Tuesday Teaser


Attention Class!

First of all a brief statement about my possible “Teaching Assistant”….Mom and Dad went to the shelter today intending to adopt a kitty and wound up putting a “hold” on one cat but couldn’t really decide on two others.   SO, tomorrow may be the day but today definitely isn’t the day so hang onto your hats – I will FOR SURE have a new Teaching Assistant here in class by NEXT Tuesday Teaser!


Is everyone settled in your teeny tiny desks with your teeny tiny bottoms planted firmly in your chairs?   Good.   Now we shall begin class.

This week’s Teaser photo will be popping up shortly thanks to Mr. Silver Briefcase BUT before then, I want to remind all of you that whoever COMMENTS on this post (yes – this one you’re reading right now!) FIRST will win this:


SO, go ahead and comment then rush back here immediately so you can hear Suzie’s cheer and see the photo OK?????????

The Teaser this week is just one photo – and you need to examine it closely because it could be a photo taken in MANY PLACES in the world – so study it carefully as any good geography student would do!    Before we have photo study time though, shall we invite SuzieQ out to give you some “PUMP IT UP” energy so you’ll do well guessing the Teaser today?

Come On In Suzie!

We're here to TEASE Give us a squeeze I work hard on my cheer So you'd better LISTEN here! Today's Teaser photo Has a bit of lucky mojo You MIGHT be the winna' If you've got winning in ya! If you're basically a loser Then you must be a Greenie chooser! Come on and give me your guess I'll hug you if you do your BEST! Razzle dazzle wheezie Good luck with today's teasie!

We’re here to TEASE
Give us a squeeze
I work hard on my cheer
So you’d better LISTEN here!
Today’s Teaser photo
Has a bit of lucky mojo
You MIGHT be the winna’
If you’ve got winning in ya!
If you’re basically a loser
Then you must be a Greenie chooser!
Come on and give me your guess
I’ll hug you if you do your BEST!
Razzle dazzle wheezie
Good luck with today’s teasie!

As usual I don’t quite know what to say after hearing Suzie’s cheer but I’m sure some of you will be FIRED UP by her words (or are too sleepy to really concentrate on them) so let’s get Mr. Silver Briefcase in here with today’s photo shall we?

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today's PHOTO!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Courier outfit with today’s PHOTO!

Remember PLEASE that you must guess the city/town/village where the photo was taken AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) or you will not be THE WINNER!!!!!!!!


There you have it students………………..now it’s your turn – GUESS AWAY and if you are lucky, you can win one of these!







Tomorrow we’ll find out who wins what



Will you be a winner?????  

Good luck!   Angel Prof Sammy


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  1. Absolutely NO idea where this is… the tall whatever the heck thingie should help to ID but so far no go! Our shelter will not let you put a hold on kitties… 😦 Well, some lucky kitty will be able to call your place home and capture your hearts sooner or later! Suzie I like that cheer… I think!!!!

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  2. I don’t know where that is – a greenie for me!

    It’s good to know that your mom and dad will soon have a kitty to look after them. I’ll be thinking bout them while they make their choice.

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  3. Evening Prof….i have no idea but i am guessing Crete…why…who knows..all i know is of i am here i am not there lol 🙂 .So excited to hear you working your Angel whispers for a new assistant Angel Sammy…i have a feeling a cow kitty this way comes! Loves Fozziemum xx


    • Dear Fozziemum – – – it might be Crete – it might be but we won’t find that out until tomorrow!!!!! My Angel whispers worked great on Mom but not on Dad…….apparently he’s “not ready” for a new cat yet.

      Sometimes even my best efforts don’t work………..
      Love, Angel Sammy

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      • Oh Angel Sammy….the thing is you ARE a hard act to follow…and Dad was not really ready for you either if i remember..i think a kitty shaped cookie cutter hole in a heart can only be filled by a kitty….time can help…gentle whispers…and soon Dad will be ready…Loves Fozziemum xxx


        • HI Fozziemum…..yes Dad will get ready in his own time and not my Mom’s (!!) so we are going to be more patient……….soon he will want a kitty again………but of course we all know it won’t be a “SAMMY” !!! hahaha

          Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy


  4. We don’t know where the Teaser photo was taken, but someone needs to rescue that poor stranded boat, Motor Mommy says.
    Good luck to your pawrents on the new adoption: we know they’ll have your blessings on whichever new fur baby they adopt!
    Love, Sundae


  5. Susie can cheer every day for me if she wants to. That cute means whatever she wants! Oh and haven’t a clue to where that is. Finland?


