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Friday Shopping and Filling-In!


Another TWO Posts In One Day! 

Today, we will do our Shopping Around the World post first.

As you all know, Shopping Around The World was started by Bacon from Pig Love and Fozziemum and lately Bacon has had several blog buddies “Guest Host” this monthly event – we did it last month and this month is Da Phenny’s turn!     This month he chose desserts or sweet treats/comfort treats as the item we should share a recipe for – – something we LOVE to have in our tummy.   We are to share the recipe but more importantly, we tell what the ingredients cost – because it’s amazing to see the difference in prices “around the world” !!

My Mom remembered earlier this week that one of her absolutely ALL TIME favorite comfort foods was a dessert and one of the few that does NOT involve chocolate.    Her Mom used to make this ALL THE TIME and she made it years ago but had forgotten about it.    What are we talking about???

Banana Pudding with Vanilla Wafers

There are a million recipes for this delightful treat and many ingredients are optional for sure……….but one thing they almost ALL have in common is banana pudding mix, bananas and vanilla wafers!

The recipe my Mom makes could NOT be easier……………you can dress the top of this up with whipped cream but my Mom just puts a layer of wafers on top.   Prices in our store in RED.


1 or 2 packages of banana instant pudding mix (you don’t have to use instant but it sure is EASY!) – one or two means whether you want a LARGE dessert or small!   Mom uses TWO packages.   ($1.19/box)

Milk ($1.49 for 2%, 64 oz.)

Fresh bananas ($.49/lb.)

Box of  Vanilla Wafers  ($2.99 a box)

Make the pudding according to the directions – my Mom usually puts SLIGHTLY less milk in than it calls for on the box…….makes it a bit thicker.    While it’s setting up, Mom puts a payer of vanilla wafers on the bottom of the container she’s going to fill with the mixture………..then whacks up 2 or 3 (or however many you want) bananas – thinnish slices and mixes them into the pudding mixture before she dumps the whole thing into the container with the wafers on bottom.    After you put the mixture in, add more bananas to the top or add more wafers to the top – or put whipped cream on top or WHATEVER you want to do to the top is good!

HOW EASY CAN IT GET right?   Pop it in the refrigerator and it is a banana-lovers’ dream.

NOW – shall we Fill-In sentences???

This is another weekly blog hop which we LOVE to do.   We love reading everyone else’s answers too – really find out some interesting stuff about our friends this way!!  Tee Hee   This Hop is co-hosted by our friends Miss Ellen at 15andMeowing and Miss Annie at McGuffy’sReader.   Click the badge above to go to McGuffy’s where you will find a LINKY TOOL and you can add a link to your blog where you can share YOUR fill-ins for the below sentences!    Miss Annie does two and Miss Ellen does two…………This week Teddy gets to fill in and his contributions to the sentences are in GREEN!

1. The first thing I think about in the morning is waking Mom up without waking Dad up so we can have quiet time together (and she can feed me!).
2. The last thing I think about before sleep is finding my white mousie because I always bring it to bed with me.
3. I am looking forward to Cat Scouts this weekend – we’re having a Derby Race with cars we’ve made out of cardboard boxes!  

4. I am so pleased that Angel Sammy is teaching me what I need to know to have a safe and happy life in my forever home.

Now that was FUN!    Another double post – we did one yesterday too………What’s on tap for tomorrow?    Well you know by now that it’s BACON SATURDAY and Teddy will again be the STAR – now that he’s taken over as KING OF BACONIA it will be HIS post tomorrow.    Of course I’ll help him if he needs me (wink).

The Ginger Boys………………

Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


It’s Double Bubble Day!

Well actually I mean TWO posts for the price of one day…….


Today is Thankful Thursday over at Brian’s and if you click the above badge, you will go to his blog and if you’d like to tell the world what you are THANKFUL for, use the linky tool and join in the blog hop!    I’m THANKFUL that my brother Angel Sammy is still guiding me from the Rainbow Bridge – I’m sure it’s why I’m never getting in trouble – after all, I’m a kitten and kittens usually get in trouble right?  Not me – I’ve got AN ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER!

