Pre-Tease Monday


Happy Pre-Tease Monday Teaser Fans!

The day before the BIG DAY and your chance to start fine-tuning your geography skills and making sure your eyes are well rested………because you’ll need all your skills tomorrow when we post our Teaser photo of the week!    Please remember also that the post is going to pop up some time that you can’t BET ON because Mom is the only one who knows what time it will go LIVE.   Who knows what she’ll pick…….6AM?  4AM?  Nobody knows!!!

When you first get the blog post though remember to pop right into comments and let us know you’re THERE – why?  Because you will probably be our FIRST COMMENTER!    WHeeee!

Are you in the mood for a Monday Pre-Tease SuzieQ cheer?    Maybe you have a bad case of the “MONDAYS” and need a little something to perk yourself up?   Suzie can do that!

Monday stinks
That’s what we all think!
The drudgery begins
The agony never ends
We slave at work all day
For hardly ANY pay
I think we should all complain
Before we go insane
Go tell your boss right now
That he’s a mean old cow!
Tell him that you are TIRED
Then you’ll probably get FIRED
This cheer was an April Fools joke
I just thought I’d give you all a good poke!
(yes I know I’m a coupla days late-so sue me!)

Ahhhhh……thanks Suzie.   That was truly inspirational.    It was also UNTIMELY since April Fools was a couple of days ago but who’s counting right?    It’s the THOUGHT that counts!

Suzie that cheer stunk……

Oh Sarge now that’s not nice………..Suzie was trying to get everyone READY for tomorrow’s Teaser…….in her own special way.

So Assistant Professor Teddy and I will be looking for you in class tomorrow………………you’d best be here………………if not, Sarge might come looking for you and I don’t think you want that to happen.

Yeah I didn’t think so……………………….

See you tomorrow class!

Angel Professor Sammy

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  1. First here?? MOL!! Does this count?? Um…well we can hope!

    We like the poem…but for petcretary she has Monday’;s off sometimes…like this one, Hooray!

    OK, gotta go to our nests now and get ready for that teaser time a coming…


    • Funny you should say that………Monday is my Mom’s favorite day too because Mondays remind her that she never has to go to work again – she can clearly remember DREADING Mondays and now it’s “just another day” !!!! Happy NOMOREWORKAVERSARY to your Mom!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  2. Thanks SuzieQ and gang. Mom is having a good laugh. Always an excellent way to start the week. You know we’ll be back tomorrow. And you know we won’t have a clue, so get that Greenie ready. And Teddy…get in your milk wagon like a god boy! Sending love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • HAHAHAHA……we probably could do a whole Teaser series with pix of baseball stadiums – wonder how well everyone would do other than knowing their OWN stadium?!?!?!?!

      Love, Slugger Teddy


  3. Susie’s pretty sizzlin’ cute, maybe even better lookin’ than bacoN!

    Did you know Nellie calls Monday Moan-day? Ha ha ha ha ha–that made me laff and laff. I think next week I’ll have a ManCat Moan-day post!


    • I like Moan-Day and it seems that everyone feels Mondays are so hideous that they ARE days to MOAN! I could do a Moan-Day post myself in fact – combined with the Pre-Tease……….after all, most of the Teaser followers do a lot of moaning and groaning knowing what’s happening on Tuesday! So you think Suzie’s a cutie? If I tell her that she will NOT stop bothering you – trust me…..

      Love, Teddy and Angel Sam


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