    • Hi Cody and Miss Caren! Loved your photo of you with Nellie Bellie Cody you lucky guy. As for your guess – you know that’s pronounced “BAH HABA” Maine right? Tee Hee…….visit me tomorrow to see how you did!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  6. We don’t know where this photo is, but we are excited to hear you will soon have a new assistant! It’s a tough decision to make. When we went to the shelter to find our Conrad, we met about 20 cats before we finally settled on him! Then he ran away and hid when they let him out of the cage! We didn’t let that deter us though, and we know your parents will know what the right choice is when they are ready.


    • Thanks Miss Jan…..they did go to the shelter but left without a kitty and decided instead to WAIT a while longer. My Dad is just not ready….and Mom and Dad should be “on the same page” for this!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  7. Hi Sammy! My mum said just because we are taking a blogging break doesn’t mean we can’t visit a few blogs every now and again, and of course you are our first.
    Trouble is she doesn’t know where it is, probably somewhere in New England. Usually she would spend time trying to work out where, but she knows you understand that she is not in the right frame of mind for sleuth work.


    • Hi Flynn! Tell your Mum I’m glad the two of you visited to see the Teaser photo today – it’s a bit of a toughie I admit….and of course we understand your Mum isn’t really in “Sherlock Mode” so just don’t give it a second thought. You might slip by tomorrow though and see if anyone guesses it!!! THat’s always fun!

      Love AND BIG ANGEL HUGS to both of you,


  8. Hiya Angel Sammy
    Oh we are so late but OMCs we enjoyed Suzie Q’s cheer we heard all the way here.

    FYI: A.S.mom used to do payroll for TAs when she worked. today’s T,A. Are very smart and often requesting of green papers to work so start sVing your bacon money
    Hugs Madi your bfff


  9. I can’t wait to meet your assistant professor, maybe Suzie needs an assistant too 🙂 I have no clue, but I will guess Rockport, MA. XO


  10. Looks like the rockpile outside of the prison the Skipper and Professor built to lock Gilligan up in so he’d quit screwing up every rescue attempt to get them off the island. I’m not sure if Gilligan’s Island is part of any recognized country yet…. so let’s say, the High Seas. Arrrrrrrr….


  11. Woo Hoo wee are here inn class on time Unccle Sammy!
    Butt wee are trulee stumpyed bye thee foto…..
    LadyMum sayss she finkss Kismet thee bird mite bee onto sumfing with his guess. Wee just quietlee wait fur a new Greenie OK?
    ***air kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  12. Those bricks sure look like some demolition has occurred there…and it looks like a low tide also…that sue is some tall chimney or is it a lookout tower…who knows! Not us, thats fur sue…some seaside spot is all our brains can fathom out of those rocky shores…if that is a house we are glad we don’t live there, MOL!! (Maybe those rocks are there to purrvent erosion?? Hmmm)

    We are glad that soon, really soon there will be a new protege for you to send to your pawrents. Will he/she get a geographical degree??
    Of to snag the greenie…it matches our grass right now, cause the snow is all melted in the deluge of wetness here…hey, maybe that rain can be sent to that forlorn beach and make it all filled up and pretty!


    • Good idea about fixing that sad looking beach with rain – I imagine it does get its’ share of it…….tomorrow you can find out WHERE this photo was taken. As for a Teaching Assistant for ME, looks like that’s on hold. Dad has decided he’s just not quite READY to get another cat. He’s still missing little old ME too much. I guess it’s only been six weeks since I went to the Bridge…..so they will wait a while longer.