It’s also my brother Angel Sammy’s THOROUGHLY POETIC THURSDAY today:

Thanks Teddy! 

Today we celebrate the letter “P”


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 3/30/17

A kitty’s paws can say so much

A claw in anger or a loving touch

Our paws don’t just move us from here to there

They can tell a human how much we care

We touch your leg when we’re at your feet

A reminder that we’re THERE and ready for treats!

We need our paws to climb a tree

Must keep an eye on the neighbors dog you see!

We need our paws to play with our toys

If we give them a poke they might make a noise!

Some cats have special paws like ME

We are equipped POLYDACTYLY !

There you have it everybody…………..our Thursday “Double Bubble” post!     If you have written a poem for “P” like my brother Angel Sammy, you can either write your poem in OUR comments here on OUR blog or you can give us your blog link where we can read your poem there…………either way – why not write a poem today for fun?

Tomorrow is Shopping Around The World being guest hosted by our buddy Da Phenny.    Remember to post your recipe for a dessert or special yummy treat and link to Da Phenny’s blog and also to Bacon (our usual host for “Shopping”)  !    Tomorrow is also Friendly Fill-In Friday at McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing – lots of fun with this hop as we learn more about each other!

Big Teddy Hugs,

and one from Angel Sammy too!

Teaser Tell All


The Scoop on the Teaser!

First of all thanks for helping us celebrate the 200th Teaser yesterday………it was great – we had lots of people stopping by just to wish us at least 200 more Teasers but also to PAR-TAY with us a bit and have a guess at the photo this week!

We tried to use a photo yesterday that would be TOUGH…………….we really did!    We had a Guest Teaser post and when we saw this photo we thought “that’s the one!”  – as it turned out, it was guessed correctly fairly quickly!   Oh well – maybe next week???

Here’s the photo from yesterday:

This is a rather interesting aerial view of the town of Brasov which is in the Transylvania region of Romania!   Just look at all those tiled roofs……and so many winding streets and courtyards.   We owe this photo to our friend Gracie of “Goodness Gracie” and SHE got it from a friend in Indianapolis, Indiana who has been here.   THANK YOU EVERYONE!   Here’s your badge of thanks!

For Gracie and her Friend for the Teaser of 3/28/17

I bet you wanna know WHO won all the special badges yesterday right?    Well, first of all we had a THREE WAY TIE for “FIRST COMMENTER” (that happens sometimes – we have lots of fast fingers trying to compete for first and as long as they all arrive in the first minute – they all win!).   Who:

Miss Csilla, Da Phenny, and Oliver and Calvin!


Next we have our “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER”……………………..and she was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS……………..Miss Csilla!

And we had SEVERAL others who guessed right too – all of YOU get this:

By now you know that even if you guess WRONG, you’re still a WINNER – and for all the WRONGIES, we have a GREENIE!


Thanks for helping us celebrate
If you’re ready to guess – you’re WAY TOO LATE!
Miss Csilla won – she’s knows her stuff
Now don’t be jealous, don’t get in a huff!
Next week you might be first you see…..
Then maybe you’ll get a big KISS from me!

So we bring our 200th celebration of Teaser-hood to a close………………thanks everybody for making Tuesdays around here so much fun.    We will continue as long as you’re enjoying it – and as long as we have photos to share of course!

Tomorrow is Thankful Thursday at Brian’s and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday HERE.    Our letter to celebrate this week for a poem is the letter “P”.    Why not write a poem about something starting with “P” and join us????   It’s fun……….honest it is……….and you can spread your wings and try something NEW if you haven’t written a poem before………….

Class Dismissed until NEXT Week!

Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!


Hugs, from Angel Prof Sam and Assistant Prof Ted

Teaser Tuesday #200


Welcome Class to Teaser #200!

