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Telling It All !!

Hi Teaser Fans!    Before we get down to business with the Teaser I must let everyone know that the recruitment for a Teaching Assistant for me has been put on hold for a while.   You all know that I left for the Bridge December 2nd and my Dad has decided that he just still misses me WAY TOO MUCH to bring a new kitty into the house JUST YET.    Mom loves me and misses me too but she’s ready to be a Mom again………HOWEVER, they both need to feel the same on this so until they do, no more trips to the Shelter.   Mom would be bringing all the cats home I’m afraid!!!   SO, I’ll keep you posted but for now, we aren’t recruiting for a while.



The Teaser yesterday was not a Guest Teaser – it was one of Mom and Dad’s photos from a trip they took many moons (or suns) ago.   Way before I entered the picture in fact.   Where were they???   Well before I tell you, let’s do some other BUSINESS……………..like telling you WHO was the first commenter yesterday!

KOLYTYI (Miss Csilla) was – WOO HOO!!


She was there in the first 60 seconds and was followed thereafter by bunches of other QUICK DRAW peeps but she was first and the only one in the first minute!    Concatulations Miss Csilla!

Here’s the photo from yesterday – and I’ll tell you WHERE it was taken THEN I’ll tell you who got it right FIRST!


This is a rather long-distance view of Cape Cod’s famous Provincetown in beautiful Massachusetts!    That thing in the WAY distance is the Pilgrim Monument and you can read all about “P-Town” and the wonderful spot that it is by reading what Wikipedia has to say about it HERE.    Mom and Dad stayed in two spots out on the Cape during this trip but visited Provincetown during the day and had lunch there as well as visited a lot of fun shops.  It’s just a very interesting town and they highly recommend a stroll around the streets!


Da Phenny and his Mum and Dad – that’s who!!!


BUT there were other right guessers – several of them in fact and those who DID guess Provincetown after Phenny did get this!


Then of course there is the FABLED and FABULOUS Greenie and any of you who guessed but were WRONG will get one if you like:


Feel free to post it on your blog or Facebook page, etc. because – well – YOU EARNED IT GANG!!!!

Another Successful Geography Class concludes!  

Thank you students for paying attention!

Next week I will have a Teaching Assistant but it won’t be another cat in my household, instead it will be someone Suzie has recommended (UHOH I smell trouble don’t you???).   So you can tune in to see what she’s dug up found in the way of help for OLD PROF SAM.   


Your Angel Prof Sammy

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  1. Concats Miss Csilla and concats to da Phenny, that’s me, yay!what a wonderful place full of history… and oh I wish the stones there could talk and they would tell me about the life of the furst people who discovered a new continent…

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    • I agree that it would be fascinating to hear what it was like finding NEW territory to explore – kind of like digging a backyard tunnel and finding yourself in China!!! Concatulations on being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER Phenny!!

      Love, Angel Sam


  2. Whoot, Congrats, Phenny!! You did it!!

    And we got it too…and we think it was taken from Long Point?? Or on the breakwater at low tide.

    We need to find petcretary’s old travel pictures and scan them on to flash drive so she can send some to Angel Sammy to add to the collection of teasers.

    Now we have to go to bed…and that means the petcretary too!


    • Oh goodie on the sending photos….Mom likes to have a stash in her Teaser file and we’re getting LOW. Mom says she thinks you’re right about where they snapped that photo……it was many years ago and Mom’s brain isn’t what it used to be (whose is?!?!?!).

      Congratulations on getting a RIGHT GUESSER badge! YAY!

      Hugs Angel Sammy


  3. Congratulations to the winners!

    It sounds a very interesting place to visit.

    I can understand how your dad feels. When the time is right it will happen.


  4. We all know that no one can replace you Angel Sammy! But I suspect you will, even as we speak, be preparing some special kitty to take over the care and supervision of mom and dad. We await with interest old buddy. Big Concats to the first commenter and first right guesser. I would have never got that in a million years! xxxx

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    • It was a bit of a teasing Teaser this time – that tower is well known along the East Coast or to those who have been on the Cape but maybe not to all……..so yep – I fooled a lot of peeps but not ALL peeps!!!! I am working behind the scenes on a kitty for Mom and Dad……Mom is READY and Dad is NOT so I’m working on that too!

