Teaser Tuesday #200


Welcome Class to Teaser #200!

Celebrating 200 Teasers and counting…..

Two hundred times we’ve had photos for you to guess and today we’ll celebrate that BUT FIRST – have you commented on this post yet?  You need to, because if you are the FIRST TO COMMENT, you will get this:

All the badges for today’s Teaser will have that “sticker” on them signifying that YOU won something for the 200th Teaser!   Anyway, hurry up and comment on this post then come back for the rest of class, the photos and the celebration……go ahead – we’ll wait for you…….


Today’s Teaser Photo is a GUEST TEASER as I told you yesterday.    I’m hoping it’s TOUGH……..Why?  Well it seems like for #200 we should be giving you a GOOD challenge right?   So I think maybe this is one but I’ve said that before and someone has guessed it in the first two minutes of class.   We’ll just hope for the best today right class?


SuzieQ told me that she has BIG PLANS for today’s cheer so while part of me says “uhoh” the other part of me says “what the heck” so let’s bring on Suzie!

I’ve got my cheering posse’
We yell but we’re never bossy
Two hundred teasers is tons!
I’m tired of shakin’ my buns!
But I admit it’s quite a feat
Now tell me that I’m SWEET!
Ra Ra for the Prof and Ted
Now let’s hear from the girl in red!

Concats on all these Teasers
They’ve all been real crowd pleasers
This class is full of cuties
Some real good lookin’ patooties!
I’m available for a date
I’ll give students a special rate!

Whoa now ladies – let’s keep these cheers “appropriate” for my class please!!!

Let’s hear it for the TEAM
Now everybody SCREAM!
They teach the golden rule
The rule says you have to play “nice”
And be good as sugar and spice
If we’re good we’ll get some cookies!
We’re not a bunch of rookies!

And our last cheerleader for today’s class:

I’m just too tired to jump
I’m just a ginger lump
Suzie made us TIRED
But we didn’t want to be FIRED
So now I’m just plain pooped
This knocked me for a loop!
Mind if I sit down – by Bobby the CLASS CLOWN!

Well Suzie thank you for bringing in the entire Cheering Squad…………I think that last young lady needs a NAP.

What say we get the Teaser posted now?    We’ve had some fun but it’s time to BUCKLE DOWN and get the Teaser rolling……………………let’s bring in our Silver Briefcase Guy then after that, we’ll have REFRESHMENTS to celebrate Ok?

Congratulations on 200 Teasers Professor – here’s the 200th one now!!

REMEMBER:  In order to be RIGHT with your guess today you must tell us in what CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN and in what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) this photo was taken!  

If you are the FIRST to correctly guess where this photo was taken you will win this:

If you are RIGHT but not FIRST you get this:

AND, if you are WRONG with your guess, you get a GREENIE:

As you can see, all the badges for today have a special sticker on them because this is our 200th TEASER!

Now – shall we have some refreshments?    Who wants to stand up and tell us what kind of cookies you brought today?

My Mom made some “school” cookies Professor Sam!

My Mom made “bacon chocolate chip cookies” because I know you and Assistant Prof Teddy like those!

My Mom made “Teddy Bear Almond” cookies just for YOU Assistant Prof Teddy!

AND we have fruit smoothies and hot chocolate to go with it!   Everyone you may leave your desks and enjoy the snacks!


Thanks for making the last 199 Teasers fun – let’s go for 200 OK???


About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! Two ginger cats - one left for the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2016 (but still keeps in touch...) and the other in the "here and now" having lots of fun. Join us as we try to bring smiles to everyone around us with our blog.

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    • Good Morning!!!! Looks like a three way TIE for FIRST COMMENTER – Miss Csilla, Oliver and Calvin and Da Phenny! You will all get the 200th Teaser badge for FIRST COMMENTER…..Concatulations!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Shucks…not early enough!
    We’re going to have treats for breakfast!

    Looks like somewhere in the place called Europe…might need a greenie-200, MOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful place! Filled with history, very vivid and friendly! It might be relatively close to my country. I think it’s not Germany, not Austria or the Netherland. Hmmmm! It’s really a toughie!


  3. Congratulations on 200 teasers. I have no idea where this is. More greenies for me. Suzie sure has some interesting friends. 😉


  4. Congrats on #200! What a fun class, we especially enjoyed the extra cheering staff! We will guess Prague, Czech Republic, even though it seems like maybe you’ve had that before, so it’s probably not right. 🙂


    • Oh that might be a super good guess but it might NOT (!!) – we’ll see tomorrow……meanwhile, my Mom and Dad HAVE been to Prague and thought it was a gorgeous city…….they’d like to go back some time.

