Pre-200th Teaser Monday


What?????    200 Teasers???  

Yeah…that’s right!

Can you believe it?   Tomorrow we will be posting our #200 Teaser…………200 fun photos that you’ve had to try and figure out – that’s a lot of figuring isn’t it?    Well class, we will have to sort of celebrate tomorrow right?

YES Professor Sammy – we should celebrate – I’ll get Mom to bake some cookies!

Me too Professor Sam – I’ll get my Mom to make some cookies too!

Well that’s nice class……………we’ll have cookies and hot chocolate after class is over tomorrow – how’s that???

Bobby make sure your Mom doesn’t put any WACKY WEED in those cookies! We will NOT tolerate that! Got it?

Oh SARGE – I’m sure Bobby’s mother would never do anything like that – in fact I’m disappointed you would even bring up a subject like that in class!   Anyway, where was I……oh yes.   We’ll have a little celebration but we will STILL have class so that means we will STILL have a photo that you will need to examine and study and figure out.    Also, please remember that whoever arrives here in class FIRST tomorrow and leaves a COMMENT on the Teaser blog will win a SPECIAL “First Commenter” badge!    In fact, all the badges will have “200th Teaser” on them so you know you will want one of those right?   Better be ON THE BALL tomorrow then.

It will be a GUEST TEASER photo…………………………………………

What?  You’re sad that it’s a GUEST Teaser?  They’re the MOST fun!!!!!  C’mon – get in the spirit!

Suzie – we need you to cheer everyone up………

C’mon class, let’s be HAPPY
200 Teasers is really quite snappy!
The Prof has worked hard to give you some FUN
Just think about all those badges that have been won!
It’s been way cool visiting all the places
Seeing the sights and
happy faces
So get a GRIP and give me a giggle…..
No tears or frowns like
a SOUR pickle!

Thanks SuzieQ!   That’s the spirit!

So remember, tomorrow’s post will pop up at some surprise time……………………….not at the usual time for the blog posts – a SURPRISE time.    Be alert……… ready………….most of all BE AWAKE!

Don’t let us down class! 

You’re right Teddy – we want everyone to be tuned in tomorrow!  

See you in the morning……CLASS DISMISSED

One of my many “Nellie badges”…..thank you sweet Nellie!

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  1. Wow, 200 teasers! Congratulations! I’ll be here ready to party.

    I do have a question though…

    The last Tell All is 192. Have you been a really bad tease and not done a Tell All for some of the Teases? 😉


    • Gosh – that’s a good question and I have no idea what the answer is…..HAHAHA…….it may be early on we didn’t CALL our Tell Alls a “Teaser Tell All”…..that’s the only thing that comes to mind!

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  2. Two Hundred… 200! Wow!!! Hard to believe… just look forward to getting here on Tuesday and don’t even think about how many times the Teaser has been up and going! I’m trying to think, I think I have only known 1 but I have gotten here first a few times… 🙂 Cookies sound good, Bobby. Who is the little ginger with the glasses? See you tomorrow morning!


    • Tomorrow we may have SEVERAL “new faces” in the classroom…… 😉 Several of the students’ Moms are baking cookies tonight for tomorrow’s party in class……We’re having trouble imagining that we’ve had to find 200 photos for Teasers but then we also have re-used photos a few times through the years………..amazing……….200. WOW.

      Hugs, Pam


    • Suzie didn’t QUITE get her rhyming right on that line but it was close enough we think! HAHAHA Gotta love Suzie – well, you either love her or you hate her I suppose…….Tee Hee

      Love, Angel Sam


  3. Hey cousin! I will be here. I’ve been trying to be here on time but who knows with everything going on here lately at the Hotel Thompson. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon


  4. SIGH…. 200th Teaser… that is DEPRESSING… to US… it means that we have been TOTALLY WRONG 199 times and Counting. SIGH… We know we will ALSO hit the 200th Milestone WITH YOU… since we know about the TRIUMPH of Experience over HOPE. Just sayin. SIGH.


  5. Number 200th Teaser coming down the chute! Pawsome! Concatulations!! We might arrive early, but knowing petcretary and the time it is now…who knows! No promises, MOL! See ya!


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