Tuesday Teaser


Welcome Class!

It’s that time again!   I’m glad to see all your smiling faces here in the classroom this morning!  My Assistant Teddy and I are hoping you will enjoy today’s GUEST TEASER which might be a little bit tricky – – – – but we know you’re UP for the challenge right?   RIGHT????

What did you say Roxanne??  You know the Teaser and we haven’t even put up the picture??

No sir – you asked if we were up for the challenge and I know the answer to THAT – WE ARE UP FOR IT!

Speak for yourself Roxanne….I’m still half asleep!

Alright let’s start again…………..remember that if you want to win the FIRST COMMENTER badge for this Teaser today you need to COMMENT right now on this blog then come right back to class ASAP!   Go on – hurry – we’ll wait for you!


Whoever is first to comment today (or one of the first in case of a tie!) will get this charming and elegant badge to show off:

Shall we bring in our ever-vivacious, ever-surprising, ever-snarky Teaser Cheerleader in this morning to get you pumped up for guessing?    Oh let’s!

Scream and shout!
Don’t sit there and pout!
Don’t scratch your head and sigh
Don’t whine and have a cry!
C’mon and give us a guess!
Be SMARTER than the rest!
Don’t hesitate just give it a go!
Be a real TEASER PRO!
Don’t be a “Teaser Wienie”
Is your brain really that TEENY?
If you give it all you’ve got
I’ll serve you a tequila shot!!!!

Thank you Suzie but there will be no drinking in class, after class, around class, before class, under the bleachers, in the locker room, in the rest room, or ANYWHERE on the campus of this school – are we clear?


Let’s get Mr. Silver Briefcase out with the TWO Teaser photos from our Guest today before Suzie has a HISSY FIT………………….

Yes sir….here’s today’s challenge!

A close-up shot

A shot from a distance

OK Teaser Fans…………………remember in order to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today you have to tell me WHERE this photo was taken…………what town/city/village and what state if USA or country if not USA???    OK?  Are we clear?   GOOD – now GO FOR IT!     Here are the badges up for grabs for those of you who get it and those of you who don’t!




All that’s left to do is with you all GOOD LUCK and tell you that we’ll be here at the USUAL time tomorrow for the Teaser Tell All – we’ll hand out the badges to the appropriate and EVER SO LUCKY students who deserve them – Okee Dokee?

See you tomorrow class!  

Angel Professor Sammy and

Assistant Prof Teddy

P.S.   On a very sad note, we learned yeseterday evening that our precious and wonderful friend Flynn from Two Devon Cats left for the Bridge to join his brother Angel Eric.    We know the boys are happy to be reunited but we also know his Mom Jackie and Dad Ivor are beyond brokenhearted………..if you have a moment, please stop by and let them know you’re thinking of them.    Angel Sammy loved Flynn like a brother.    He used to love being “bookends” with Flynn on the Sunday Selfies with The Cat on My Head.   Their posts often appeared side by side and they got a big kick out of doing that.    We will miss you Angel Flynn………………

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  1. The Sydney Opera House, floating out to sea. As usual, no idea !

    So sorry to hear that Flynn has crossed the Bridge – so glad his brother Eric, and Sammy, and Nellie, and all the others were sure to meet him, and go for a long run together !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NO. Dear friend Flynn! We are so very sorry to hear the news and are saddened deeply. We have been friends with Flynn, Eric and Mom and Dad since we have been blogging. We will run over and give purrs and prayers.
    Sniff Sniff
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family


    • Very sad………sweet Flynn did not look well for a long while but we think he wanted to be around for his Mom – which he was – and now he’s with his brother – which is what makes it easier to bear.

      Love, Teddy and Angel Sam


  3. So sorry about Flynn. Sad.
    Suzie! A shot of tequila! It’s too early!
    I have not one clue what the Teaser is… I am a “Teaser Wienie”!!!!… thank you Miss SuzieQ. I will have CH take a look… which is too too funny! Ha!


    • Maybe CH will have an inspiration this morning? As for tequila – Suzie said to tell you “if it’s not for early – why is there a drink called TEQUILA SUNRISE???”………she’s a smarty mouth!

      Love, Teddy and Angel Sam


  4. Florida Pensacola Island??? It may also be a pile of salt? We are not sure at all.
    Great work Teddy, Sammy and our Guest Teaser.
    Suzie you look a bit angry about the school policy so lets take a walk to off grounds and we will give you some nice relaxing nip. Chill Girlfriend!


    • Good guess but we’ll see how well you did on the Tell All tomorrow……it’s truly a tough Teaser for sure! As for Suzie – she needs to chill – she probably already had a slurp of her tequila. UHOH.

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. I was very sad to read of Flynn’s passing. As always, I have no clue about the teaser, but it sure is unique. Yes, Suzie my brain is that teeny. XO


  6. We certainly don’t know the answer to the Teaser…it looks like a huge pile of sand!!!
    But, how sad for Flynn’s family. It certainly seems that a lot of our furriends are leaving for the Bridge. We will certainly keep his family in purrayer.
    Love, Sundae


    • Yes Flynn is gone and has joined his brother Eric – I imagine that was a fabulous reunion. We are left here to think of them together again……..and hope that their family knows we love them and feel for them in their time of sorrow.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  7. Oh, my…this is hard. Here I am, with no real sense of assuredness. Sand? Somewhere with Customs, along the US/Mexico border? Or perhaps an archeological dig in Egypt? *good grief* I need more coffee…HUGS!