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  5. Hi everyone!

    SuzieQ you’re sweet!

    Those teddy bear almond cookies are really cute.

    Now I have to think about the teaser. I feel I should know that place. I’ll have a think and come back if inspiration strikes.


    • HAHAHAHA Cupcake……it might be the park by your NEW house!!! At least you’re on a roll with 200 GREENIES…..that’s not so bad is it??? And it’s a SPECIAL Greenie today too in honor of 200 Teasers.

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam nad Ted


    • Oh gosh that sounds like an interesting place on the planet………..maybe it’s right? Guess we’ll have to wait Miss Csilla until we find out in class tomorrow!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  6. LOL… the cheerleaders! Yes Suzie, you are sweet… a little, er… a lot ditzy but we love you! The Teddy Bear Almond cookies… oh my GOSH! I could never eat one, they are just too cute! The Teaser photo… clueless. I will wait for the always helpful and all knowing CH to wake up and tell me where and what this picture is…. HA!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. OMC…Sammy and Teddy, after 200 Teasers it appears as if there is no fooling everybody. You’ve turned some of your followers into geography stars! This is a gorgeous village, but not someplace Mom expects to have the opportunity to see in person. We loved all the cheers, and we think it very kind of you to let us dummies have cookies and cocoa. Those Teddy Bear cookies are a work of art and so adorable. Congratulations on your 200 weeks. Sending lots of love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Oh my friends THANKS for coming by for the BIG 200 day! We can barely believe we’ve had that many Teasers either but here we are doing our “thing” on Tuesdays! It is a pretty village isn’t it? Lots of tiled roofs – we’ll find out tomorrow WHERE it is and we also hope you enjoy the cute cookies and the cocoa while you’re here! Mom, me and Ted ALLLLLL send you guys big hugs………

      Love, The Kimmell Gang


  8. 200 teasers that is so EPICALLY EPIC Angel Sammy, mew are amazing!

    Have no clue where today’s pic is, but going to say somewhere Spain MOL MOL

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox


    • Hi Basil my man!! THanks for coming by for the BIG 200! We’re feeling rather epic around here having done 200 of these babies and we will keep going as long as everyone is having fun (and sending in photos of course!). I just happen to agree with you that all those tiled roofs COULD be in Spain somewhere – we’ll find out tomorrow…..meanwhile again – THANKS!

      Hugs, Angel Sam and Teddy


  9. Suzie’s my kind of grrl cat! What a great celebration! Mes thinks mes will grab some cookies and goes surfing to sees if j it really is a photo of Brass Romania,and mes will grabs a 20th Special greenie to add to my collection.
    Loves and kisses to the whole gang!
    Oh, and mes must say, mes thinks Sarge is awfullying handsome
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • Oh Nellie – I’ll happily pass on your compliment to poor old screaming Sarge. He gets VERY FEW (any?) compliments. He will be quite flattered I’m sure. Enjoy your cookies dear girl and I’ll let Suzie know that you think she and her posse ROCKED the 200th Teaser today!

      Love and Snuggles, Angel Sam


  10. OMCs all those great cheers from the cheering posse.
    Tired of shakin’ my bun and ginger lump made us clapping like crazy women.

    Well one thing for sure there are tooooo many tile roofs for that photo to have been taking in the great State of NC!
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Madi I’m with you – I’d love to be the only tile roofer in that town – I’d for sure be sunning my buns on the Riviera instead of being stuck in the maze of that town with all the $$$ I’d make in the roofing biz! Tomorrow we’ll find out WHERE the photo was taken but I know it’s not NC nor is it VA!

      Hugs, Angel Sam and Teddy


  11. Befur we try the teaser we want to thank the cheer squat! Well done ladies you really shook that bootie. Kitty in red Mr Buttons will be calling later on. Now please may I have some Bacon Chocolate Chip and a smattering of all the other great noms Teddy. Say Thank Mew family. Sammy I cant believe that this is number 200! Wowzer Meowzer my friends! Keep up the fun!
    Timmy and Family


    • Hi Gang!! The cheer squad outdid themselves today didn’t they? There’s a rumor that they may show up at the Cardwood Derby at Scouts this weekend……….EEEK! Suzie said she’d pass Mr. Buttons’ message on to her. Please help yourselves to cookies and drinks to celebrate THE BIG 200!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  12. Whoa…. it looks like Mitzi was a bad influence on the cheerleading squad! I’ll make sure to better control her with the cattle prod from now on….. no, wait, I think she’d like that. Nevermind….

