Thankful Thursday


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!

Today we do TWO posts in one!   First of all we talk about being Thankful for Brian’s Thankful Thursday Hop – and you can visit him by clicking the above badge and join in the hop with the LINKY tool…..tell us why you are THANKFUL…….I’m thankful because I have a special guest here at my house.   Someone Angel Sammy met and hosted for a while and now it’s MY turn to show this friend a good time.   Who?   It’s our good friend Bashful the rock-n-roller who lives with Bacon at the Hotel Thompson!

We will tell you about his visit here in the next couple of days but just so you know – he’s being kept company by one of Mom’s stuffed piggies AND one of Sammy’s stuffed kitty pillows.   He has naps in this spot and since this guy travels ALL THE TIME, he naps almost as much as I do!    THANKS for visiting us Bashful!

Part Two of Today’s Post is:

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday which is when we celebrate another letter of the alphabet as we make our way from A to Z………….and today the letter we have to use is the letter “S” !   If you have written a poem on your blog, why not post your blog link in my comments so we can read it!  OR you can post your poem HERE if you like in a comment.    Poetry is the spice of life!!  Write some today!   NEXT WEEK WE DO “T” !


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 4/20/17

Snow, snow, so cold on the toes

Icicles hanging from your kitty pink nose.

Now you need to hear this bit of news from the Bridge

There’s no snow up here from the sea to the ridge!

It’s sunny each day and breezy each night

But there’s no white stuff falling – that just wouldn’t be right!

Snow is for you back here in this life

At the Bridge we don’t deal with trouble and strife!

We work hard up here, don’t get me wrong

But “Let It Snow” you won’t hear as our favorite SONG!

I might dream about snow but I don’t have to see it here at the Rainbow Bridge!!

As all of you know by now, Nellie joined me and so many others here at the Rainbow Bridge last Friday………..she is happy here but misses everyone “back home” especially her Mom.    My Mom thought she’d put together a little slideshow of some of the wonderful graphics and posters sweet Nellie and her Mom did for us through the years……Nellie’s Mom is a wonderful artist and Nellie was a great inspiration for her I’m sure!    We will treasure all of our memories forever and ever………………these are just a few of our special  moments.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Teddy and I thank YOU for visiting us today!

Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted



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  1. Oh Bashful is your guest? How great!!!!! I can’t wait to read about your adventures together!!! I never saw snow, but according to the mama it is BS…. so I better don’t sing that song, huh?


  2. We are glad there is no snow to bother you in R.B.Land, Angel Sammy.

    Bashful sure gets around, Teddy we now you will show him lots of good things:)

    And yes Nellie sure had fun in Blogville with all of her pals. She and her Mom left a wonderful legacy.


    • Nellie was certainly one of a kind……..she was tiny but had a huge heart. As for Bashful, we hosted him once before so we know how to keep a CLOSE eye on that boy!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


    • Hi Cupcake! My Mom used to think I was nuts when I’d go out and tramp around in the snow but I always stayed in HER footprints so snow didn’t touch my tummy either! Tee Hee

      Love, Angel Sam


  3. Good to see Bashful we bet you will get up to lots of mischief with him Teddy.

    Sammy, now that Nellie is there we bet it is a non stop party at the Bridge.


  4. Great poem, Sammy, and we loved the slide show with sweet Nellie. I’m sure she misses her Mom terribly, and that her mom is heartbroken. We’re so sorry…
    Love, Sundae


  5. Awww I love that Slide show…so many fun memories!OMB you have Bashful there?Watch out Teddy cause Bashful loves to get up to all sorts of trick…..but boy is he fun!Tell him Pebbles the bunny pebble says hi,xx Speedy


    • Hi Speedy! I’ll pass on the hello!! We had Bashful here once before so we taped all drawers shut, locked up all dangerous substances, and hid the remotes. Hopefully all will be well this visit!

      Love, Angel Sammy

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  6. Mommy and I loved the slide show. I will probably;y come back and watch it again as mommy and I miss the two of you more than you know.


  7. Very sweet slideshow… ♥ So sorry that Nellie had to leave her Mom and that Nellie’s Mom is without her sweet girl. I know Angel Sammy is taking care of her and that she has many friends surrounding her with love. Snow… we wouldn’t miss it if we never saw it again here… I don’t think.


    • SNOW – thankfully we won’t be talking about it for a few months! Nellie – such a tiny and sweet girl…….she always WAS an Angel and now she’s got her wings to prove it!

      Love, Angel Sam and Teddy too


  8. Goodness that slideshow was so nice. Nellie Bell brought so many of us joy over the years. We will miss her but know she is watching over us all with you Angel Sammy till we all meet again, where there is no snow!
    Purrs dear friends
    Timmy and Family


  9. What a beautiful slideshow dedicated to Nellie. Though we all miss her terribly, we know you and she are having the best time together. We can only imagine how happy you were to see each other. How wonderful that there is no snow in heaven! We wrote an “S” poem of sorts: Sending lots of love to all! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.

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  10. Awwww Sammy, thanks for the tribute to Nellie and for posting a couple of her pictures. Her mom is one very talented lady. We miss Nellie – she was special. But it is comforrting to know that you are there with her and able to help get her settled. Miss you terribly too pal – will always love you.


    • Thank you Mario……..thanks for missing us AND I know you miss tons of other friends too – at least we can assure you that the Rainbow Bridge is a wonderful place to go some day when it’s our time!

