Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Happy Sunday!  It’s Time for Selfies!

Every week we play along with Kitties Blue at THE CAT ON MY HEAD and add our Selfie into the mix……….everybody likes to “strut their stuff” and Sunday is the day to do it.   Just click on their badge and go there to use the LINKY tool and enter your blog link to join in the FUN!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Again, I let my little brother Teddy handle our Selfie entry……….why?   Well he’s very photographable (!) and besides, now that I’m an Angel, it’s only fair that HE be the “main star” of the blog.   Oh don’t get me wrong – I’m not going anywhere – but Teddy is the new “force to be reckoned with” around here and I want to give him his AIR TIME!

Happy Sunday from ME and the Teddy Bear Boy!


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  1. Hi Teddy, that is a lovely selfie. I see we are bookends again this week which is only right now that we are honorary brothers.
    Hi Angel Sammy. I understand you letting Teddy be the main star now. I’m glad to hear you won’t leave it all to him though. It’s the same in a way with Eric having his day on Fridays. He will have the Sunday Selfie next week too as it will be 4 years since he had to leave us.


    • Four years…I bet it seems like a shorter time than that Flynn. My Mom and Dad are still having some very sad times but I kind of think that’s normal and probably will always be that way even though they adore Teddy and he makes them smile again……..I will still be around on the blog for sure but Teddy is the new STAR. I hope you and Teddy will try to STAY bookends every week – it’s kind of a fun “honorary brother tradition” !!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


      • I hope Teddy and I can continue to be bookends too, just like we were. It is natural for your mum and dad to still have sad times. My mum and dad do as well even though it is 4 years since my brother left. My mum did Eric’s selfie for next week when she helped me with mine and she was crying floods when she did it.


        • I think that “hole in the heart” is never healed is it Flynn…..I just hug my Mom’s leg when she gets leaky…….No matter how much time goes by, they remember us like we were still there ALWAYS.

          Hugs, Teddy


  2. Happy Sunday to you both as the day wouldn’t be complete without either of you! Teddy sure does look very colourful in his selfie, very spring into summer vibrancy. Purrs for a great week to you all.


    •…………………no download – you can play with it online – upload a photo and do some magic!!! Lots of fun and this was a particularly pretty “look” !!

      Love, Angel Sam


  3. Hi Boys! It’s very nice of The Big Brother to let Teddy have the spotlight. I thought he was a ginger though, not a purple and green kitty? Ha ha ha ha ha–sometimes I just crack myself up. The Human lacks a good sense of humor though 😉 We are very happy to see Teddy enjoying his new family so much. XOXOXO


    • Yeah that Lunapic place can make us look pretty psychedelic huh????!!!!! Spitty you’re so silly – get your human to give Lunapic a try and turn your shiny black furs into WHITE or light blue – could be an interesting punk look for you!

      Love, Angel Sam and Teddy the green/purple dood


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