgotten – stop by to leave some birthday wishes for her – her brother Kozmo and little sister JoJo are throwing a birthday bash for her!

Click the above badge and you will be at the party!!   See you there – you know Nellie always LOVED a good party!

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  1. Great cheer Suzie! I sure hope you get some cookies Rodney. And Teddy, you should win a prize for most relaxed snoozer. See you tomorrow, I am off to Nellie’s now. XO


    • Suzie’s got her fangs and claws put away for the time being but we all know how Suzie is – unpredictable at best. I’m kind of bracing myself for her cheer tomorrow………….!

      Hugs, Teddy


  2. Susie Q has quite the aptitude for poems…love it. We will have a jolly good sleep tonight Teddy. Maybe we’ll do better with some shut eye. We haven’t got a right teaser in like….forever.



    • Suzie has a lot of talent – it’s just sometimes a little bit OFF COURSE!!!!!! HAHAHA I’ll be hoping you and Kali are SHARP AS TACKS in the morning Shoko and can guess the Teaser!

      Love, Teddy


  3. What a wonderful party that is for sweet Angel Nellie! She is SO loved…
    We will see you tomorrow for the Teaser…oh, and GREAT cheer, Suzie!
    Love, Sundae


    • Suzie will be back to “normal” tomorrow……….hang on to your hat. HAHAHA The party for Nellie is wonderful and I’m so happy her brother and sister gave her one – she SOOO wanted to be here for it!

      Love, Teddy

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  4. Oh boy! We wonder where the Teaser will be from tomorrow! We won’t know I though, we are sure. We are terrible at Geography! Maybe we need to come to class more often… MOL!


  5. MOL! Here we are at 4 am and we are late for Monday…and um just a wee bit early fur Teaser day!

    Ad we will miss it, petcretary took us to the spa and she is going to drive to her sister near Toronto…we might pop in to see how it is going when we get there though…

    see ya!


    • HAHA…..isn’t that a sweet picture of a passed out cat? I like sleeping on my back too Miss Csilla but not QUITE like that…..I’m glad you’re READY for the TEEZER – it won’t be long…….hopefully you can stay awake!! Tee Hee

      Love and Hugs, Teddy Teezer Guy


  6. Nellie’s party was meowvolous, and we loved seeing Cinnamon, Kozmo and JoJo, and SuzieQ’s cheer was excellent today. We didn’t get here yesterday ’cause once we hit the buffet table at Nellie’s party, we couldn’t drag ourselves away. Please accept our apologies. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


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