Tuesday Teaser


School Is In Session!


No napping, throwing paper airplanes, spitballs, passing notes, cell phone messaging – it’s time to settle down for class.

This could be your big moment…  

You might win today!

But if you want to start out the day RIGHT – you can try to be FIRST COMMENTER – go on – go to Comments and say SOMETHING then come right back to class……….if you’re FIRST to comment (or one of the FIRSTS anyway) you get this:


Now class are you ready to settle down and prepare yourself for the Teaser photo?   Actually it’s a THREE FOR ONE type photo today – THREE photos of the same spot in the world and you must figure out WHERE the photos were taken – town/city/village AND state or country.   THE WORKS………OK?

Shall we start with our little ball of fire, SuzieQ?   She usually gets things going here in class and since she’s in charge of CHEERING for Teaser Class, I hope she will have an UPLIFTING cheer for you today – one that gets your imagination going and prepares you to view the photo and GUESS!



Your Cheerleader is HERE So you need have no fear I'm gonna give you a hint to make things CLEAR I can tell you this for sure Teaseritis has no cure But don't make me go insane Because the Teaser is NOT  Maine!    That's the only hint you get So don't you whine and fret The Prof doesn't like me to cheat I think I'd better have a seat!

Your Cheerleader is HERE
So you need have no fear
I’m gonna give you a hint
to make things CLEAR
I can tell you this for sure
Teaseritis has no cure
But don’t make me go insane
Because the Teaser is NOT Maine!
That’s the only hint you get
So don’t you whine and fret
The Prof doesn’t like me to cheat
I think I’d better have a seat!

OK Suzie – you almost got in trouble there with your HINTS but I don’t think you gave TOO much away saying it wasn’t Maine.   Although Da Phenny and his Mom probably had planned on guessing Maine, USA and now they’ll have to really STUDY the photos for their guess!

Mr. Silver Briefcase in the new uniform, please step right up.   Thank you for guarding the photos for a whole week.   You do a great job – say – how do you take a shower with that briefcase strapped to your wrist?  HMM?   Inquiring minds want to know!

'Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion!  Here's today's photos though (they got a little damp in the shower.....)

‘Scuze me Prof but my bathroom habits are not up for discussion! Here’s today’s photos though (they got a little damp in the shower…..)


Remember, these were all taken in the same spot……………………….WHERE WAS THAT SPOT????????????????????????????   If you are FIRST to guess correctly with full information, you will win this:


If you are RIGHT but you are not FIRST to be right, you get this:


If you are WRONG and absolutely CLUELESS, you get this:


SO, now it’s YOUR turn……………..guess away and when you visit me tomorrow for the TELL ALL you will find out who wins WHAT!!!!    OK?   OK!

Get To Work!


The Angel Prof……….




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  1. wow Sammy that is a nut what’s not easy to crack… maybe inverness scotland? or is it the bridge over troubled water from simon&garfunkel?…well… it’s NOT maine usa, right? then I’m right, right?


    • Suzie gave that “not Maine” clue today JUST FOR YOU!!! HAHAHAHA As for Inverness, Scotland – it MIGHT be……or not……….and Simon and Garfunkel had bigger problems than bridges over troubled water to deal with back in “THE DAY” I think! Tee Hee.

      Love, Angel Sammy


  2. So Suzie did pretty well today. We appreciate the hint. We might have guessed Maine. We liked your “Not Charlie” reply to Raz, Ellie and Allie. Mom is leaning toward two names together: Cooper Murphy. Hasn’t told Dad yet. What do ya think? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Not Charlie


    • Hmm….You could call him COOMU for short………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – Oh I’m just so funny! Seriously, Fiona and I both think you definitely have a new member of the family – thinking no microchip – anyone who would go to the trouble to do that would be searching for their pet and Not Charlie doesn’t seem to have been MISSED by anyone………….Good luck……….we have paws crossed believe me!

      Love, Angel Sammy


      • Mom just discovered that there is a college football player named Cooper Murphy. Our CM has just gotten himself inside the printer cabinet, which Mom opened to print something. There are always at least two of us on guard in the kitchen at the closed door to the living room. CM loves to play and has spread toys everywhere. If he becomes our brofur, we suspect he is going to be a pawful! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Not Charlie


  3. Mee-you so wee are here inn good time butt LadyMum iss stumped!
    Shee sayss shee agreess with Kolytyi that the church lookss Germanick. So shee is
    goin to say Salzburg, Germany! Shee mite as well…rite Unccle???
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  4. Hello Pammy and Angel Sammy, giant hugs on this crazy snowy day. It’s snowing sideways here :/ LOL But it’s so warm inside with you. As always, Suzy is the cheerleader extraordinaire 😀
    Well, as normal, really haven’t any idea but I’m guessing Christchurch New Zealand…I don’t know why, HA! xoxo Boomdee


  5. Is That Frostburg in Maryland?? It just looks a bit furmliar…cause we know there is a river there,and a church…well more than one, and some old hotels….but since we have not evfur been here on this guessing site, we will just likely have to take the ‘I was Wrong’ badge, MOL!
    It does look like a fall picture, does that count?? OMC! How silly we are.
    There sure is a lot of fieldstone that went into the construction of those walls…


    • HAHAHAHA……..well, it MIGHT be Frostburg – but we can’t know for sure until Mom spills the beans tomorrow. The photo WAS taken in the Fall though…….visit me tomorrow and we’ll get the SCOOP!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


      • Um…well, since it has been 87 or 887nyears since we were in Frostburg…I went and looked at my pictures of said cold mountainous spot…and um…well we are wrong, BOL/MOL! We are now sure that there are several correct answers and sadly we are not…tee-hee…maybe some day…


        • Well there’s one thing for sure – in Harper’s Ferry where the photos were taken, THREE states come together…….Virginia, West Virginia and MARYLAND which is where Frostburg is so we can give you some points for that!!! Next Tuesday you may have even BETTER luck!

          Love, Angel Sammy


    • Trains go through that tunnel……..AND people actually are dumb enough to walk across that bridge even knowing there are TRAINS! EEEEEEEEEEK! Oh and there are fish in those waters – BIG ONES……….delicious ones………

      Love and Fried Soft Shell Crabs
      Angel Sammy


  6. I know definitely the picture was taken on a hill! The fish are delicious…most fish are delicious except for Sea Cucumbers….not good. The buildings are as Csilla says, germanish….very sturdy looking. I think Susie Q lies and this is Maine…Portland Maine.


    • SuzieQ cannot be trusted, it’s true, but THIS TIME (and only this time) she didn’t lie…….it’s NOT Maine!!!!!! Sea cucumbers are DISGUSTING – Mom sadly was forced to eat one when she lived in Taiwan. YUCKO!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


    • Oh you’re SO CLOSE!!!!!! Mississippi isn’t far from West Virginia right? My Mom says she admires the facility for being CREATIVE and including a catfish fishery in their rehabilitation program.

      Love and Giggles, Angel Sammy


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