Celebrating 200 Teasers and counting…..

Two hundred times we’ve had photos for you to guess and today we’ll celebrate that BUT FIRST – have you commented on this post yet?  You need to, because if you are the FIRST TO COMMENT, you will get this:

All the badges for today’s Teaser will have that “sticker” on them signifying that YOU won something for the 200th Teaser!   Anyway, hurry up and comment on this post then come back for the rest of class, the photos and the celebration……go ahead – we’ll wait for you…….


Today’s Teaser Photo is a GUEST TEASER as I told you yesterday.    I’m hoping it’s TOUGH……..Why?  Well it seems like for #200 we should be giving you a GOOD challenge right?   So I think maybe this is one but I’ve said that before and someone has guessed it in the first two minutes of class.   We’ll just hope for the best today right class?


SuzieQ told me that she has BIG PLANS for today’s cheer so while part of me says “uhoh” the other part of me says “what the heck” so let’s bring on Suzie!

I’ve got my cheering posse’
We yell but we’re never bossy
Two hundred teasers is tons!
I’m tired of shakin’ my buns!
But I admit it’s quite a feat
Now tell me that I’m SWEET!
Ra Ra for the Prof and Ted
Now let’s hear from the girl in red!

Concats on all these Teasers
They’ve all been real crowd pleasers
This class is full of cuties
Some real good lookin’ patooties!
I’m available for a date
I’ll give students a special rate!

Whoa now ladies – let’s keep these cheers “appropriate” for my class please!!!

Let’s hear it for the TEAM
Now everybody SCREAM!
They teach the golden rule
The rule says you have to play “nice”
And be good as sugar and spice
If we’re good we’ll get some cookies!
We’re not a bunch of rookies!

And our last cheerleader for today’s class:

I’m just too tired to jump
I’m just a ginger lump
Suzie made us TIRED
But we didn’t want to be FIRED
So now I’m just plain pooped
This knocked me for a loop!
Mind if I sit down – by Bobby the CLASS CLOWN!

Well Suzie thank you for bringing in the entire Cheering Squad…………I think that last young lady needs a NAP.

What say we get the Teaser posted now?    We’ve had some fun but it’s time to BUCKLE DOWN and get the Teaser rolling……………………let’s bring in our Silver Briefcase Guy then after that, we’ll have REFRESHMENTS to celebrate Ok?

Congratulations on 200 Teasers Professor – here’s the 200th one now!!

REMEMBER:  In order to be RIGHT with your guess today you must tell us in what CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN and in what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) this photo was taken!  

If you are the FIRST to correctly guess where this photo was taken you will win this:

If you are RIGHT but not FIRST you get this:

AND, if you are WRONG with your guess, you get a GREENIE:

As you can see, all the badges for today have a special sticker on them because this is our 200th TEASER!

Now – shall we have some refreshments?    Who wants to stand up and tell us what kind of cookies you brought today?

My Mom made some “school” cookies Professor Sam!

My Mom made “bacon chocolate chip cookies” because I know you and Assistant Prof Teddy like those!

My Mom made “Teddy Bear Almond” cookies just for YOU Assistant Prof Teddy!

AND we have fruit smoothies and hot chocolate to go with it!   Everyone you may leave your desks and enjoy the snacks!


Thanks for making the last 199 Teasers fun – let’s go for 200 OK???


Pre-200th Teaser Monday


What?????    200 Teasers???  

Yeah…that’s right!

Can you believe it?   Tomorrow we will be posting our #200 Teaser…………200 fun photos that you’ve had to try and figure out – that’s a lot of figuring isn’t it?    Well class, we will have to sort of celebrate tomorrow right?

YES Professor Sammy – we should celebrate – I’ll get Mom to bake some cookies!

Me too Professor Sam – I’ll get my Mom to make some cookies too!

