Tuesday Teaser


Here We Go!

Please take your seats class……you know what today is!

So let me start today’s class by reminding you that whoever is the first to comment on THIS BLOG POST will win the FIRST COMMENTER badge……..sometimes we have more than one clocking in with a comment the first sixty seconds of the class but in that case, we’ll award everyone who comments in that first minute their OWN badge!  YAY!

Everybody ready?   Shall we start today’s proceedings with a reminder that in order to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER or even a RIGHT GUESSER you will have to know your stuff.   Yep – you will have to guess with the right town/city/village AND the right state (if USA) or country (if not USA) in order to truly be RIGHT.    Part of an answer doesn’t hack it.

Let’s see if Suzie would like to start things off today………………….!



Whoops – sorry Professor Sammy – I was in the little girls room and it takes a while to put this danged cheerleader’s outfit on after I DO MY THING………know what I mean?

I know what she means Professor Sammy – just thinking about Suzie’s plight makes me – well – have a NEED!

OK Bobby – hurry up and hurry back………….we seem to be having some problems jump-starting class today!!!!

tick tock tick tock

Now Bobby’s back, Suzie’s here and Sarge I believe has left the room to visit the litterbox BUT we’re going on without him…………………………..HIT IT SUZIE!

Today we’ve got a whopper
A genuine show stopper
This teaser is a doozy
And NO I’m not a floozy!
Good luck because it’s tough
The guessing is gonna be rough
Guess right you’ll be a winner
Guess wrong and you’ll be Sarge’s dinner!
(haha…..just kidding…..I think)

Thanks a bunch Suzie………………..let’s hurry up and bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase.  I’m glad Sarge was ABSENT during your cheer Suzie!

I’m here Professor Sam and Assistant Teddy…..lemme post the photo for you on the board!


Remember you will win a badge – and you actually will get one even if you’re WRONG – the world famous Greenie Badge is for those of you who are incorrect with your guess.   Now that’s pretty cool that even losers win right???  Right!

So let’s review – I need all the info on the photo and tomorrow when you come to class I’ll let you know WHO WINS WHAT!!  

See you tomorrow class!   Assistant Professor Teddy and I wish you good luck!

Angel Professor Sammy

P.S.  Please don’t forget the Harvest Party this Saturday! 

CLICK HERE for the scoop!

We’re getting lots of terrific pictures of those of you who are helping with the harvest…..remember you don’t HAVE to do a photo to be here and have some fun on Saturday.  If you choose to have your harvesting photo in the “harvesters gallery” Mom and I will put together, be sure and get your photo to us by the deadline!    Here are some “backgrounds” if you need them and you can use the outfits we provided OR something from your own closet……..or even come nekkid (eeeek)!

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    • Sure doesn’t look like what we’d think of in “castle” does it? Pretty building though – maybe you’re right about where it is???? We shall find out tomorrow dear Miss Csilla!!!! 🙂

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


        • I agree – why don’t you? This place might be available for a song – you should check into that…….if you had a water castle you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else for a swim – you’d jump out your window and SWIM!

          Hugs, Angel Sam


  1. that’s breda castle netherlands… can you please create a bedcap badge for the mama? she thought it is gymnich castle the former crib of kelly furmily… and while she was on it she had to see a video of a song furst and there we are… tooooooo late… sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh dear – is that an “onion” dome, indicative of an Orthodox church ? Or is it – umm- a castle in France? Pretty sure it’s NOT in Maine, USA.


  3. Hey, we are pretty early for us. Another beautiful place Mom has never been. We’ll take our Greenie. Sound as if all your participants need to be reminded to hit the letterbox before the Teaser posts. Sending lots of love all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are EARLY BIRDS today! So you’re taking your Greenie and going back to bed? Can’t blame you!!! It’s that kind of day – at least here – totally overcast but 46…..rained during the night – dampish out. Sending you Tuesday Hugs!

      Love, Angel Sam and Teddy too


    • Hi kids…you mean the black and white “x’s” by some of the windows on the building? I think it’s some kind of pattern on shutters but who knows! “X” MARKS THE SPOT maybe????

      Love, Angel Sam


  4. That looks like the Chokeefenokee State Penitentiary located on the swampland of rural Skeeter County in Florida. There aren’t many attempted escapes from The Big Choke due to all of the alligators patrolling the moat… and maybe even a rabid possum or ten…

    If the url for this post is to be believed, next week will be your 200th Tuesday Teaser! I hope you got something big planned (and that Bobby gets out of the potty in time for the party)….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Know what? We didn’t even NOTICE we’d done that many Teasers! Maybe we should film the class FROM the potty so Bobby will be sure not to miss anything?? Also, I think that The Big Choke would be a really GOOD spot to locate a prison – and THAT must be why there are (again) no bars on the windows?????????? Thanks for letting Mitzi join in the harvest fun……I’ll have to keep Mitzi away from Suzie or the entire event will have to be XXX-rated!

      Hugs, Pam


  5. Hello hello ! I only know two places that build in water and one of them has very few trees, so I’m guess Bruges, Belgium 😀 Win or Lose, I’m glad I made it over during the daylight hours, ha! happy Tuesday Teddy, Angel Sammy and Pammy xoxox


    • You’re not the “lone ranger” when it comes to cheating……HAHAHA…….just because someone ELSE guessed what might sound RIGHT to you so you hop on board their train isn’t cheating anyway – it’s AGREEING with another blogger! TEE HEEEEEE

      Love, Angel Sam


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