Pre-Tease Monday


The Calm Before the Tease

Yes indeed – it’s just about time for the Teaser – can you believe it’s been a whole week since we got ready for a Teaser photograph here in geography class?????    Time sure is flying by isn’t it?   Well I guess we’d better GET TO IT!

First of all, you must know that we have a GUEST TEASER tomorrow – yes and don’t groan – I know you worry about those more than if I’m using one of my own BUT think positively OK?


I thought the Prof said NO GROANING!!!!!!!

Thanks Sarge.  I think you put the fear in the class and I won’t expect any further groans.   Even from Bobby who has his hand raised in the back of the class – YES BOBBY?

Sorry Professor Sammy but Sarge yelling at us made me need to use the litterbox!

You’re excused Bobby.   Remember to wash your hands please.

ANYWAY – WHERE WAS I – oh yes.   It’s a Guest Teaser photograph AND also remember that it will pop up at a DIFFERENT time from my usual daily post – it’s a surprise – that’s so we might catch everyone off guard – sneaky huh?

Also, if you are the FIRST to comment on the Teaser post – even if you don’t guess but just comment on it, you will win this:

You know you want it, so PAY ATTENTION to your computer/iPhone/iPad, WHATEVA so you see when the post arrives!

Suzie would you like to cheer everyone on for tomorrow or are you “saving yourself” for tomorrow’s class?

How about a quickie (cheer that is!)
You shouldn’t be so picky
Tomorrow I’ll do a full cheer
But today you’re lucky I’m just plain HERE!

OK – we’ll get full cheering service tomorrow – thanks Suzie.

Remember we have badges for other prizes tomorrow too associated with the Teaser AND that you must guess the name of the city/town/village as well as the country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) where the photo was taken.    That’s right – we want the whole thing or ELSE.

Before you ask me – YES this is going to be a TOUGHIE!

So I’ll see you all back here in class bright and early-ish in the morning right?   RIGHT?



You can go to Study Hall now………and good luck tomorrow!   CLASS DISMISSED………

P.S.   In case you missed the announcement

OR the details, the BACON HARVEST is coming!  CLICK HERE for the scoop! 


About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! When I went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016, my Mom and Dad adopted Teddy from the same shelter where they got me 17 years ago.......he's a cutie......I'm teaching him ALL I know. It's great that I can continue blogging from the Bridge - we have great wi-fi up here! Teddy and I will tell you all about our adventures together AND we have some fun blog features every week too. It's nice to meet you..........have fun with TWOSPOILEDCATS!

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  1. a guest teaser? …that means it’s probably not maine usa, right? or maybe it is? I’m ready and I think the mama should throw the ole oranges in the trashcan today before I come too late for da teaser … they are still there and there is just a saying about lemons not about ole oranges…

    Liked by 1 person

    • You still have those oranges there? Uhoh….I imagine they are getting DANGEROUS by now! Orange-bombs are kinda like cheesecake Phenny so STAY AWAY! Yes the Teaser might be tough… fact I’m fairly SURE it’s tough….so BEWARE!!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • I thought it only fair to warn everyone that this WILL be difficult……now I’ve said that before and we’ve had a right guesser within a minute of posting so we’ll just have to SEE!

      Love, Angel Sam


  2. Yes for sure wash your paws…the rule is to sing Happy Birthday song to the end then you are thoroughly clean! A toughie you say…I’ll be sure mom eats some brain food tonight
    Hugs madi yoru bfff


  3. We’ll be back, and just like the post, we’ll appear at an undisclosed time. Mom has the dentist tomorrow morning, and we bet she’ll forget to check before she goes, so we won’t be first at anything. That’s okay, we mostly just come for the fun. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • We may or may not see you tomorrow but no worries…..I think this will be a toughie so it could be a while before ANYONE gets this one! TEE HEE Hope the dentist goes OK….

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  4. Howdy cousin. I’m going to try to catch your post when it comes out tomorrow. I’m going to make sure my belly is full tonight so I can be on piggy patrol. Yep. I am. Can’t wait! XOXO – Bacon


  5. Hooray fur the arrival of the Springtime!! The season of new beginnings and sunny times, and flowers! Well…um..our crocuses are frozen to death because they woke up too early and while the day started out in sun beams, now its all clouded over…well, if we get more rain, well, that will help green it up…so we guess its all good:)

    A toughie huh? Hmmm.
    Windows and water?
    Maybe with all the rain we had here last night and later today we can hang fishing poles out of some of the windows and get a fish supper. Whoot!

    See you tomorrow! Will we be furst?? Um…time will tell, MOL!


  6. Sarge, go easy on Bobby/ He is a good boy and doing his best. Suzie…I swear, no one more darling than you in looks but boy, you got a meower on ya!


    • Hi Katie……I think Sarge feels that Bobby has some kind of bladder issue (haha) but I’m making sure he’s not ABUSING his privilege as Class Monitor (Sarge that is!)……Suzie does have quiet the meower on her and every time she does a cheer I’m kind of cringing inside just waiting for the PUNCH LINE…….who knows what she’ll do at the Bacon Harvest – she SAYS she’ll be cheering us on but who knows!!

      Love, Angel Sam


  7. We’ll be here tomorrow at some time. My mum has to remember that you are only 4 hours behind us at the moment and not 5.
    She said she likes a challenge but I prefer the Teaser to be easy with a big signpost. She says that would be no fun though.


    • Good luck Flynn…….I forget how OUR time change effects everyone else. You know, sometimes I think a Teaser is gonna be tough but it’s NOT for everyone who sees the photo and today’s MIGHT BE LIKE THAT! Good luck to you and your Mum…….!!

      Love, Angel Sam


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