Well that’s nice class……………we’ll have cookies and hot chocolate after class is over tomorrow – how’s that???

Bobby make sure your Mom doesn’t put any WACKY WEED in those cookies! We will NOT tolerate that! Got it?

Oh SARGE – I’m sure Bobby’s mother would never do anything like that – in fact I’m disappointed you would even bring up a subject like that in class!   Anyway, where was I……oh yes.   We’ll have a little celebration but we will STILL have class so that means we will STILL have a photo that you will need to examine and study and figure out.    Also, please remember that whoever arrives here in class FIRST tomorrow and leaves a COMMENT on the Teaser blog will win a SPECIAL “First Commenter” badge!    In fact, all the badges will have “200th Teaser” on them so you know you will want one of those right?   Better be ON THE BALL tomorrow then.

It will be a GUEST TEASER photo…………………………………………

What?  You’re sad that it’s a GUEST Teaser?  They’re the MOST fun!!!!!  C’mon – get in the spirit!

Suzie – we need you to cheer everyone up………

C’mon class, let’s be HAPPY
200 Teasers is really quite snappy!
The Prof has worked hard to give you some FUN
Just think about all those badges that have been won!
It’s been way cool visiting all the places
Seeing the sights and
happy faces
So get a GRIP and give me a giggle…..
No tears or frowns like
a SOUR pickle!

Thanks SuzieQ!   That’s the spirit!

So remember, tomorrow’s post will pop up at some surprise time……………………….not at the usual time for the blog posts – a SURPRISE time.    Be alert……… ready………….most of all BE AWAKE!

Don’t let us down class! 

You’re right Teddy – we want everyone to be tuned in tomorrow!  

See you in the morning……CLASS DISMISSED

One of my many “Nellie badges”…..thank you sweet Nellie!

Sunday Selfie Hop


Let’s Hop!

Every Sunday we join The Cat On My Head’s selfie blog hop and boy is it fun.   We love to see everyone strutting their stuff in a selfie…………today we let Teddy shine again – he’s the star of the show pretty much these days around here.   We did a Lunapic selfie with the “Sadness” filter – why “Sadness”?   No reason – we’re FAR from sad…………we had a wonderful time yesterday with the BACON HARVEST….it was just an interesting effect to Teddy’s photo that’s all!

Want to join in the Hop?  Just click the badge below and use the Linky Tool The Cat On My Head has ready to use and WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM, you’re in!

That’s my little brother hugging MY old mouse toy!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Bacon Harvest yesterday.  It was so much fun……wouldn’t have been the same without all of you!   If you missed it, go back to yesterday’s post and check it out.  It was amazing.   We had a GIVEAWAY too – everyone who said they wanted to be in the running for the Giveaway went into the Randomizer online and we’re excited to say who the THREE winners are:

LAYLA (Cat Wisdom 101) 

Da Phenny (Easy Weimaraner)

Timmy (Timmy Tomcat)

Concatulations winners!!!    Please email my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com with your mailing address so we can send you your surprise package!  

Teddy and I say “Happy Sunday”!


Bacon Harvest Time!


Welcome to the Harvest Party!

Teddy and I are mighty glad to see you!

We’re going to work our buns off harvesting this fabulous crop of bacon but we’re ALSO going to have a whole lot of good old-fashioned fun……………..not to mention a GRAND bacon buffet cooked up from the fruits of our labor.    Thanks to all of you who are stopping by – whether you’re harvesting with us today or just hanging out with us and watching us as we work.   Pull up a chair and a lemonade and sit a spell!

My good friend Madi has a refreshment wheelbarrow she’ll be pushing around the grounds today so when she heads your way, just ask for something to wet your whistle!

Madi and her “Refreshment Wheelbarrow” – look for her!!

There are some spots you can enjoy in the shade OR put out a blanket and lie in the sunshine if you’d rather…………………

Teddy and I will be cruising around the greenhouse area and the grounds giving Queen Nellie a ride in our wagon…………we don’t want her getting overly tired so we thought we’d be her “chariot” for the day!     Make sure you say howdy-do when you see her……..after all, it’s not every day you get a visit from the Queen!!