    Why should the 200th Teaser be any different from however many others I have answered… so I have to go with what I know. That building in the center would be the Pac Jail where you’ll find such hardened spirits as Inky, Blinky, PInky and Clyde (and sometimes Sue). Notice the convoluted maze any escapee ghost would have to wind its way through to break out of that joint. Not much chance of them getting away before one of the Pac Man guards chomps a power pellet and gobbles them up… which magically transports them by the eyeballs back to their holding pen….


    • Gosh Squirrel isn’t it just a TAD early to be drinking this morning?????? Hic…… Har Har Har…..seriously though, it really DOES look like a Pac Man game – hadn’t realized it’s such a MAZE but it is…..and I should think that most hardened criminals would rather stay in jail than risk being gobbled up and dragged by their eyeballs back to “The Pen”……..I bet I have a nightmare tonight thanks to this guess too! By the way, Mitzi actually behaved herself at the harvest Saturday – although she did seem to spend an inordinate amount of time BEHIND the barn………….

      Hugs, Pam, Angel Sam and Ted


  13. It appears that Suzie has been into the forbidden medicine cabinet and has partaken of the electric kool-aid. I don’t think that it’s Romania. I don’t see Legosi or Dracula. It might be that Suzie isn’t the only Kool Aid drinker.


  14. Woo Hoo!!! 200 Teezerss!! That iss sumfing to cellybrate fur sure! Befur mee has sum cookies an smoothie mee asked LadyMum fur her answer….
    Are you ready Unccle Sammy an Teddy boy????
    Here goess: Ohrid, Macedonia…..
    Yes that iss LadyMum’ss answer…do not ask mee how shee gotted that answer????
    Pleeze pass thee cookiess Teddy!!! 😉
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


    • OH WOW – that’s a fancy answer Siddhartha but who knows – it might be right?! I suppose we’ll just have to tune in tomorrow when I get the “ENVELOPE” with the answer in it huh? Have some cookies – they are DELISH!

      Love, Angel uncle Sam and Ted


  15. My mum came back for another look and had to decide between Latvia, Estonia and Romania. By the time she decided on Brasov in Romania she was far too late, and lots of other guessers had beaten her to it.


    • Gosh….it happens sometimes like that doesn’t it Flynn! Sorry your Mom didn’t get her guess in earlier but we’ll still have to see if that’s right or not tomorrow!!!!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • Oh you guys sure did study this one didn’t you? It might be Croatia but Mom says it also might not – don’t you hate it when humans dance around like that?!?!?! Tune in tomorrow and see how you did kiddos! Remember, even if you happen to be WRONG, you get a GREENIE!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  16. Well, after the chores were done and the invasion of an intruuder to fix the water filter, we asked petcretary to snoop around…and we found out that this was taken off a mountain side (we think) overlooking Brasov, Romania. Yes???
    Sure is an old city, and we would love to send petcretary on a tour of such places. There is a ton of history there fur sure!

    Off to nap while petcretary goes to do a bunch of errands. And we want to say thanks fur the pawyers fur MJF, he ate his noms last night and this morning too:)


    • YAY FOR MJF eating…..I hope he’s on the mend now. It’s awful when we don’t feel good and our peeps are worrying about us! You might be right on your Teaser guess but we have to wait until Professor Sammy tells us in class tomorrow what the DEAL is on the photo. Tune in tomorrow!

      Love, Teddy


  17. Soooooo many teasers ! BTW, the 200th day of the year is July 19th, which also happens to be National Daiquiri day, let’s celebrate again shall we? tee-hee
    I’m guessing Florence Italy, since they have a lot of red roofs there too. Your cheerleaders were especially perky today, my goodness what imaginations they all have 😉 Hugs and I Hope all is well with you Pam, Baby Bro Teddy and Angel Kisses for Sammy


  18. I think it is Sofia, Bulgaria. Not that I have been there or anything. Green is a pretty good color, over at Madi’s there is a photo of Madi’s green eyes, matching her kitchen chair.
    Yur Furend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong


    • Hi Louis! Good guess my friend BUTTTTTT while you are close, you’re not quite close enough! How about TRANSYLVANIA region in Romania?!?!?!?!

      Love, Angel Sam
      p.s. we think Madi’s Mom is nice to buy a chair to match her eyes!


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