Friendly Fill-Ins and Shopping!



Yes I know – Friendly Fill-Ins and Shopping have very little to do with one another BUT we pawticipate in both of these so we’ll have TWO parts to our Friday blog!    First up will be Friendly Fill-Ins which is a blog hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and mcguffy’sreader!   If you would like to do some filling in of your own, you can do that and link up at mcguffy’sreader.


This week’s four sentences AND our fill-ins are below…………..this week Mom filled them in and her fill-ins are in RED!

1. I have seen 42nd Street on Broadway.
2. My Chinese zodiac sign is a PIG!

3. Celebrities lead a life that I wouldn’t want to have – I like peace and quiet! .

4. A  rainy   day is  great for daydreaming and/or reading .

Ta da!   Thanks Mom!   Next week purrrrhaps I’ll do the filling in!

Now onward with PART TWO of today’s blog…………….which is – SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD!   This hop is hosted jointly by Fozziemum and Bacon!


Our assignment this month was to blog about and post a recipe for “something we are known for”………………well, I’m not known for a THING other than being an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge but my Mom is going to post a recipe that she’s posted BEFORE – which is for her world-famous biscotti !!!

Mom’s Biscotti Recipe


Mom makes biscotti using all kinds of dried fruit and nuts but THIS recipe is Dad’s favorite – cranberry biscotti.   You can substitute ANY dried fruit or almost any kind of nuts you like in this recipe!  If Mom makes Almond Biscotti she will substitute almond extract for vanilla extract.


3 cups flour (Price this week at our grocery 5 lbs. bag of flour was $1.47)

3/4-1 cup sugar (Price this week at our grocery 4 lb. bag of sugar was $2.79)  Note:  if you like your biscotti on the SWEET side, use 1 cup……otherwise 3/4 cup

1 tablespoon baking powder (Price this week at our grocery for 10 oz. container was $1.27)

1 teasp. vanilla extract (Price this week at our grocery for 2 oz. bottle was $3.79)

5 oz. package dried fruit (can be more or less as you like) – (Price this week for 5 oz. package of dried cranberries was $3.39)

3 large eggs (Price this week for one doz. large eggs was $1.59)

1 stick butter – melted (Price this week for butter 16 oz. package $3.45)


PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees……….use large cookie sheet (ungreased).   Mom lines her cookie sheet with parchment but that’s not necessary.

In large mixing bowl, combine sugar and melted butter……..then with hand mixer add one egg at a time and beat well.   Add the vanilla extract to that mix and set aside.    In second mixing bowl, combine three cups flour and one tablespoon baking powder.  Mix well.    Put the butter mixture into the flour/baking powder and mix well.    Batter will be STIFF.    Add fruit or nuts (you can add more or less than I’ve shown in the recipe – it’s totally to your taste…..sometimes I add a LOT more fruit or nuts than one 5 oz. package!).     Mix well.

On floured surface, divide the dough into three equal portions.    Shape each portion into round “loaf” about 9-10 inches long.   Transfer each loaf onto cookie sheet and flatten with your hand until each loaf is about three inches wide and about 3/4 inch thick.    Separate each flattened loaf by at least an inch on the cookie sheet – more if your cookie sheet is large enough!

Bake in oven for 18-20 minutes until light golden color………remove and cool for ten minutes on cookie sheet.    After cooling, transfer loaves to large cutting board and using very sharp knife, cut the loaves on a diagonal into pieces about an inch wide.   Cutting on the diagonal will give you “longer” biscotti.   Note:  Try to make one, swift cut for each piece because the cookies are pretty delicate at this point – don’t use a “sawing” motion or they will break up.    Put cut pieces back on the cookie sheet cut side down.  They can be crowded on the cookie sheet – no need to leave space between.    There will be room for all three loaves of cut biscotti on one cookie sheet!     Put back in hot oven for 10 minutes, remove from oven and carefully turn pieces over to expose other side – then back in the oven they go for another 10 minutes.   Keep an eye on them –  you don’t want them to burn but you want them to be browned up a bit.    Almost every time I make these I either have to add a minute or less (don’t ask me why – maybe my oven?!).

Let finished biscotti cool on the cookie sheet.    They are delicious warm AND if you want to, you can easily make a chocolate sauce (melted chocolate) to dip one end of each piece into and allow them to dry if you like your biscotti like that.

IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!   I promise – and so easy to make.

There you have it peeps!   TWO blogs for the price of one today.    I’ll see you tomorrow for BACON day!


Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy


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      • that fits pawfectly to midsomer murders…. chocolate and dci barnaby… and hot tea… that’s the mix to beat the winter blues… we will watch a taped epawsode this afternoon too… butt the mama made a cheesecake… yes I know… call the pawlice and the firefighters and let the sirens of our village howl like wolves…


        • UHOH…….cheesecake? She made her dreaded and most highly dangerous cheesecake? I hope your plumbing system is in PURRFECT working order AND I hope you also have a gigantic supply of T-paper!!!!!!!! I hope it’s not pumpkin cheesecake – I believe that was the closest thing to a weapon of mass destruction ever in the town of Plumieux!

