Bashful and Bacon


Bashful (because he’s visiting me) 

Bacon (because it’s Saturday!)

Yes – as I always say (because Sammy said I should!) – it’s Saturday – Bacon Day – and it’s OH SO GOOD TO BE KING!!!!

But it’s also oh so good to have Bacon the piggy’s rock-star brother Bashful visiting me too.    I have a few pictures to share with you today of his adventures so far here with me BUT first, let’s do what we bacon-lovers MUST do on a Saturday!    EAT BACON!   YAY!!!!

Remember that Sammy is always watching……so we mustn’t miss a Saturday!

Mom has been known to say this on a Saturday…..would make things easier if we could just download the stuff!!

Really – who would serve eggs WITHOUT bacon?   Isn’t that either a sin or against the law or SOMETHING?

If I had that little face staring at me in the kitchen one morning I’d be grabbing my car keys and making a bee-line for the grocery store!!!!!!

This is not a “funny” poster – it’s TRUE AROUND MY HOUSE!!!

Well here at my house we are WELL above AVERAGE!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING????????????????????????????????

I do hope that you will be blessed with some bacon for breakfast (or lunch or dinner or all three) today!    We have had some for breakfast here at MY house!

Who’s Visiting????

Yep – Bashful is here for his second visit but it’s his FIRST visit with ME!   Angel Sammy was his host first time around!

Bashful had Thanksgiving dinner in W. Virginia at Sammy’s Auntie Joan’s house when he visited last time.

This is him sitting on Auntie Joan’s dining room table after alllllllllll that turkey was eaten and alllllllll the side dishes too!  No he didn’t eat them all – there was a lot of human help.

ANYWAY, we think he had fun……….this time around, we will have new adventures and I’ll be his host.

The first thing he wanted to do was pay his respects to Angel Sammy…..In the back of the box is a little book my Mom wrote after Sammy sent to the Bridge.

After that, we took Bashful to the grocery so he could pick out some favorite things to have while he’s here!   He had his own Bashful-sized shopping bag too and know what?   He only wanted ONE SPECIAL THING for himself – all the rest of the food Mom bought he said was great.   Here he is with his ONE SPECIAL THING:

IMAGINE THAT!    His own bottle of Guinness!    Heavy stuff for a rock but then Bashful can handle anything!

Next up he asked if he could look for some bedtime reading for nights after we’ve turned out the lights in the Casa De Kimmell for snooze time.   So we perused our library here at home and he found some “Bashful-sized” books to read:

He will have plenty of reading material that’s for sure!

Who knows WHAT we’ll do next…….but we’ll have fun that’s for sure!

Time for both of us to have a post bacon breakfast nap!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies at The Cat On My Head!

Love, Teddy and Bashful

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  1. That Bashful sure gets around. I suddenly remembered my younger days wen we were trying to come up with a better idea than the pet rock. This then made we think of a doctor around the same time that gave me a list of food that I could not eat. On the “NO” list was fried foods and pork. On the “YES” list was bacon, Go figure.


    • Bashful is quite the rock. He’s being very well behaved even though other friends said “be careful” and “watch out”…….maybe he is maturing with each trip on the road????

      Love, Teddy


  2. It sounds like you and Bashful are having a blast together. 🙂

    Ahh bacon is the best. Not so much for either us or the poor piggy, but definitely a treat for our tongues!

    I think that precious little kitty pictured in “Bacon shortage?” could get just about anything he/she wanted. So precious! One can’t help but say, “Awww!” on that one.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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    • Hi Madi! Tell your Mom to let us know if Windows 10 will let her download bacon because we will FINALLY UPGRADE! The book Mom wrote was just a memorial book for us. BUT thanks for asking – we love you.

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. How sweet of Bashful to pay his respects to Angel Sammy. We know he will have fun with you Teddy. Maybe he’ll play mousie with you at 2:30 a.m. No bacon here today. Dad was out all morning taking photos of the marathon in the rain. We just got a box from Denmaster that actually contains Shenanigans in a Can. When we shake the can, it makes bird noises. Mom hasn’t opened it for us yet. Cooper is checking out the box. Sending lots of love and hugs to all from rainy Roanoke. It is supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow. We are supposed to get 4 1/2 inches in these two days. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • We’ve had RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN all day too………….and it’s cold – David just made a fire in the fireplace! How cool you got your Shenanigans in a Can – I wondered what that would turn out to be! I bet Cooper will be the one to actually open (or eat?) the box – keep me posted!

      Love, Pam


  4. OhMyGOSH! This is quite a post today! Filled with all kinds of HAPPY! First of all we did not have bacon today but I did have Canadian bacon on an Egg McMuffin this morning… so would that count??????????????

    Angel Sammy’s Remembrance Place… ♥ It’s beautiful and so very sweet and I am tearing up here… A Life Full of Love. So true. Sweet Sammy… forever.

    Okay… and Bashful is so lucky to visit the Kimmell home because although I have never been there I know the Kimmell family know how to treat you right… with love and humor! It is a good thing CH isn’t there because Bashful would be without his bottle of Guinness in short order. Teddy and Bashful, have a great time and stay out of trouble! Bashful has always cracked me up!


    • I think Canadian bacon qualifies as BACON so indeed you DEFINITELY were properly “baconated” on Saturday! We’re glad you like Mom’s little remembrance spot for Sammy. It’s by her bed so she sees that first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The little book was Mom’s tribute to him…..a labor of love she says. We SOOOOOOOOOOO miss him. As for Bashful – I’m doing my best to show him a good time just like my big brother did when Bashful visited us the first time. So far so good – I think the Guinness helped (hahahahaha).

      Love, Teddy


  5. Teddy that Bashful sure is a nice fellow asking to visit Angel Sammy. That sure is a nice loving memory spot you have in your house. No wonder Sammy visits so often. We ate our Bacon fur Bacon Caturday and want to see what Bashful and you do next Teddy


    • My Mom is keeping a close eye on me and Bashful. Bashful is a “man of the world” kind of rock and I’m just as you say a kidlet so there’s a lot of STUFF I don’t understand yet. Mom wants me to be innocent for a while longer. HAHAHA

      Love, Teddy

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  6. Guinness!!! Pawppy likes that too:)
    Lovely to pay Angel Sammy a little visit, Bashful.
    Have a great time with Teddy.

    Bacon??? Not here alas. But pawppy eats lots of eggs…the whole egg, not the whites on their own, Blech! Petcretay doesn’t eat too many eggs, they do not really agree with her. Which is a shame cause they are so yummy and she loves them!


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