Tuesday Teaser


Teaser AND Happy Valentine’s Day!

From us to all of you - thanks for being our Valentine!!!!

From us to all of you – thanks for being our Valentine!!!!


Welcomed to Geography class students.   I hope you are ready for your test this morning.   Today we have a GUEST TEASER photo and while it may be possible that lots will guess PART of this answer correctly, remember you must guess it ALL to get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!     I need to know what town,city,village AND what country (if not in USA) or state (if in USA) EXACTLY.    Got it?

OK – good – now before we get carried away – remember if you comment FIRST on this blog today you will get a prize!


Lovely huh?   You can let everyone know that you were ON THE BALL and got here early and commented right away………………..so go ahead and comment NOW if you haven’t – maybe you’ll win the badge!

"Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????"

“Professor Sammy can I please stay after class today and clean the blackboard for you?????”

YES Bobby you certainly can but it will NOT get you a higher grade or any extra points, or anything other than my undying gratitude that you want to help me out in class.

"oh..............well.........NEVERMIND then......"

“oh…………..well………NEVERMIND then……”

Hmm…..let me make a note of that in my grade book Bobby (makes notation next to Bobby’s name……).

Now, let’s move on to the next part of today’s fun – our little ball of agony FUN, SuzieQ!

The Prof is getting old He forgets that I am HERE Sometimes his brain is BOLD And I get to do my cheer! You never really know From week to week which day He changes things around and makes me want to say..... HEY PROF YOU SHOULD RETIRE AND LET A YOUNGSTER TEACH But I think that I would miss you Sometimes this job's a "BEACH" (tee hee)

The Prof is getting old
He forgets that I am HERE
Sometimes his brain is BOLD
And I get to do my cheer!
You never really know
From week to week which day
He changes things around and makes me want to say…..
But I think that I would miss you
Sometimes this job’s a “BEACH” (tee hee)

Uh……gosh………do I thank you or send you to the corner to wear a dunce cap Suzie!??????     Well, thanks – I think.    Let’s post the Teaser photos before all heck breaks loose……………

Reporting for duty Professor! I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…say – if Suzie is ever fired, I’d make a great cheerleader!




So I realize there’s not a lot of HINTS in these two photos but give me your best guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY and what COUNTRY OR STATE you think my Guest Teaser person snapped these photos in……………OK?    GOOD LUCK!

Now here are the badges you can win today!


I was going to introduce a BRAND NEW BADGE today but have had second thoughts………..it would have been for someone who “almost” guesses correctly.     Well that needs to be thought about a bit………would you win it if you guessed the right country?   No because that would be TOO EASY……….. would you win it if you guessed the right CITY but not country?   No because if you knew the city then you WOULD know the country.    So I’m thinking maybe we don’t need an “ALMOST RIGHT GUESSER” badge.   Unless someone out there has an idea WHAT would constitute winning it?   What would be a FAIR thing to require in order for someone to get an “ALMOST” badge?     Here’s what it would look like if we do it at all…………


See my problem?   Before we can do this, we need to decide WHO would win it (and I’m serious here…….!).

Until tomorrow when we gather together to talk TEASER TELL ALL, I’ll say Ta Ta!


Class Dismissed……Prof. Angel Sammy

P.S.   Here is another kind of TEASER……………..most of you know that my Mom and Dad adopted a new kitty on Saturday from the shelter where they adopted me 17 years ago.   He’s an 11- month old ginger tabby (gosh that sounds familiar right?) named TEDDY.    I found him for my parents – it took me a few months but I located the perfect cat for them and Teddy is the one!   I totally approve and the boy is a chip off the old block.    He now has a GUARDIAN ANGEL (me) and I have a Baby Brother !

My WONDERFUL pals Raz and Madi are going to co-host a  WELCOME day for Teddy in Blogville on February 19th – it will be a “HOP” and as soon as linky information is available I’ll post it here but I hope everyone will join in for some fun that day with my new brother.   Madi did this cute badge for the occasion!


Mom is going to do a post all about Teddy this Thursday along with the Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post…………so in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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    • Happy Valentine’s Day Sweet Katie!! It’s a tough Teaser today I’m afraid….sorry about that…..but still, it’s a day to celebrate LOVE and that makes up for a tough Teaser right? Have a wonderful day……..
      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam and Teddy


  1. Good Morning, Angle Prof!! My first thought was Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA. And that’s my last thought, too. Chip doesn’t know either.
    We think Teddy is adorable! And almost as good at “shrimping” as I am! I’d be happy to teach him my world famous “Shrimp Dive” from my last Olympic appearance!!
    Love, Scout Hermes

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hermes! Glad you like my baby bro – he’s a bundle of energy and keeping my Mom and Dad on their toesies for sure! The Teaser is a bit of a TOUGHIE this week so keep your thinking caps on and if something POPS, write to me again!!!!! Meanwhile, Teddy will be joining Scouts after he turns one year old on March 4th! LOVE, Angel Sam ❤


    • Part od the lyrics say:
      “en tu cabeza se comprime la belleza
      como si fuese una olla expres
      y es el vapor que va saliendo por la pesa
      magica luz en Cadaques.”

