Heavenly Bacon



Heavenly Bacon!  

Of course as far as I’m concerned, ALL bacon is heavenly no matter where you eat it.   Then again  I’m the Bacon King so I MUST think all bacon is heavenly right???   Right!


Yep – Grumpy is right – who needs beans and peas when you can call BACON a veggie?!

Awww...My Baby Picture!

Even as a kitten, I learned how to yell for bacon before I could yell for Mom!


Around here you don’t have to dress up in a costume to get BACON either!


We are proud to be members of the Bacon Lovers of the World right?   Right!


Just close your eyes and make a wish for bacon and WHAM BAM the bacon fairy will visit!

If she lets you down and doesn’t show up, visit me – you know I’m THE SPOT for bacon!


They don’t call me that for nothin’ you know!!!!!!

See you tomorrow for Sunday Selfies at Kitties Blue………..be there or be square.


“Let Them Eat Bacon” !

Your Angel Bacon King Sammy

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  1. Happy Bacon Day, Mr. King of Bacon! Bacon sounds very good this morning, but CH forgot to get it when he went out last night to pick up dinner. He did remember dinner and the cottage cheese!!! Looking forward to your selfie tomorrow… 😀


  2. I had m bacon this morning too. I got to wondering what heavenly bacon would be like? Here it can vary a bit from package to package and when we take it out of the pan. At first I thought maybe there was only true bacon but then I thought “Maybe some there at the bridge prefer other types of bacon.” If it is heaven, that can’t be since heaven has the best of everything. Thanks for coming by every day.


    • Heavenly bacon is just that…..PURRFECTLY heavenly. Of course everything up here is perfect…….our reward for a life well lived on earth! I’m glad you got bacon this morning…….it’s a great way to start a day!

      Hugs, Angel Sam


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