          Love, Angel Sammy


    • HAHAHA……My Mom had dreams like that for a few years too – now that she’s knocking on the door of the BIG 70 she thinks rest and relaxation have the upper hand! LOL

      Your Mom will get there – especially with your help and inspiration Cuppycake!


  1. I love the fill in answers and I love that feature too! It is so much fun reading everyones answers. We do get to know one another better. AND I love recipes!


  2. Wow…your Chinese zodiac sign is a piggy?? No wonder you are the Bacon King!! Puppydoc was born in the year of the…you guessed it…doggy! Hehe.

    And Puppydoc also LOVES cranberry biscotti…so you can bet she’s gonna be using Mom’s recipe!!

    Bunches of hugs!! 💙 💙


  3. Good Morning! I am going to do Fill-ins here this morning!
    I have seen not one play on Broadway!
    My Chinese Zodiac sign is The Rabbit.
    Celebrities are like everyone else, some are interesting and others not so much.
    A really good day is a day with a roast in the slow cooker and mashed potatoes and gravy to go with it!

    Will have to try your Mom’s biscotti recipe!


    • Oh a roast in the slow cooker sounds delish! I also want to try the slow cooker meatloaf on Bacon’s blog today – easy peasy – I love EASY meals…….thank heavens for the slow cooker!!!! Try the biscotti – I bet you get hooked – The recipe sounds difficult but it’s absolutely not. Totally easy. Let me know if you do it – the aroma of it baking is guaranteed to get husbands like mine UP earlier than usual.

      Hugs, Pam


  4. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I bet 42nd Street was fun. I feel the same away about celebrities. I love your Mom;s biscotti, I made it once and should do it again in the near future. I am sure hers comes out better than mine. XO


    • The great thing about biscotti is that it tastes great no matter what it looks like in the end!!! 42nd Street WAS fun…one day I really would like to go back to NYC on the train and see another play…….”one of these days” !!

      Love, Pam


  5. A pig?! See, I knew we were related somehow. Snorts with piggy laughter. I wish my mom could make your biscotti. She tried once. Lowers my head. You don’t even want to know. XOXO – Bacon


  6. Our mom’s Chinese zodiac sign is the Dragon! As for Broadway, she has seen Mary Poppins, and she also got to sit down in the pit orchestra during Promises, Promises – one of the coolest experiences she says she’s ever had! And onto biscotti… our mom says she’s never had it. Perhaps she will have to try out your mom’s recipe!!!


    • Biscotti is a delightful thing to dip in coffee or tea or hot chocolate! Mary Poppins must have been a FUN thing to see on Broadway…….I’m sure being in the orchestra pit would be REALLY cool because you’re RIGHT THERE with the actors!

      Try the biscotti – easy to make – let me know!

      Hugs, Pam


  7. Good to see you, Sammy! You & Mom Pam still make a great team. XO
    Mom’s answers are great. I need to try that recipe, too. Bill loves biscotti. Yum!
    Hugs to you both. Stay well, Mom Pam!


  8. Mom actually has a recipe for biscotti for US that is drizzled with carob since we can’t have chocolate. we need to get her to make us some again. She herself LOVES biscotti with a cup of hot tea:) She says your recipe sounds delicious . Thanks for sharing.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


    • Carob is just as delicious as chocolate……it’s wonderful that your Mom makes woofie-biscotti for you! My Mom is a chocolate nut so when she makes chocolate chip biscotti she’s been known to drizzle with even more chocolate……obviously NOT a diet version of biscotti! WHO CARES – it’s still delicious…………you should share your woofie biscotti recipe on your blog!

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy


  9. Oh Meow, we have no idea da cost of vanilla anymore. Mommy’s been makin’ her own fur years now. Dat biscotti sounds purretty good, Mommy would like it with choco chips stead of cranberries tho’. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  10. Yo, Sammy!! Hey, the Human makes biscotti too sometimes, though I have no interest at all in such things.

    *I* am going to do the fill-ins because the Human is just yammering all the time so here goes:

    1. I have seen Cats on Broadway. (ha ha ha, not really but I would like to!)
    2. My Chinese zodiac sign is a MONKEY. (Okay, that sounds about right)
    3. Celebrities are mostly famous for being famous..Except like Maru or Grumpy Cat.
    4. A cold day is fine with me as long as there are sunpuddles to be had..


    • DOOD! Nice to see you…..I’m glad to hear your Human makes biscotti. My Mom made chocolate chip biscotti yesterday – you know she never did make “Kibble Biscotti” or “Tuna Biscotti” for me when I was there! Maybe there’s a reason for that but I’ll be darned if I can figure it out. So you’re a MONKEY? I’m a WABBIT….my Mom is a PIG (don’t say it – I’ve already told her…..hahaha).

      Take care my friend………….
      Love, Angel Sammy


  11. Peace and quite is a good thing. Back when Elvis was alive, he could not leave his house without people following him everywhere. That is no way to live.


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