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam


  5. I guess your dad needs you to do a little more whispering in his ear about giving a new kitty a new life. The time will be right when the time is right. That won’t stop Mom and me from hoping it’s soon!

    Love and licks,


  6. Well, Motor Mommy is kicking herself! She and Motor Man have actually BEEN to Provincetown, and she STILL didn’t get the Teaser! (Humans….?!) Concats to the winners!

    Yes, I agree that we all hope your Mom and Dad have a new kitty to love soon. We’ll all send our good thoughts in that direction, and, just like Miss Genevieve commented above, we just know you’ll be working (behind the scenes) on changing your Dad’s mind,
    Love, Sundae

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  7. Oh Sammy, I hope today is the day. But mommy said she understands where your dad is coming from. BUT when the right kitten comes along, it’s all over but the shouting.

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  8. Congrats yo all.
    Ohhhh my yay catsssss Suzie’s recommendation will be a fun-gi or gal Of this were are certain.‼️
    Hugs Madi your bffff
    Ps we are predicting a new assistant will appear when you least expect it!

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  9. I know you are going to lead them to the right kitty when the time is right Angel Sammy. Congrats to Miss Csilla and Phenny! YOu need a close, but no cigar batch- I was at least in the right state which is a big step for me 🙂 XO


    • I think Easy and Phenny are psychically joined for sure………they both have the “toy shredding” down, they both have that DEVIL look in their eyes, and they both keep their parents ON THEIR TOES!

      We will be patient with the new teaching assistant……..back to square one! I’m working on it!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • Isn’t that fascinating! I think that being inside a “defined space” even without a wall but just “defined” is all we need to feel safe. It’s OURS…..it belongs to US….enter the circle at your own risk! Interesting bit of science though isn’t it?????

      Love, Angel Sammy


  10. Well, having started the year with a Yellow, Mes now has 2 greenies in my stack! Purrhaps that will bes my only yellow for the year!!!
    Oh and Sammy darling, mes totally understands how your Daddy feels! My Daddy was the same when Hissy Old Licorice went over the bridge. It was months before Mommy and Daddy bringed mes home Kozmo and mes sure glad they did. Because mes KNOWS that HOL picked him out just for mes!!! As mes KNOWS yous will do for your Daddy.
    Many Kisses
    dear heart
    Your Nellie Bellie


    • Well Nellie, I am SURE you will win the Teaser again – you are one smart girl and with your Mommy helping, you’re TWO smart girls! As for getting our new addition, Mom understands about my Dad but she will has an achy heart so I hope it won’t be TOOOOOOOOOOOOO long before Dad’s really ready. I’m working on it……trust me!

      Love and BIG Angel Hugs, Your Sammy


  11. Hey, we said Cape Cod…that’s about the closest we’ve come to being right in a long time! We count that as a victory!

    Sammy, when the time is right for your peeps, we know the right cat or cats will come into their lives. 🙂


  12. Hurrah fur Da Phenney an Lady Katty gettin thee Teezer rite! Wee finkss Weimeranierss are thee smartest doggies inn thee werld!!!! 🙂
    As wee all know, LadyMum was clueless an wee add a new improved Greenie to thee pile wee have! Fankss Unccle Sammy….
    An let us hope Suzy Q’ss furend iss umm, well calmer than her?!? Mew mew mew…..
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  13. So da Phenny is following in Easy’s paw prints. Good for him. We get another Greenie. At least we were in the right country and on the correct coast. Wow, someone Suzie has recommended. Be afraid…be very afraid! It’s going to be a long week waiting to see what she is up to now. Sending lots of love and warm hugs. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • I was a bit concerned about the Suzie-friend who will be the new Teaching Assistant for a while BUTT she took a while to get used to also – so we will adjust to the newbie teacher too………….I hope! Concats on your additional Greenie!

      Love, Angel Sammy


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