      Which would be something like:
      “In your head beauty is compressed, and goes out like steam of a pressure cooker, Cadaques’ magical light.”

      “Si tu reencarnas en cosa
      hazlo en lapiz o en pincel
      y Gala de piel sedosa
      que lo haga en lienzo o en papel
      si te reencarnas en carne
      vuelve a reencarnarte en ti
      que andamos juntos de genios
      queremos que estes aqui
      “eungenio” salvador dali.”

      Which would be something like:
      “If you reincarnate as a “thing” doing as a pen or a pencil
      And Gala (her wife) with her soft skin should do it as a canvas or paper,
      If you reincarnate as “meat” reincarnate as you, we have shortage of geniuses, we want you here, “Eugenio”* Salvador Dali”

      Eugenio is his name but in Spanish genius is “genio” so they use it as word play.

      And that’s it for me today, just because of this you should crown me KING of Teaser Tuesday from here till at least August.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Happy Valentine’s day to you, Teddy and your Peeps! Teddy is a master shrimper! That sure looks like Spanish architect to Me and Mom so we are guessing Spain but NO idea on town so we are in for the PART right 🙂 Have a fantastic Valentine’s day at the Bridge with all our friends!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m late, but I am here!

    Teddy looks relaxed and at home already – that’s good.

    I think the building is in Spain or Portugal, but I can’t say closer than that.


    • Hi Clowie! Teddy is adorable – like my “baby twin”……I’m giving him some good advice too – where to nap, how to hide toys under the furniture – you know, all the stuff HE needs to know! Thanks for coming by – I appreciate it and always look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  3. Mom says that it looks like a mansion that has been converted to a hotel where she at Dad stayed in Poggibonsi, Italy. She knows that it isn’t, so the best she has is Italy. Hope you dumped everyone, Sammy. Happy Valentine’s Day! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Hi KB Krew! The Teaser is kind of tough isn’t it…..sure is a pretty place though that’s for sure – wonder if it’s a hotel or a house – if it’s a house it’s HUGE!!!!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


    • Hi Herman and Mr. Bowie….thanks for visiting us today. Teddy looks a LOT like Sam but I think his stripes will be different…..and he’s not a polydactyl like Sam was. He’s a bundle of energy – makes me feel super old (!!). We love him to bits and I’ll share more photos of him “as time goes by”………..HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

      Love, Pam

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  4. As always, I have no clue as to where the photo was taken. We can’t wait to welcome Teddy. I am busy crocheting some gifts for him, I hope he likes to wear hats 🙂 I know you found Teddy for your folks Angel Sammy. XO


    • Hi Miss Ellen! If you decide to make a guess on the Teaser you can do that any time today but I don’t want to interrupt your crocheting because you are SO GOOD!!!! I don’t know how Teddy feels about hats – he doesn’t sit still long enough for us to find out……HAHAHA……he’s constantly on the move OR totally passed out – nowhere in between. Yes I did find Teddy for Mom and Dad…….I did good!!!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy
      Happy Valentine’s Day


  5. Good morning Sam and Teddy, our mom really goofed this morning. She forgot this was Tuesday, even though she just chatted with your mom yesterday and your mom reminded her that it was Teaser Tuesday. We’re going to keep her around anyway though because she’s still good at opening our wet food 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you Kimmels 🙂


    • Always give those who feed you a LOT OF SLACK when they mess up! Something I learned 17 years ago! Tee Hee………….glad you made it to Teaser……..and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM ALL OF US!!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  6. Oh dear I hang my head in shame for being so late to the Teaser but it was mom’s fault…
    today is their 47th anniversary and for some reason she THOUGHT she could be a slacker….
    revenge is sweet.
    Love the new badge, no clue where we are today but as usual Suzie Q cracked me up
    hugs madi your bfff
    Ps Teddy happy first Valentine’s Day and Angel Sammy kisses to you


    • Hi Madi! No worries about today because your Mom and Dad should be celebrating their DAY OF LOVE. Forty-seven years is no short-term link-up so they SHOULD celebrate!!! Visit me tomorrow and find out where the photo is from!

      Love and Happy Valentine’s Day
      Your Angel Sammy


  7. Let’s use the old burd brain. It’s like something out of a Shakespeare play. No, not Scotland and MacBeth. It’s Verona, Italy. I cheated, I smelled Juliette’s perfume in the picture.


    • Oh my – I didn’t know your nose was trained! It would need to be HIGHLY SENSITVE to smell Juliet’s perfume after a bazillion years yes????? By the way, you and Sarge sure did CUT A MAJOR RUG at the K-Oss party. Holy Moly!!!!

      Love, Angel Sam


  8. That is an interesting picture! What a lovely blue sky…meaning it gives the name of that place…Blue House…aka Casa Blava Blue House Cadaques; Emporda Costa Brava Girona in province Catalonia of (very sunny) Spain. Whoot, what a mouthful!!