Now, just a quick reminder for those of you who haven’t been with us for long, our bacon greenhouse was started when we received as a special gift, a package of magical bacon seeds from our good friends The Cat On My Head.   I know what you’re saying – WHO EVER HEARD OF GROWING BACON FROM SEEDS?    Well if they are MAGIC, they grow!

So we planted them and watched the plants get bigger and bigger until they finally budded and now they are full of bacon goodness and ready to harvest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We should thank our greenhouse staff before we begin harvesting……………………thanks to the Greenhouse Snoopervisor and her crew!

Greenhouse crew you sure did well
The bacon crop really looks swell
Tasty, crunchy, and full of salt
Makes me want a beer or maybe a malt!
RA RA RA Let’s get going
I think my cheerleader undies are showing!

Uhhhh…..thanks SuzieQ – those of you who follow the Tuesday Teasers know Suzie our Teaser Cheerleader and she wanted to be here today to cheer everyone on……………….in her own interesting way!

Now I’ll repeat this a couple of times just so everyone “gets” it, but we are having a GIVEAWAY today in honor of the harvest.    All it takes to be in the running for one of THREE PRIZES is leave a comment on THIS BLOG and say you’d like to be part of the giveaway.   You don’t have to be a harvester either…..if you’d like to be eligible for our giveaway JUST SAY SO.    How the giveaway will work is that we will use an online randomizer and put all interested parties names in it and let it randomly pick THREE winners.   We’ll announce the winners on Sunday’s blog post – AND send winners an email if we can to get your snail address!    EASY PEASY!

Now – on with the show………………..We have a great slideshow below to show you the harvesters in their harvest finery…………..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Let’s ride over to the snackable area and see what delightful and delectable bacon treats the bacon chef has put together from the harvest so far!   Everybody please help yourselves – try everything – you know you want to!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shall we walk about and see who’s doing what?    Oh there’s Madi and her wagon – let’s grab a drink and snack from her!   I bet she’s getting a lot of “takers” for the snackables!

Madi and her “Refreshment Wheelbarrow” – look for her!!

Timmy Tomcats’ WHOLE CREW working hard………

Allie, Mauricio and Cooper Murphy “bringing home the bacon” (haha)

Part of what we’re going to do today is the passing of the crown to my little brother Teddy.   You know now I’m an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge – and I love being an Angel and love being able to come here on a day pass (or if I’m lucky a weekend pass!) and visit with my Mom, Dad, Teddy and all of you.   But I AM gone now………and the passing of the baton from ME to Teddy is just a natural part of things moving on.    I decided that I should give Teddy the crown as KING of Bacon (or Baconia as we call it) and I will be the King Emeritus!    Teddy is excited about taking over the position and I hope that all of you will be happy with him as KING.    Here I am on the throne one last time……….

It’s been a pleasure being the King believe me………….and I’ll have just as much fun being King Emeritus…………but it’s now my EXTREME pleasure to introduce to you, our NEW King of Baconia, KING TEDDY!


Thank you Nellie for the beautiful new Badge for Teddy!

Teddy will carry on the tradition of the Saturday BACON bonanza posts on the blog……………he loves the stuff as much as I ever did (and continue to do at the Bacon Buffet at the Rainbow Bridge!!!!!).

Nellie are you comfy????? Let’s go to the buffet area and see who’s there!

Allie, Mauricio and Cooper Murphy having a snack!! Thanks for harvesting today gang!


Just a reminder everyone – MAKE SURE and leave a comment on this blog post today and tell me if you want to be in the GIVEAWAY DRAWING…………….not everyone will WANT to be, but if you DO, let me know OK??