      Love, Angel Sammy


      • You know…we had the petcretary do some snooping around…and she does think its Provincetown, MA…but…it was taken from somewhere looking toward there, purrhaps near where the WoodEnd Lighthouse/Lookout is…on the part of that area called Long Point?? We thought it was taken from further away, but then the details would not be that easy to see…
        What a historical area! The Pilgrim’s Monument is soooooo tall! We think those so rocks we called bricks is a breakwater, exposed like that because of the low tide. We think the water at low tide as seen there is part of the harbour?? We don’t think our paws would enjoy those sharp rocks…let alone all the puddles, MOL!
        Dog-guy with his staggering gait (He has an inner ear issue…), wouldn’t even be allowed near those rocks!!


  13. Cape May, New Jersey
    That’s it, that’s our guess. Has it been guessed yet? Is is right? We know you can’t tell us. Mom was so happy to talk to Mom Pam this morning, and so happy she sounded cheerful, even though you probably won’t have your assistant by next Tuesdsy. We liked Suzie’s cheer today…nothing off-color, and maybe we’ll even get a hug. Love you our dear angel and your folks as well. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • Thanks for guessing KB Krew! I will probably hire a “temporary teaching assistant” (with my luck it will be some cousin of crazy Suzie!) until we get a permanent one. Mom is a cheerful person on the outside even if she’s crying on the inside….but she really is “at peace” with Dad’s decision – it’s better they are both on the same page and Dad is still finding his way there!

      Love and Big Hugs!!! Please tell Mau I’ll take care of that introoder if he just gives me the word!
      Angel Sammy


  14. Gasp!!!! A little teaching assistant ❤ ❤ ❤ how glorious will that be. I can't wait to meet. That's wonderful and a little one will find a forever home. I'm so so happy for you. So, I'm guessing New Hills NC. Because it looks like a nuclear power plant way in the background and there's a big lake there. I actually went to a real estate site to look at house on the water..ha! no luck there but man houses are cheap in New Hills NC. I suppose that may be because of the nuclear power plant. See ya all soon xo K Hug-a-roonies Pam and Angel Sam


    • You are a good sleuth but did the info you found online help??? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow Miss Boomdee! It might be NC and if so, you will win a badge of some type…and if not you still get a GREENIE! Love and many kisses and hugs from ME and Mom.

      Angel Sammy

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    • Hi dear Cuppycake…….Dad put the brakes on the acquisition of a Assistant for me in Teaser Class so we’ll just have to keep everyone posted until HE feels ready for a new kitty. Mom is ready and I am ready but HE has to be ready too!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • Well dear Dezi and Raena, I’m afraid “new kitty” will be on hold for a while longer as my Dad said yesterday that he just is NOT ready – yet. He misses me so very much and I think he feels like it will be “replacing” me even though Mom said he shouldn’t feel that way. Anyway, she will let HIM decide when he’s ready and they WILL be adopting a cat……..hopefully SOON – just not QUITE yet!

      Love, Angel Sammy

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      • Aaaaaaaaaaw Dat’s okay Sammy. Mommy says cuz she has to get a kitty soon, she’s never really ready. But, she says it’s amazin’ how much da luv they give helps her. She’ll never be over losin’ sis Lexi or any of da other kitties dat have gone to heaven, but She says just as me helped her, Raena has brought her a joy dat has made gettin’ up in da meownings worth it. Me must say, da little terror has helped me too. We’re sendin’ purrayers and hugs. There will never be a replacement fur you, just as there’s not one fur sis Lexi. Just a new kinda luv. Thus Raena’s name meanin’ new beginnings.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena


        • Yes dear Dezi, we know that the time just wasn’t RIGHT..but it will be. New beginnings are good too and Mom has always been one to look forward to those whereas my Dad lives in the past more. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s hard to move forward sometimes. I’m working on finding the right kitty at the right time for them though!

          Love, Angel Sammy

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  15. Oh my!! Definitely low tide so it’s a place beside an ocean. Bet it stinks during low tide. I don’t know if they have water towers in other countries than the US. We don’t have water towers so I will say it has to be the US. Would you believe…Martha’s Vineyard?



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