  8. We wanted to get our guess in before we said anything else, and we wanted to go visit Flynn’s blog. Looks like what we guessed was already guessed a few times. We are so broken hearted about Flynn. One more extra special and beloved kitty to get his wings. He looked oh so tired in his selfies yesterday, but he has rallied so many times, that we were certain he would again. We know after a greeting from all his fiends that Flynn headed for the never-ending green fields with Eric to search for mousies. The Teaser gang was on fire today. Scary Suzieis REALLY scary. Sending lots of love. I know we will all be grieving today. XOCK, Janet and Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Yes we will grieve for the loss of a beautiful friend but rejoice that he is with his beloved brother who he missed SO much when he went to the Bridge ahead of him. We also grieve for his family who adored him and his brother more than words can say. We’ve all had our share and then some of this kind of grief – doesn’t make it any harder to do again and again though.

      Suzie is spiraling out of control – I think she will need to go back to rehab soon!

      Love, Pam (and Teddy too)


    • Flynn is now with Eric – the ginger boys are together as they should be hunting again mousies in the fields of green at the Bridge………………as for the Teaser it’s a toughie – stop by tomorrow to get the scoop!

      Hugs, Teddy


  9. Suzie Q you must have hidden camera in my house cause I’m am doing the followoing:
    Scream and shout!
    Don’t sit there and pout!
    Don’t scratch your head and sigh

    Dear me I did not know that Flynn has crossed the bridge. I’m so very sorry for Jackie and Ivor.
    I’ll head over now.
    Hugs madi and mom


    • Very sad about Flynn but not a surprise I suppose – we’ve all watched him fading slowly but we also know dear Madi that he’s at long last reunited with his brother Eric. That makes my heart happy even while I mourn the loss of a cat I would like to have gotten to know better – Angel Sammy loved him.

      Hugs, Teddy


  10. Built to look like your normal, everyday ice floe…Antarctica Continental Penitentiary and Reformatory houses some of the meanest, baddest, most vile and just plain rude criminals that the world wanted to ship off to the South Pole. One of the Big Berg’s most famous residents is the legendary Penguin Man of Icecatraz. Suzie may get there eventually if she doesn’t cut back on the underage drinking… her fake ID isn’t as good as she thinks it is….


    • They certainly disguised that joint didn’t they? Is the Penguin Man that same guy Batman used to have disagreements with? I hope when I commit my first crime (Mom I hope you didn’t hear that) I won’t wine up in the ICE SLAMMER. This does not look like a friendly place. Now Suzie truly might wind up there – if they house rude criminals she’s a shoe-in (or should I say snow-shoe in)??? Tomorrow we’ll get the scoop on this place – should be interesting right?

      Hugs, Teddy the Teaser


  11. Ohhh, what a teaser! Mom and I think these are piles of salt dredged from the sea behind the salt. This is a guess but I am going to say the Dead Sea and where is the Dead Sea mom? Maybe Palestine?

    We’re sticking with this answer.

    We heard about Flynn early this morning and rushed over to speak with Jackie. We are sure she is devastated but wanted to know we are here for her.

    Shoko and mom


    • Hello Ladies! Thanks for taking a WHACK at the Teaser today – it’s a “pip” isn’t it? Good luck – tomorrow we’ll see who got a HIT and who got a MISS!!! We are very sad about Flynn but HAPPY that he’s reunited with his dear brother Eric where they can catch mousies all day long together.

      Love, Teddy


  12. And all the best intentions went down the drain here about coming by early…Sheesh! Oh well we are here and that is what counts, right??

    Now we know why its called sea salt,MOL! And we learned something new today. at least petcretary did. Her peeps live in Curacao for a while and they said fresh water was hard to come by there, so it was made from the sea water. *Now* she knows where the left over salt goes to:)
    But ugh, its so brown, MOL! We like the pink salt better:)

    Must be the same methods used in Bonaire. Netherlands Antilles. The B of the ABC Islands…Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

    The salt pyramids look phenomenal! Imagine if you were on a salt restriction and went there, OMC! She knows now also, what a salt pillar looks like, as was mentioned in the Bible.
    And she had no idea there were so many places on our globe where salt is ‘made’!
    Hey, this was a great teaser!


    So sad about dear Flynn. But yes, now he is strong again and able to play all day long with his beloved brofur Eric. We sent our purrs to his peeps.


    • Totally interesting photos for Teaser today – tomorrow I’ll give you the total scoop!

      We are happy that Flynn is at peace……and we know he’s loving being with Angel Eric again………they were inseparable before and now they are AGAIN.

      Love, Teddy


  13. Okay, this one really has us stumped. We can’t wait to see who gets this one right.

    We are heartbroken about Flynn. He and his brother Eric were two of our first blogging furiends.


    • Jackie there are so many broken hearts in the blogosphere over the loss of Flynn from our world but he’s still and always will be, in our hearts. I send you and Ivor hugs of comfort…..we remember so clearly the sadness pulling us down and down when Sammy left…………..we hope all the love coming your way will lift your spirits.

      Love and Hugs, Pam and Teddy too


  14. Well it looks like salt flat or salt drying field and the ones I know of are in the US and Bolivia so I am going to say the Salt Flats in Bolivia, Am I the last guesser so far? Now our first ginger friends are ginger angels together. Luv you Angel Sammy and new Angel Flynn.
    Marty, Mom and the Gang


    • Hi Marty! You are right about the salt flat but not the location! It’s in France!!! I am SURE that when Flynn got to the Bridge on May 1st, both his brother Eric AND my brother Sammy were there to give him a HUGE GINGER HUG…….the gingers united again……..

      Hugs, Teddy

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Is there a prize for last commentor? That would be US….we have no idea WHERE Mom’s brain was yesterday. We’re also comment #90….must be some kind of prize for that, right?

    No? Okay….we’ll take our Greenie and go check today’s post to see where this is!

    The Florida Furkids


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