Shoko and Kali from Canadian Cats wanted each of you who came today to have a bacon bouquet from them.    And I have a package of FRESH HOMEGROWN BACON from our Greenhouse for each of you to take home too as a little thanks for all your hard work!

I hope you’ve had some fun with us today – – – we thought we’d do some fireworks to end the day on a LOUD and HAPPY note……………..sit back and enjoy the show……….and thank you for coming.    You are my friends and pals and always will be no matter if I’m HERE or at the BRIDGE……………..please remember that…………..always and forever.


Forever…….Angel Sammy

A “Memory Badge” for today!  Please take one!!

p.s.  A “mini-disclaimer” !!  If you sent us a photo and we didn’t use it, please don’t take it personally – this was a BEAR of a post to put together and “stuff happens”……..if we missed you please tell us and we’ll make sure and show your photo in a “follow up” post…….OK?   Thanks for understanding……………..

Mom and Blog Staff……………

Make sure and tell me if you want to be in the GIVEAWAY!!






Friendly Fill-Ins Friday


Time for Fill-Ins on Friday!

YES INDEEDY DOOOO – time to fill in some sentences provided to us by our TWO hosts for Friendly Fill-Ins.   McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing both contribute two sentences to us and we get to scratch our heads and come up with SOMETHING to put in the blanks!    After reading the sentences this week, we figured our Mom would need to fill them in again.    So she did, and her “fill-ins” are in BLUE.    If you want to fill in too just click on the badge above and go to McGuffy’s Reader to use their LINKY TOOL to put your blog post in!!   FUN??? YOU BETCHA!

1.In the Spring, I look forward to trying to get our grass to grow – I’d prefer a GREEN front yard rather than a BROWN (mud) one!

2. I would love to have a croquet party.   We have them in our front yard every year but unless I get that grass to grow – FORGET ABOUT IT!

3. Few know this about me, but my first job was as a civilian for the Department of the Army, Telecommunications Directorate, Communications Security Branch (how’s that for an important sounding office????).

4. No one is perfect!

Teddy and I are getting ready for tomorrow’s BIG BACON HARVEST PARTY here on our blog and we hope to see you there………remember, just show up – you don’t have to pawticipate in the harvesting – just have fun, eat some bacon goodies, wander through the greenhouse and stay out of the way of the tractor!!!   We’ll have a slideshow with pictures of all the harvesters who wanted to “strut their stuff” in their harvesting clothes and show you that they are not afraid of some good old-fashioned HARD WORK getting the bacon crop in now that it’s ripened up and is ready for pickin’ !! We will have a giveaway too that EVERYONE is eligible to be part of. The party will last ALL DAY LONG too so just come when you can.

We’ll be lookin’ for ya!

Angel Farmer Sammy and Mini-Farmer Teddy

Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday!


Double Blog Post Day!

Thursday is the day we are THANKFUL and the day we are POETIC so let’s get the show on the road………

First of all we can say that we are VERY thankful today – we’re thankful Spring is finally beginning to REALLY Spring after we had snow last week………we’re thankful that Teddy continues to keep all of us laughing our socks off every single day………we’re thankful that we got our brand new double wall ovens yesterday – that means Mom can make TWICE as much biscotti…….and we’re thankful that so many of YOU follow our blog and pawticipate in the fun like Saturday’s BACON HARVEST!    If you click on the badge below, it will take you to our host for Thankful Thursday – that’s Brian!!  You can go there and using the linky tool enter your OWN blog post to share why you are thankful.

Now for Part Two – our Thoroughly Poetic Thursday poem….

Today we are writing a poem about something starting with the letter “O” !

We are slowly but surely getting close to the end of the alphabet………..we might do something DIFFERENT after we make it to “Z” since we’ve done the alphabet twice now.    We can talk about that later though – right now let’s see what we can come up with for “O”!



By Angel Sammy Kimmell 3/23/17

Orange is a “lively” color, full of sunshine fun

Perfect for a kitten who lives his life on a full-out run!

