Pre-Tease Monday


Happy Monday!   Time to pre-tease you about tomorrow!

Yep – let’s talk about tomorrow’s class, which, as you know, is an exercise in geography just as it is every Tuesday.    We will give you a photograph of a place – somewhere near or far – and it will be up to everyone ELSE to figure out where the photo was taken.   When I say WHERE, I mean what town/city/village AND what state (if you think it’s in the USA) or country (if it’s NOT in the USA) where the photo was snapped!

The other thing that happens is that the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT on the blog post tomorrow gets a special badge for being so ALERT!    It’s tricky because the post for tomorrow is NOT posted at the same time my daily posts are done.   SO KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!    No napping until AFTER the Teaser – Sarge will smack you with a ruler anyway if you fall asleep!



I’ll be here too!

Yes Teachers!



So I thought you might like a little visit from SuzieQ to get your “Teaser Senses” wide awake – hopefully they will STAY alert until after the post goes live tomorrow.    Suzie?   Will you do the honors???

It’s almost Teaser day
So I’m here in class to say
Shine and clean your glasses
And don’t be slow as molasses
You’ve got to guess it QUICK
Or Sarge might hit you with his stick!
Sarge can be quite tough
He looks scary and kinda rough
But he’s really quite harmless
He’s just a tad charmless!
I’ll see you all in the morning….
The post comes with no warning!
Be ready, steady and GO
Don’t DARE be a “no-show” !!

We will see you tomorrow then – – – – – remember comment FIRST so you can maybe get this swell badge:

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Prof Teddy!


26 responses »

  1. Now Cupcake, I thought it would be the park near MY house even though I don’t get to go. I will win win win!


  2. I will not be a no-show… I will be here. Pretty darn good cheer, Suzie! My trick to get here faster than a speeding bullet has failed me. I have to improve my method some way! Raining here… so tired of it. We did see the sun for about two hours late yesterday afternoon… hallelujah!


  3. Suzie Q you are a genius with your cheers and presentation… my mom says the party in your head when must be fun we love this line:
    “Shine and clean your glasses
    And don’t be slow as molasses”
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. A stick!? Yikes. Where petcretary works peeps would get fired or worse if they even pretended to use a stick.
    Are we gonna get closer than we have been??? Well, it all depends on our confuser being speedier than some other times. We can refresh until the cows come home but it takes the stuff into its own mind and decides when to let us know there is newer stuff…ugh. Never a chance! Unless evfurryone else falls asleep…we gotta see if we can find a sleep potion…oops, then Sarge would be awfully busy with his stick!

    See ya tomorrow…sometime. And goodness knows if we will or not be able to guess. One day there might be a picture of our town! How cool would that be! Only a Mitch-again-deer might recognize it, MOL!


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