Teaser Tuesday


Attention All Students! 

Report to class now please or Sarge will be looking for you!


Why Good Morning everyone……….you’re all out of breath like you ran all the way here!!   Was it the threat of Sarge coming after you that got your little legs moving?   Well, whatever it was, I’m glad you’re here now so we can start class for this week.  

First order of business is YOU commenting on THIS blog – yep – if you are FIRST to comment, then you will win a badge to show off!   This one:


So, if you’re interested in winning, go comment then hurry back and get in your seat again at your desk…….Sarge is HALL MONITOR so be quick about it!

Get the lead out!  Move it!  Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Get the lead out! Move it! Be back here in 60 seconds or less!

Alright!  Now that you may or may not be FIRST COMMENTER, remember that the other badges are available and they are for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS, and WRONG GUESSERS as below in the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please remember that in order to WIN you must give me the town/village/city AND the state (if USA) or country (if out of USA) where this photo was taken.   Has to be the whole thing or else Sarge will not be handing you your badge of glory tomorrow!     So let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase and see what he’s got stashed in the locked security briefcase this week shall we?????

Reporting for duty Professor!  I've kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week...makes showering tough but what the heck!!

Reporting for duty Professor! I’ve kept the photo SAFE and locked to my wrist all week…makes showering tough but what the heck!!




Yes Bobby?????

“Professor Sammy can I be excused to go visit the litterbox???”

Bobby class is about to be dismissed…….you’re in luck!

See you tomorrow for Teaser Tell All


Angel Professor Sammy (at your service!)


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    • You go back to sleep dear girl and when you wake up you can peek at the photo again! Stay warm…….I’m very proud of you for being SO EARLY though considering where you are and what time it is! Hugs to you AND your Mommy!

      Love, Your Angel Sammy


  1. Germany? but where…ya got me. I know all of the rivers having lived in the Country a long long time BUT this isn’t familiar. xoxox


  2. Uh-oh, where’s Susie? Were her antics too much for Sarge and he fired her – or sent her to military school or something? We’ve been kind of off the grid a bit lately, but hope we didn’t miss anything important! 🙂
    This looks like maybe some kind of military fort or something, but that’s all we’ve got!


    • Some days it’s super early and others “not so much” but today was kind of in between – it went live at 8:11AM………considering my Mom gets up at 4AM, 8AM is “late” !! HAHAHA

      Love, Angel Sammy


  3. Wow Yippee. What are we? Number 2,306 to check in. At least we remembered that it is Tuesday. Losers…that’s us! Sure is a beautiful spot, Sammy. Is it the Rainbow Bridge? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Well YES there are two rivers meeting (“Hi River, nice to meetcha! Let’s GO WITH THE FLOW!”) but as to WHERE they are meeting, I guess we’ll wait for tomorrow to find out!

      Love, Angel Sammy


    • OH MY! County Limerick – – – Mom and Dad have been there…..I didn’t get to go but THEY did and loved it. Tune in tomorrow and we’ll see if you’re right or keeping to your loozin streek!

      Love and Huggies, Angel Sam


  4. That looks like the confluence of two rivers that both lead to that little prison on the shore there. Some people are getting sent up the one river, while others are being sold down the other river…. but regardless of which way they’re going, they all end up in the Konfluence Klink in beautiful Cairo (pronounced KAY-row), Illinois.

    And speaking of getting railroaded, I do hope Suzy didn’t do something to get locked up again. I missed her inspiration and profanity…


  5. We think its very pretty looking…so green:)

    We also think its in Europe: The Nebojsa Tower (1460) of the Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia
    Looks like someone was standing on a stone wall way up high…that makes our heads spin….wheeeee!


  6. Mee-you Lady Dianna yur not last; mee iss!! 😦
    Sorry Unccle Sammy…ladyMum dissappeered an mee not et here til now!
    Now to look at thee Teezer foto……..wee fink it iss Normandy influence…so wee say guess Northern France!!!!!
    **air kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  7. We have no shame in admitting we cheated. The Human didn’t want to, but I insisted. We Googled the image and it came up with Srebarna Nature Reserve in Bulgaria. But we don’t think that can really be right cause just look at all those buildings and stuff. We’re no good when we don’t cheat and we’re really not much better when we do, ha ha meow. Maybe you need an ineffectual cheater’s badge?


    • Hi Spitty! Thanks for trying even though you resorted to the old CHEAT-A-ROO to do it. Don’t feel bad, we have several peeps who use Google Image Search and once in a while it throws a curveball………!!!! Still, a pretty site this is on the Danube. My parents did a Danube cruise but didn’t see THIS area – which really is quite pawsome!! I’ll have to think about an “ineffectual cheater’s badge” – it’s actually a GOOD IDEA – we have a few of those every week (tee hee).

      Love, Angel Sammy


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