The energy he has is amazing and so fun to see

Reminds me for sure of a very young ME.

He flies around the house, up and down all three floors of stairs

He has no regard for SAFETY so I keep him in my prayers!

For Teddy there are only two speeds – “rocket launch” and “sleep” –

His kitten brain is always working but his thoughts aren’t really deep!

He plays and eats and plays some more until he’s had his fill.

Mom has said she wishes the energy he has was available in a PILL !!

One thing’s for sure, our orange boy has brightened up the gloom

His “orange glow” lights up the night in every single room.

Adopting Teddy was OH SO RIGHT, my Mom and Dad did well…..

I set the stage for another orange boy…….now I can rest a spell…………

YAY – we squeezed out an “O” poem and I must say that I know someone ELSE who used “ORANGE” for their “O” today and it’s my new pal Cooper Murphy Blue at The Cat On My Head!   Cooper is a ginger boy like Teddy and the new boy in the household at Kitties Blue.    He also knows all about orange so we thought we’d both do ORANGE today.    If YOU want to pawticipate in Poetry Day, you can write your poem right here in my comments to share with everyone OR, leave us your blog link in my comments so we can come visit you and read your ODE TO O !!!

A reminder that my BACON BASH is Saturday………………..TODAY is the deadline to send in a photo of yourself in harvest gear if you want to but again – it’s not a requirement – just come to the party on Saturday and enjoy yourself and the “bounty” of the bacon greenhouse.    Those who want to send me a photo of yourselves in harvest clothes will be in the “HARVESTERS LINEUP” Mom and I will do so everyone can see you in your harvesting GARB!    We will be having a ton of fun and the party is ALL DAY so no matter when you stop by, you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves!

Questions about the Harvest Party?   Just ask……………we’ll get back to you!!    Meanwhile, HAPPY THURSDAY EVERYBODY!

Happy Thursday !!

Teaser Tell All


Tell All Time!

Hello Class!    I know everyone is anxious to know how the Teaser turned out yesterday – especially after I said it was an almost impossible photo and that it would be HORRIBLY HARD!

First things first……………..We had TWO “FIRST COMMENTERS”………………..two rang through during the first minute the post went live yesterday – who?


Both of you get:

First Commenter on 3/21/17


Now let me tell you that our GUEST TEASER had sent in a photo for the very first time for us to use AND we thought that it would be a very tough photo………that we just might fool everybody!   My Guest Teaser was Miss Ingrid of MEEZERS,MEWS & FRECKLES’ WOOFS (Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles) and it’s a photo of the Castle Bouvigne near Breda, Noord Brabent, Holland.    Such a gorgeous photo:

Well Miss Ingrid, we didn’t fool everyone (as you will see shortly!) but you STILL sent us a fab photo and we present you with the Guest Teaser’s Badge as a THANKS for sending it in!!

For Meezers,Mews & Freckles’ Woofs on 3/21/17

So I guess now you’d like to know who was the SMARTY who guessed the Teaser Photo first?    First of all it wasn’t long after we went live that we got the FIRST correct guess – and that was by Flynn’s Mum at Two Devon Cats!     I know Flynn is proud that he and his Mum put their heads together and came up with the RIGHT guess (turned out Miss Jackie has been there before!).    This is for you!

THEN came in several other CORRECT guesses as to where the photo was taken – – – all of you who were additional smarties will get this:


Of course there was a sprinkling of INCORRECT guesses and you all get the GREENIE for your collections!

Thanks Miss Ingrid and thanks to everyone for showing up to see the photo yesterday AND tuning in to see the winners TODAY!

Teddy and I hope to see you NEXT week!!

Please don’t forget the Bacon Harvest on the blog this Saturday…………ALL DAY………….details HERE!!   Deadline to submit a photo if you want to (that part is OPTIONAL!) is THURSDAY so only today and tomorrow left……….step right up everyone!!

Love, Professor Angel Sammy