    Imagine sitting in some of those windows and enjoying a sun puddle:)


  9. Gasp!! a new brother!! That’s just wonderfully-supercalla-awesome. OMGosh what a little sweetheart and really reminds me of you Sammykins. Teddy looks perfectly comfy at his forever home too. Concatulations one and all !!
    Now to the teaser…….it looks like an apartment my Brother-inlaw lived in in Puerto Rico, near the beach but I forget the town name. So I will make a guess of San Juan. Sending big hugs xoxo Boomdee


    • Oh Miss Boomdee you would just love my little brother Teddy – he’s a TOTAL LOVE BUG. I’m ashamed to say that I was not as cuddly as I should have been (!) but Teddy HAS IT ALL. He really is a doll and it took me a while to find him and get him at the shelter so Mom and Dad could adopt him BUT I DID! YAY FOR ME! We’ll have more to come on Teddy believe me! As for the Teaser – it might be Puerto Rico – we’ll find out tomorrow!!!!!

      Love and AQUA VALENTINE’S HUGS, Angel Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

  10. doodz……..we can tell ya were itz knot…..trout towne; but de structurez awesum; veree well
    kept up N kleen; the dee tail iz total lee awesum…purrhapz afturr de guess two morrow ewe can sharez a big a fy foto…. sew we can see thoz dee tailz ….we iz curree uz if thatz ivy on de wall two de rite !! 🙂 ♥♥♥


    • I used a SMALL second photo because of those sneaky DETAILS! Tee Hee………tomorrow I have a photo of the whole town AND I’ll use a LARGE photo of this. In the meantime, I wonder who is going to be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?!?!?!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  11. Hi Angel Sammy! Me and my mum think it is Cadaques on the Costa Brava in Spain. Teddy is a cutie. He has stripes like me which my mum calls leopard stripes because they are sort of speckled. .


    • YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!! You and your Mum get a RIGHT GUESSER BADGE dear Flynn! I hope you are giving your Mum lots of extra cuddles – I bet you are! As for Teddy, he does have different stripes than I had…..speckled and a VERY stripey tail. Our “socks” are different too and of course he has no extra toesies but we DO look a lot alike! My Mom and Dad are “gingerfans” !

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


    • Actually, one of the blog followers – Crazy Evil Squirrel guy – said HE would clean the blackboard because he didn’t have a clue about the Teaser! We have a CLEAN blackboard for next Tuesday!!! Not sure if you guys got my note but I couldn’t comment on your blog yesterday – maybe you have comment moderation on????

      Love, Angel Sammy


  12. Wow – look at us….Number NINTY SEVEN ————glares at MOM. Okay…we give her a break ’cause Dad had his doctor’s appointment today. We do have a guess…like the others we think it’s Cadaqués Spain. Now we’re going to hide our heads under the covers because we were SOOOOO LATE!

    The Florida Furkids


    • That’s right – your parents were BUSY this morning so you MUST forgive them for not being here to guess right away. You are RIGHT with your guess though so you get a RIGHT GUESSER badge! See? It’s not always BAD being late!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  13. Mee-you littul Teddy iss a cutie!
    Now down to bizness Unccle Sammy. LadyMum sayss thee foto iss taken inn Graz, Austria. Shee sayss shee iss sirtain! (Which ALL WAYSS wurriess mee!)
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Mee iss waitin to try out thee new badge, Unccle…..mew mew mew….


    • Oh dearie me…..I’m afraid your “certain” Ladymum was just a TAD off this week – it was from Cadaques, Spain where Salvadore Deli painted!!!! Sorry – please give her a hug from me for TRYING!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  14. It’s still Tuesday, late, but I made it. Beautiful place you have a photo of. No idea where it is though.
    Wishing everyone at your place a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
    Sweet Teddy is such a snuggle bug. So happy he is getting used to his new home. ❤


  15. Not only is mes TOTALLY late (like over 12 hours) mes does NOT have a clue where the pictures is!
    So Sammy, yous is my forever Valentine! And Teddy is such a cutie pie!
    Mes is his Valentine too (and of course your Mommy’s) yous guys is ALL my favorites!
    Now mes sending yous extra special Nellie Bellie Valentine Kisses
    Yours forever


    • Nellie I’m happy to hear that I will be your forever Valentine…..and Teddy’s……we are both happy about that AND happy that you came to visit us on Valentine’s Day!!! All of us including our Mom send you and your Mom lots of hugs……………..and for you sweet Nellie? I send you a most special kiss.

      Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy


    • It is Spanish……….and I agree that it very well could have been somewhere in California or Texas or a few other “Spanish-influenced” spots I can think of!!!!!! Teddy is available for Charmin-izing but Sarge might bite you if you do!

      love Angel Sammy


  16. Well, you know what I think it is. But since I was late to class today, I don’t have time to offer a proper guess. So I’ll just stay after class and clean off the blackboard while keeping Suzy Q company in the corner….


    • Gosh, if only you’d given us your guess but I can imagine it would have been “a prison in Spain where they make blue tiles as therapy instead of license plates like they do in the USA” – RIGHT?????? Thanks for cleaning up the blackboard!

      Love, Angel Sammy

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