Tuesday Teaser


It’s TIME……..


School Is In Session!

Welcome to Geography class students……..nice to see your smiling or yawning faces (whichever category you may be in this morning).    FIRST UP – make sure and leave a comment NOW on this blog so you can possibly be my FIRST COMMENTER today and win this:

teaserbadgeoct2016-1Hurry up – we’ll wait for you………………………….


Yes Bobby?   “Professor Sammy can I go to the litterbox while we’re waiting for people to comment?”

YES Bobby but hurry because Sarge will not be happy if you take too long!

That's right Bobby - get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hup-two-three-four.......

That’s right Bobby – get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hut-two-three-four…….

OK – looks like Bobby is back and you all are back so let’s get on with today’s Teaser photo shall we?    Let me remind you that the object of this exercise is to guess the spot where these photos were taken – what town/village/city AND what state or country (depending on whether you think it’s in the USA or elsewhere) were they taken?    It’s all about examining photos and figuring out any clues and making a guess.   AND if you are the FIRST to guess correctly you will win this:


If you guess correctly but just aren’t FIRST to guess correctly, you will get this:


And those of you who guess but are WRONG, get the GREENIE!



Mr. Silver Briefcase would you pretty please bring in the photos you have diligently guarded with your life since last week?????    There are TWO photos today sent in by our Guest Teaser!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today's PHOTOS!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today’s PHOTOS!

teaserjan31-2017-1 teaserjan31-2017-2

YES I blanked out a few CLUES but you should still have some left to help you figure this out!  Remember it must be the TOWN and COUNTRY OR STATE where these were snapped!

Tomorrow I will do the TEASER TELL ALL and you will find out who our winner (if we have one!) is and who else got it or didn’t.


C'mon students! Get those brains in gear.....let's see some GUESSES coming in!

C’mon students! Get those brains in gear…..let’s see some GUESSES coming in!

Thanks Sarge………..I think you did a good job lighting a fire under some of our students alright!


Until tomorrow…….Angel Professor Sammy


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  1. That extra bowl of cheerios got me behind this morning. Darn this pot belly! I’m thinking maybe Germany somewhere… then Earth of course. Snorts with piggy laughter cousin. XOXO – Bacon


    • That’s a good guess Miss Caren and Cody……..and who knows – maybe all those other peeps are WRONG and you might be RIGHT? Tomorrow we’ll find out – can you STAND to wait????????

      Love, Angel Sammy


  2. Looks like everyone is up and at it early this morning! This reminds me of photos I saw recently from my boss who just went to Spain. So we’ll guess Madrid Spain just in the interest of saying something, even though we don’t think it’s right!


    • Yes I had some early guessers today – no matter what time I schedule my Teaser for -SOMEONE is always right there!

      Love, Angel Sammy
      p.s. Spain is a good guess – we’ll see how you did tomorrow!


    • Oh Bruges in Belgium is a beautiful city – maybe this is it?! As for saying howdy do to all the Trouts AND Pups – I CAN DO THAT WITH PLEASURE! I’m going right now!

      Love and Big Hugs, Angel Sammy


  3. That is the Donjon Tower in Hanau Germany…at least the first picture is showing that…and the second is showing a part of Church St Johann Baptist, Kardinal-Volk-Platz, Steinheim am Main, Hanau…hey that is the city of some faity tale writers …so furry Grimm they were, MOL!

    And since petcretary did not go to bed until almost 4am our time…she for sure is *not* first!! Sigh…her work schedule and yours are not com-purr-atable, Tee-hee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good for your Petcretary coming by AT ALL considering her work schedule! As for whether her guesses are right – tomorrow I’ll be sharing that info on my TEASER TELL ALL! See you then!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  4. Hi Sammy! I can’t not make an appearance on Teaser Day. It looks a lot like the back streets in Bruges, but I am pretty sure that Kolytyi is right.


    • Don’t worry Flynn my friend……you and your Mum and Dad are up to your eyeballs right now with other more important things than TEASING………just take care of your Mum OK?????

      Love, Angel Sammy


  5. Oh! Oh! Mes incredibly late! Wes forgots to turns off the tablet last night and this morning when wes waked up at 5:45 wes could NOT visits! But late in better than never…
    And…And…Sammy…can yous gives mes a hint…mes gots no clue…quick before Sarge sees mes talking!!!!
    Your Nellie Bellie


  6. Hello sweet Pam and Angel Sam! I’m sneaking in really really late for a guess-a-roonie. Me thinks this is in Germany and possibly Heidleburg. Dat’s ver day makin’ Da Beerski’s, play polka music and eat snitzle on a stick. Or it could be any town/city in Europe. They’re all pawsitively cute. Mwaaaa x 1,000,000 to the 10th power 😀 Boomdee ❤


    • You are RIGHT that it’s in Germany – and it’s the lovely little town where the Brothers Grimm did all their fabulous stories – looks like a picture book…………!!!!! We send you a bazillion kisses too!

      Love, Angel Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Deer Unccle Sammy: Pleeze xcuse mee frum Geograffee Klass today as mee has to take care of LadyMum.
    Mee iss sorry mee can not bee there to figure out the Teezer.
    Sinseerlee, yur neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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