Teaser Tell All

I’m HERE To Tell You!

Hello Class!    Welcome back for the “FINDING IT ALL OUT” day which we call the TELL ALL………………….here’s where we separate the men from the mice (or is that the men from the boys?) – well it’s something like that.   Anyway, before we start we have to make a BIG FAT APOLOGY!

Actually it’s WordPress that should be apologizing……………..it neglected to SHOW a post yesterday morning until five minutes after it actually SHOWED it posted – if you can figure out how something like that can happen then you must work for WordPress because we don’t have a clue.   BUT the boo boo resulted in us telling a pile of fans here that THEY were FIRST COMMENTERS when in actuality someone ELSE was!

Shall we untangle that mess for you?    OK – my buddy, pal, and Cousin Bacon was TRULY the FIRST COMMENTER…………his post was at 8:51…………….he was the only one to post at that time……….but the FIRST posts Mom, me and Teddy saw were a pile of them that came in at 8:52AM from Friends Furever, Calvin/Oliver, AND Kitties Blue.    So Mom quickly told all of them that THEY were the FIRST COMMENTERS……………….WRONG!

Here is the BADGE for our ACTUAL First Commenter – Bacon…………….here you are buddy – wear it in good health!

For Bacon, April 4, 2017

AND, here are the SAM’S BOO BOO awards (which actually should be WordPress Boo Boo awards!) for Friends Furever, Calvin/Oliver and Kitties Blue!!!


Suzie – maybe you can say it better than I did???

We’re sad as sad can be
Please hear our pitiful plea
Purrhaps we shouldn’t SAY
Who’s FIRST on Teaser Day
We’ll make you wait and wonder
‘Til you get mad as thunder!
“Did I, or didn’t I?” I have to wait and see
Or we can tell you what we think
And go on merrily!
I guess there will be boo boos
And probably some boo hoos
So let’s just keep on teasing
MOST of you we’ll be pleasing!
So don’t worry Prof Sammy
I won’t give you a Suzie WHAMMY! (this time!)


Gosh thanks Suzie…………….now let’s move on shall we?    Here’s the other part of the WEIRD day yesterday was………………..the photo was IMPOSSIBLE!   Nobody guessed it and I can see why because there just was NO CLUE in the whole darn thing!   It was what I’d call an IMPOSSIBLE CONUNDRUM TEASER!    It was a Guest Teaser sent in by Gracie who got it from her Mom’s friend.   Here’s your badge Gracie!

For Gracie and her Friend for the Teaser of 4/4/17

It was a DOOZY……………and it was a shot of the ocean wall in MONACO!    Yep – the Principality of Monaco – so I couldn’t say “what town” and I couldn’t say “what country” because it’s NOT a country!    So I just said “where was it taken” ?????


Alright I hear ya!    It was a sneaky Teaser but once in a while we should have one that SHAKES THINGS UP right?    I’d say this one did just that……………..nobody guessed it and it was a big mess on First Commenter.

How about everyone who guessed incorrectly????   What about them???   Well you’ll not be surprised to hear that there’s a GREENIE for you!

I say we cut our losses and hope next week works out better all the way around – what do you think????????????


I agree with Sarge!


Good!   Wonder where in the world we’ll go NEXT Tuesday then…….guess we’ll find out in a week!

Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!

Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted



58 thoughts on “Teaser Tell All

  1. You know petcretary helped us hunt for where that was taken and checked out a map of the coastlines of various countries along the Mediterranean Sea…and she even had googled some images rom Monaco. OMC!!! But she didn’t think anything looked similar enough…go figure, MOL!!! Oh well, maybe next time!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Cupcake I hope it isn’t ANYTHING like the park at your new house – most of that place from the Teaser was UNDER WATER!!! I know you don’t want to have to wear your boots ALL the time!!!!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


    • Rain heading our way tomorrow! Hopefully no severe stuff but that system that’s in the south is part of what we’re getting tomorrow………YUCK! More rain there so it might be time for CH to get going on that ark!

      Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted (and Mom)


  2. My one and only First Commenter badge came via a post that showed up late for you. I’d blame the A/V Club for this, they’re responsible for making sure the teaching aids all work properly…

    I’d also like to take this time to thank the four bloggers who liked my irreverent reply yesterday! I’m not sure if my prison fascination is becoming popular, or it was a show of support for our beloved Suzie Q and her unique vocabulary…

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHA…I remember that! So when are you gonna win ANOTHER ONE??? HUH??? Glad you had some bloggers visiting you and appreciating your (ahem) unique brand of humor…..or maybe they just wondered if you looked like an Evil Squirrel????

      Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted (and Mom)


    • It was a bit of both! The prison was entertaining and then the thought of you hosting an uncensored Suzie was too much – that’s bravery (well, not exactly bravery, but that word will have to do for now)!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Angel Sammy and Teddy!!! Hope you are doing well! Will you guys ask Mom if she has checked her mailbox today yet…something was supposed to have been delivered…*wink wink*

    Hugs to you all!! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

    phoebe and samantha 🙂


    • YES SWEET LADIES! Mom sent you a note thru your site’s CONTACT yesterday – we wanted to email you regular email but couldn’t find your email address! MOM WAS SO EXCITED SHE COULDN’T STAND IT!!!!!!! We love you to bits…what a special present from such a special lady……….thank you.

      Love, Angel Sam (and Pam) – Phoebe, I hope you got my note by now!


  4. My mum has been to Monaco several times and seen it from the sea coming into port on a tender boat, but she would never have guessed that was where your Teaser was. Concats to the first guesser, Bacon. Concats to you for fooling all of us.


  5. Technology… sometimes it does weird things! But it made for a funny post and a silly poem from Suzie Q 😛 ConCATs to the REAL first guessers!!!


  6. Maybe we will just Guess what NEXT week’s will be… BALL PARK… we guess it will be a BASE BALL Park… NEXT WEEK. We Know were wouldn’t get it right so we may as well go with somethingy we WISH it would be. Just sayin.


  7. Thanks for that special award, Sammy and Teddy. Very nice of you. Mom will share it on our Friday post. Mom feels bad she didn’t get the Teaser, as she has been to Monaco. It was totally nondescript, except for that wall. Great Teaser, guys. Sending lots of love and hugs. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Glad you like your special award……..all three of you deserve that since Mom and I “blew it” when it came to FIRSTIES and WordPress didn’t help because it took them too long to POST Bacon’s note to us! Crazy huh? That’s cool that your Mom has been to Monaco. My Mom has always been curious about it.

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam and Ted


  8. Hilarious! Finally after weeks of coming in late, I got here on time. I sat in front of my laptop – bowl of Cheerios on one side and my hoof on the refresh button for what seemed like hours. Okay maybe it was only minutes but still I was ready to hit that reply button in a flash. It paid off – squeals with piggy excitement. Thanks my cousins! ❤ XOXO – Bacon
    P.S. I also sent something to you in the mail yesterday. There is something in the box that you may be unfamiliar with. When you "think" you know what it is, send me an email with your answer and I'll tell you if you are right or not. Love you cousins!

    Liked by 1 person

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