      Love, Angel Sam


  11. How cool the famous Bashful is visiting! That was a nice slideshow with sweet Nellie, we sure miss you both. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


    • We’ll let everyone know what Bashful is up to soon………..glad you liked the slideshow for our sweet Nellie…..thank you too for saying you miss “both” of us – – – I’ve been gone ALMOST five months and my Mom says it feels like just yesterday.

      Love, Angel Sam


    • Well kids we do have fun up here – we work hard too but we have parties and dances and BACON and clouds to sleep on and sunny skies all the time and MORE BACON……! HAHAHA

      Love, Angel Sam


  12. aaww cousin – what a beautiful tribute to Nellie. ❤ We are doing a tribute to Nellie next Thursday (4/27/2017) on our Spotlight Thursday as one of her last interviews. She is so missed!
    And you tell that little rolling stone of mine to be on his best behavior. I got my hooves full with Houdini right now where fame is going to his head. Rolls my piggy eye. He's got another phone call now. I will not be his secretary – I gotta go get this. Take care ya'll! XOXO – Bacon

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    • All of us have “Nellie memories” that’s for sure………bless her. So far Bashful is really taking a vacation – catching up on sleep – keeping Mom hopping in the kitchen serving him gourmet meals fit for a huge boulder – but we’ll be sharing some photos soon to show that he’s not only RESTING. Concats on the press coverage by the way – can we say “we knew you when” ???

      Hugs Angel Sam and Ted

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  13. We can’t wait to read about Bashful’s adventures with you! How do we get him to come visit us?

    We miss Nellie a lot…she was so special. We enjoyed your slideshow….lots of great memories.

    The Florida Furkids


    • If you let Miss June at Hotel Thompson know you’d love to HOST Bashful I’m SURE she’d be happy to put you on the world tour!!!! I think we all miss Nellie more than we could have imagined – Nellie was just so darn special.

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  14. dood…..we hope ya at leest get snowz on Christmas eve……..wood knot bee rite with out it sum how….grate slide show ya put two gether for nellie; ewe both had sum awesum timez !! ♥♥

    3 part haiku

    R lunch waz reddy
    a bear came bye N stole it
    now R SALMONZ gone

    ewe bass terd we said
    N de bear couldna cared lezz
    him kept on runnin

    we fixed hiz wagon
    sent de pole lease afturr him
    N now heez in jail


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    • HAHAHAHAHA……only you guys would take on a BEAR! However, I can see why you would – salmon is delish and worth taking on just about ANYONE who would DARE steal it from you! I’m sure you won’t be visiting him in jail to bring him cookies right? Good! Your haiku 3-parter was MASTERFUL!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted too

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  15. Nellie and Sammy have a beautiful friendship. I know it’s so hard for both families to go on without their physical presence, but I imagine there’s much comfort in knowing that they are together and have each other over the Rainbow Bridge. All kitties are special, but few have captured our hearts as much as Sammy and Nellie.


    • That’s a very sweet thing to say……..Nellie was a blogosphere Icon and will remain one forever. Friendships are to be celebrated whether human or animal (or “other”!!)……there’s nothing like a good friend who is always there. Have a special Friday!

      Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy


  16. Teddy and Bashful are going to have a lot of fun together. We do love our snow, but we bet there are many more things to be happy about across that Bridge, like that endless sunshine.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  17. Dear Teddy, Angel Sammy and Mommy,
    I was too leaky eyed to post this morning…yes your poem about snow was moving, but your wonderful tribute of Nellie…was, as Nellie would say, FABULISHIOUS!!
    Thanks so very much for sharing your friendship and love of my little girl, it means the world to me.
    Love Barb
    PS Sammy, watch out! Nellie is quite the practical joker!


    • Hi Miss Barb! We enjoyed putting that little slideshow together….we have so many wonderful “Nellie Memories” but not NEARLY as many as you carry in your heart. We adored her as did everyone in the blogosphere and send you huge hugs knowing how difficult it is not to see her on her heating pad on “her” bed. Angel Sammy will help all her other friends to take good care of her Miss Barb. She is in good paws.

      Love and Hugs, Teddy (and Pam too!)


  18. We are thankful for your lovely slideshow Sammy and Teddy. We will miss Nellie was was a unique muse and a gift to us all.

    We think Bashful is cute and, no we haven’t seen snow either!


  19. Mee-you Unccle Sammy an Teddy wee were inn shock when wee found out Queen Penelope went to Pure Land on Good Furiday….mee adored her a lot an LadyMum luvved her all so. Iss sad…an of course our Pee Cee Tessa wood not werk so wee had to get others to post sympaffiess on Lady Barb’ss bloggie….
    Sorry mee not been here or ritin any poe-emss; mee just been too uppyset to rite an ladyMum was going thru bad stuff an then Tessa went inn to ‘hard drive failure’…..
    Wee have ‘Littul Sheba’ now an mee iss sure Ladymum iss goinn to buy her….aftur all, shee all ready NAMED thee lappytop, mew mew mew…
    ***air kissesss*** an ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~


    • I’m so happy that you all can communicate with the outside world now (tee hee)!! When we lose touch with our friends we feel like we’re just floating around aimlessly – now you’re back on the ground and raring to go!

      Love and Hugs, Teddy

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